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Welcome Stack Overflow Valued Associate #00004

03-11-10 by . 27 comments

I am pleased to announce that Stack Overflow just added another team member in an officially paid capacity: Kevin Montrose.

You may remember Kevin as the author of the unofficial Stack Exchange API.

I didn’t realize at the time that Kevin was graduating from Rice University in Houston, TX and actively looking for employment. But when I finally noticed Kevin had his Stack Overflow Careers CV linked in his profile, even someone as dense as myself was able to put 2 and 2 together — working on an API is our highest priority, and we’re looking to hire exactly the kind of programmers who roll up their sleeves and say “no Stack Overflow API after almost two years? To heck with you guys, I’ll just write my own!

(I’m paraphrasing a little — I’m sure Kevin didn’t actually say that. Or, maybe he did. I don’t know.)

Kevin is still a student at Rice until May, so our desire for someone to start part time meshed nearly perfectly with his schedule. Kevin cut his teeth developing a few pending features for and we’ve been quite pleased with the results. He’s now actively working with Stack Overflow Associates #00001, #00002, and #00003 to make sure version 1.0 of the Stack Overflow API can be as solid and complete as possible.

As a student, Kevin is working with whatever equipment he has at hand. I made sure that he got upgraded to a nice 30″ monitor and a brand new, fully decked out 8 GB, Core i5 laptop. Every team I am on will religiously enforce the Programmer’s Bill of Rights.

Congratulations, Kevin. Welcome to the Stack Overflow core team. We’re certainly hoping you will want to continue this part-time gig as a full-time gig later this year!

I should also note that big things are happening with Stack Overflow right now, some of which Joel has written about. It’s very exciting and I think you’ll really like what we reveal, but we can’t talk about the details of that yet, unfortunately. I can, however, assure you that we’re very likely to expand the core team by several more members in the near future. And yes, we will be eating more of our own careers dogfood — that is, hiring from the Stack Overflow (and Server Fault) community.

Remember: we’re all here to build something we love together!

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What no twitter account? C’mon Kevin!

Anyway, congratulations to you.

You are kind of limiting yourself by only having 5 digits in the Valued Associate membership number. You might think it’s enough now, but just wait a few years and suddenly you will have a SOVA100k problem!

Congratz, sure you will love it!

Holy crap, I think I know Kevin.

I think I remember Kevin giving a student presentation on an OS he wrote in MIPS assembler in, must have been Spring of ’06 at UT Dallas. It was pretty impressive.

Dude, congratulations!

Jeff, does “dogfooding” mean that Kevin’s income will affect his diet? ;-)

Anyway, Kevin: congratulations for getting that dream job!

Congratulations, Kevin!

Well done, congratulations Kevin! Leaves the question whether Stack Overflow Valued Associate #00005 will be the guy who said “no place for questions that get closed on Stack Overflow after almost two years? To heck with you guys, I’ll just create my own!” or the one who said “no ‘tweet this’ button on Stack Overflow after almost a year? To heck with you guys, I’ll just create my own!” :-)

So good luck SO LLC on your continuing way to world dominance.

All right! Another Houston guy. Way to go, Kevin. Show the world Houston is not just about cowboys and broken legacy apps crammed into production by impatient executives.

Congrats (but didn’t Joel leak this on his blog a while ago anyway?).

We’ll try to hide our collective jealousy ;-p

Now THAT’S what you call getting out of college into a great programming start.

Many congrats Kevin! Well done!

And by adding one digit they can automaticaly generate a badge color for each employee. You will be able to tell how senior somebody is by the blueness of the badge.

Congrats #4 – pity this means you have to stay in Houston for the summer.

@Marc Gravell: Speak for yourself.

Oscar Mar 11 2010

Well done Kevin!! Congratulations!!

@mmyers: That means you don’t try to hide it?

Kevin, you lucky bastard, Congrats.

Now let’s get this show on the road ‘cuz I have one Firefox and Chrome extension to finish with this shiny new API.

@Jeff and @Joel: Many thanks for putting such an interest on the API. You guys actually rock!!

Chris McCall Mar 11 2010

Leading zeros? Ouch.

Congrats on your cool new job, bro.


What does that thing behind you represent? An overgrown pig? ;)


He’s playing miniature golf, and the tan thing behind him is a fake rock cave (probably painted concrete).

I thought it was Jabba the Hutt’s genitalia!

The first time I thought it was porn NSFW and scrolled down very fast

Congratulations, Kevin. That is one impressive CV bullet-point.

Congrats, Kevin! I always love to hear of people freely contributing to projects, and winding up a paid member as a result. Great work!

@Jeff is there any chance that You will be hiring devs from other countries too?

Congratulations, Kevin!

> is there any chance that You will be hiring devs from other countries too?

We would *like* to, since I want the development of the core engine to reflect its audience — that is, highly distributed and international.

In practice, though, there are unfortunately a lot of practical barriers to hiring developers from outside the USA. And they are a real PITA (the rules, not the devs!) to deal with.

Wow. That totally was a no-brainer.

Congrats, Kevin. It’s pretty sweet how the CV matches up with the initial blog post.

Would there be any extended advice you’d give to someone wanting to line up for a better bid in the future? Being more public was #1 that I pulled from the initial blog post but hitting Hyper-V, specifics on your MVC version, or even something like tool/stack/library choice would be helpful. I’m already aware of Markdown but I’d hope you could give away some with out revealing too much of the secret sauce.

Whi is kevin attempting to steal that plovers egg with a golf club?

Nano HE Dec 20 2010

Wow. Code from 5 years old !!!