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Generalist Badge Implemented

05-22-10 by . 15 comments

After a whopping 18 month gestation, we’ve finally implemented the Generalist badge.

The Generalist badge works as follows:

Provided non-wiki answers of 15 total score in 20 of the top 40 tags.

The top 40 tag list is surprisingly diverse across the entire Trilogy. Just check out the top 40 tags (as of this writing) on Stack Overflow:

1. c#
2. java
3. .net
4. php
6. javascript
7. c++
8. jquery
9. iphone
10. python
11. sql
12. mysql
13. html
14. sql-server
15. ruby-on-rails
16. c
18. css
19. wpf
20. objective-c
21. windows
22. xml
23. ruby
24. database
25. best-practices
27. android
28. visual-studio
29. ajax
30. regex
31. linux
32. winforms
33. django
34. iphone-sdk
35. visual-studio-2008
36. beginner
37. web-development
38. flex
39. subjective
40. flash

One thing the badge doesn’t say, is that there must be at least 200 questions in all 40 of the top tags before this badge is awarded to anyone. That’s why you won’t see it on meta for a bit longer, or any new sites for about a year. I don’t feel you can accurately measure a generalist until the top tag list settles down.

The intent of this badge is to reward those folks who are answering a variety of questions across multiple skill sets, not spending all their time in the same set of tags.

Now, it is true that the top 40 tags shift over time; for example Android went from #36 to #27 just in the last month. Rest assured, if you earn the Generalist badge, like any other badge in our system — barring exceptional circumstances — it won’t be revoked.

(thanks to balpha and chaos for their assistance in determining how this badge should work.)

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Tomalak May 23 2010

Just received mine. :) Thanks!

Just as you said last week ( , I quote): “ADDING MORE AWESOME!!”

… Ok, full disclosure, I just got my “Generalist” badge as well. Thank you ;)

Assaf May 23 2010

I checked now and I got more than 15 rep from 23 of the top 40 tags but no badge :(. Is there more to it?

Just got my generalist badge too – I had no idea my focus was that broad. Nice little surprise!

@assaf remember that community wiki posts don’t count toward the total. The algorithm appears correct from all our testing, and it has been double checked by a developer other than myself..

Hmm, I can see why you wouldn’t want just any tag to be eligible for this but where exactly does the “top 40″ limitation come from? Why not allow some less mainstream technologies by changing the rule to something like “tags that have been used at least X times” – where my personal suggestion for X would be something like 4000 or 5000.

Also what exactly does “15 total score in 20 [..] tags” mean? Is that 15 upvotes or 15 rep points? And is it 15 “score” per tag or distributed across all 20 tags?

Logic seems to tell me that you probably must mean 15 upvotes per tag but the description could definitely have been clearer…

Steven May 23 2010

“I had no idea my focus was that broad”
40 topics isn’t called focus any more.

Can you double-dip on a question? For instance, if one question has 20 of the top 40 tags on it, you’d get the badge from answering just that question.

Not convinced that ‘beginner’ and ‘subjective’ are appropriate for inclusion in the “top 40″ as they don’t relate to a specific field of knowledge.

I suspect the number of questions tagged ‘beginner’ will see a jump as people retag questions so that they can expand their tag list.

@Oliver Giesen – presumably so you can’t game it by creating 20 obscure tags.

@mgb: Well, would you really call a tag that has been used on 5000 questions obscure???

R. Bemrose May 24 2010

“Rest assured, if you earn the Generalist badge, like any other badge in our system — barring exceptional circumstances — it won’t be revoked.”

Except the various Good Answer, Great Answer, etc… badges, where if you get downvotes drawing an answer below the threshhold for the badge, you simply aren’t awarded the next instance of that badge when you should get it.

Bruno May 25 2010

This should be a gold badge.

Assaf Jun 13 2010

Just thought I’d check back – I asked why I didn’t get the badge, and now, owing to the _fantastic_ Stack Exchange Data Explorer, I can see the answer quite easily:

Hat’s off to the makers of SEDE – it’s a brilliant idea.