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New 10k Feature: Inline Tagging

04-06-10 by . 19 comments

We’ve had inline tagging as a moderator-only feature for quite a while, and it’s been fairly stable, so we decided to roll it out to all users with 10,000 reputation or more.

If you have the requisite 10k reputation, just mouse over the tags on any question page, and an “edit tags” menu item will appear. Click it, and just the tags will become editable.

This is the standard tagging UI, except loaded inline rather than on a separate editing page.


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configurator Apr 6 2010

Why require 10K when people with less than that can retag? Your reputation is supposed to give you more rights, not a better interface.

With inline tagging, you can tag more stuff, faster. This is somewhat dangerous, so we prefer that more experienced users have access to it.

configurator Apr 6 2010

I’d prefer seeing a minimum-time-between-retags limit; this way of inconveniencing the poor non-10k users seems a bit silly.

Or maybe put it in the bare 3k-10k range?

well, there were also complaints that the 10k users didn’t get enough “stuff” — so this is more “stuff”..

Nice idea that’s going to save some time, since re-tagging is one of the most common edits done to questions.

Now I want more stuff than the 10k mods get!

Anyway: great addition Jeff!

I’m glad for this. Actually I would’ve set this for 20k users. After 10k the SO life is not as interesting as before.

You could also put more “stuff” on 20k, 50k, 1M :) :) etc.

Is there an ETA on getting the “tl” (I’m assuming “timeline”) link in the screenshot?

Frank Krueger Apr 6 2010

Web 2.0 for the aristocracy, Web 1.0 for the plebs.

ZOMG, the peasants are revolting!

> well, there were also complaints that the 10k users didn’t get enough “stuff”

Really? What a stupid complaint …

Cool. Just to be sure, this won’t trigger the Human Verifications? That seems to be what tripped most people who are heavy into retagging.

Stephen Apr 6 2010

Woot! 506 rep away from inline tagging!

I’ve re-tagged lots of stuff and never let a page load get in the way. Maybe lower the threshold to 8k? Or at least for those who have the Strunk & White badge? This would save time for those inclined to spend time improving the overall quality of the site.

Call my Mr Picky, but if you use this feature then shouldn’t the AJAX also update the right-hand sidebar that shows what tags the question has?

/ Mr Picky

DevinB Apr 7 2010

I would never have thought “ease of use” was something I had to unlock.

jjnguy Apr 7 2010


It is when ease-of-use comes hand in hand with ease-of-abuse.

Can’t say I’ve noticed the difference – the 100K telepathic tag editing seems to work well enough.

(More seriously, a few extra page loads *can* make a huge difference if you’re on a 3G connection… can we have inline answer editing next?)