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A Little Steam Giveaway

05-11-10 by . 93 comments

I occasionally like to give away codes for Steam games via my twitter account, to Trilogy users with 1k+ reputation. It’s my little ad-hoc way of giving directly back to the community, just for fun.

Let’s switch it up a bit and see who’s paying attention. Let’s give something away on the blog this time!

Up for grabs is three six nine Steam codes for the game Serious Sam HD: Second Encounter.

so, if you …

  • have a Steam account
  • have a Trilogy account with 1k+ reputation
  • use Windows (Steam is now cross-platform, but this game isn’t)
  • like to blow stuff up real good

Provide a link to your account page in the comments. (I’ll assume the email in the account is the email to send the Steam activation code to.)

I want to pick a nice cross-section of users from Server Fault, Super User, and Stack Overflow. Also, please note that priority will be given to users with multiple accounts — if you have 1k+ reputation on more than one Trilogy site, your odds go way up!

Winners picked! Congratulations to, in order of multi-site-awesomeness:

  1. Dennis Williamson
  2. Nik
  3. Alnitak
  4. Chris Jester-Young
  5. Jim McKeeth
  6. Mictech
  7. Raven
  8. Josip Medved
  9. Chris Thompson

You should get emails in the next 24 hours. Please remember to blow something up real good in our honor!

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Prashant May 11 2010

Hi there,
Can I get that code, please?

Vincent May 11 2010

Hi Jeff,

Only one account with 1k+ rep :)

I would still like to try this game !

Steve May 11 2010

1k account:

0.411k account (for the sake of completeness)

Thanks for these resources, they have helped immeasurably with my PhD work!

Hell yeah I like to blow stuff up :D

Leonel May 11 2010

Hi Jeff,

Here’s my SO account (1K):

Greetings from Brazil. is my account. And, I have 5K+ rep on SO only, will that do :P

Marcus Downing May 11 2010

I not only have 1000 rep, I have user number 1000. :)

Does meta count? :)
It should, it’s a very important part of the trilogy, it’s the fuel that keeps all the other sites working, clean, and users happy and informed. Long live META!

(I also have a moms4mom account with more than 2.5K, but that, I’m sure doesn’t count)

Well, I just barely qualify under the reputation limit, but I do like blowing stuff up!

ok, my accounts on the non-stackoverflow sites are almost unused, but I have not created them now on purpose :) and while we are at it, why on earth do I have a single point on meta instead of 101?! :)

(oh and I am also a follower on twitter! ;))

Bryce Kahle May 11 2010

I love Serious Sam. The Cannon is the best weapon.

It’s been a long time since I played Serious Sam.

Ben Doom May 11 2010


MicTech May 11 2010

Maybe, this is my second same comment, sorry about that.

I’d give a code to Schnapple just for the C= logo. But the code should be for a version running on a C64 emulator on Steam ;-)

R. Bemrose May 11 2010

OK, I’ll bite.

Granted, I already have way too many Steam games (100+).

Steven A. Lowe May 11 2010

it just so happens i have a brand-new computer to run it on!

18k on one, 7k on the other. Loved the last Serious Sam game :)

lol captcha “accounting tricycles”

Which totally makes me think about my company’s accounting department.

Martin May 11 2010

Oh my – I love Serious Sam

Brant May 11 2010

This isn’t some mad plot to harvest a ton of email addresses owned by knowledgeable techies for resale, is it? ;)

Even if it is, I’ll take my chances.

goyuix May 11 2010

Preference to users with a lower id? :)

Probably waaaay to late… but here it is anyway :-)

Stack Overflow – 1,551 rep:

Server Fault – 1,271 rep:

Great giveaway Jeff!

I am a major Serious Sam fan. Love all the easter eggs. Notice my user number on Stack Overflow is 255 (2^8 – 1), that has got to be worth bonus points . . .

1K+ on each of these:

and 1K+ on these combined:

Winners picked! Congratulations to, in order of multi-site-awesomeness:

– Dennis Williamson
– Nik
– Alnitak
– Chris Jester-Young
– Jim McKeeth
– Mictech
– Raven
– Josip Medved
– Chris Thompson

You should get emails in the next 24 hours. Please remember to blow something up real good in our honor!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

raven May 12 2010


Chopper3 May 19 2010

I won’t win, not even got my SF t-shirt yet :(

JasonMichael May 20 2010

You people have time for games? So this is what the programming manager does in his spare time.. hmm…