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New Automatic Account Association

05-19-10 by . 16 comments

We’re bringing back a feature we had to put on ice way back when we launched Server Fault*: automatic account association. Due largely to the vagaries of how Google implemented OpenID, we reluctantly made account association a manual process.

But not any more. As OpenID has matured, we’ve figured out a way to make it happen. So as of today, whenever you log in to any site in our network, which is currently…

  • Stack Overflow
  • Server Fault
  • Super User
  • Meta Stack Overflow

… we will automatically find any related accounts you have on any site in our network, and associate them with your account. The only thing you need to do for this to work, is log in using the same OpenID on each site.

But wait! There’s more!

At new user login time, in addition to association, we also:

  1. Grant you a +100 reputation bonus on the current site, as long as you have at least +200 reputation on any site in our network. So you’re not treated like a newbie on every new site we launch.
  2. Copies your profile from the network site where you have the highest reputation, to the current site.
  3. Locate any of your questions that were migrated to this site and make you own them again. It was impossible for you to own them prior to this point, because you didn’t even have an account on the current site!

None of the above is truly new, but it is now fully automatic at login time. And we’re not taking away manual control, either — you can still associate and de-associate manually via the accounts tab on your user page, as before.

As you might imagine, this sort of “identity that follows me from website to website” becomes more and more important as we launch more sites in our network — as planned with Stack Exchange 2.0.

* no, I haven’t forgotten it’s almost the one year anniversary of Server Fault going public. We have something very special planned, so stay tuned…

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This makes the experience a little better for new users in the network. And I expect this will come in handy when the network grows.

Excellent work, guys. OpenID is becoming so much more attractive, and features like this make it even more appealing. Keep up the innovation!

Gnoupi May 19 2010

Great! no more repeating the same old “please associate your accounts to regain ownership on your migrated question”

Kenji Kina May 19 2010

Had I known beforehand I wouldn’t have created an account on meta so quickly ;)

Craig Box May 19 2010

Hi Jeff,

I’d like to hear some more on how this was implemented, if you wouldn’t mind, and have opened a Meta question for it:


Steven May 19 2010

In answer to that question in the screenshot, use Linux :)

I just logged into server fault, it associated my account just fine. Then I logged into my stack overflow account, and its saying it associated with itself, shouldn’t it say server fault and stack overflow?:

“You’ve associated your Stack Overflow and Stack Overflow accounts: +100 reputation”

Will existing associated accounts get the 100pt bonus?

If not, then could it be attained by dis-associating and re-associating all accounts?

Will existing associated accounts get the 100pt bonus?

If not, could it be attained by dis-associating and re-associating all accounts?

@Bill yes, exactly. The bonus is conferred based on reputation scores at the time of association, so once you exceed +200 on a single site in the network, you should manually unassociate, then re-associate.


Sweet! It worked. Thanks.

R. Bemrose May 21 2010

What if I don’t want my accounts associated? Should I then just ask that one of them be deleted?

(I have accounts on certain trilogy sites that I will most likely never use again.)

@R. Bemrose

email the address at the bottom of every page and indicate you want deletion.

harms Jun 23 2010

Was there a bug with this yesterday? I’m only registered at stackoverflow, and for a time yesterday my rep jumped 100 points, and this was announced with one of’em yellow top bars stating that I had received these 100 points in recognition of linking my stackoverflow account with my stackoverflow account (so yeah, a bit weird).

Then today, I had fallen back those same 100 points.

Granted, I did do something relating to the account linking feature yesterday — namely, I looked at the “accounts” page of my own account. It was a few hours after this that I jumped up 100 points.

harms Jun 23 2010

I see there is an earlier comment here abot the same problem, but that’s back in May. Just to be clear: I saw this yesterday, June 22 2010.