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Reminder: It’s April 1st

03-31-10 by . 39 comments

Depending on what time zone you live in, it may be April 1st, aka April Fools’ Day!

April Fools’ Day or All Fools’ Day is a holiday celebrated in various countries on April 1. The day is marked by the commission of hoaxes and other practical jokes of varying sophistication on friends, family members, enemies, and neighbors, or sending them on a fool’s errand, the aim of which is to embarrass the gullible.


Do you remember last year’s April Fools’ joke? That one added a cornify button to every post.

This year’s April Fools’ comes to us courtesy of Stack Overflow user Benjamin Dumke aka balpha, who created the Unicornify! service in late January — an act he kindly documented for us in My God, It’s Full of Unicorns! on meta. I’m sure we weren’t the first to think this would make an excellent April Fools’ joke, but it was so perfect we had to run with it.

We contacted Benjamin, who worked with us to make the one-day transition from Gravatar to Unicornify smooth — primarily by pre-rendering avatars for all the MD5 hashes for users in the data dump. Unicornify is hosted on Google App Engine, so we took over billing duties for the period of the switch.

Beyond Unicornify, Benjamin has created a bunch of really cool Stack Overflow related stuff:

  • HREF Overflow: A tool to find cross-references between questions on the sites of the Stack Overflow family
  • Not a real question: A little game created from the Stack Overflow data

He’s created so much cool stuff, in fact, the meta community took it upon themselves to remove him from the LEAGUE OF AWESOME because he had become … too awesome:

It has come to the attention of the AWESOME committee that you have recently exceeded your awesome quotient. Normally this letter would simply serve as a warning and reminder as to your obligations in the LEAGUE OF AWESOME with regards to your display of AWESOME, however your recent display(s) of AWESOME have exceeded the limit beyond all normal care and due reason.

It is with heavy hearts that we are forced to take the following, regrettable, drastic action:

Mr. Balpha, on this day, March 31st, 2010, and henceforth, your membership in THE LEAGUE OF AWESOME is terminated, including all benefits, responsibilities, and services as described in your recently violated contract. You are hereby stricken from all records and are required to turn in your membership license or proof of its destruction. Also any and all other artifacts, including the LOA belt buckle, is to be returned immediately.

What, you never heard of the LEAGUE OF AWESOME? Well, maybe you’re just not AWESOME enough. How does one go about gaining membership in this exclusive club? per founding member Adam Davis:

I’m afraid applications for THE LEAGUE OF AWESOME are only accepted from current members of THE LEAGUE OF PRETTY COOL and, on rare occasion, members of THE LEAGUE OF I GUESS YOU’RE ALRIGHT.

So here’s to Benjamin, for not just coming up with an amazing April Fools’ joke for us, but in real “duct tape programmer” style, writing the code and practically handing it to us as a fait accompli.

Who knows what wonders April 1, 2011 will bring?

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I like the unicorns man! Is there an option to keep mine?

warren Mar 31 2010

I want a pwny.


zoredache Mar 31 2010

@Esteban Araya,

Save it and upload it to gravatar?

Are you sure the ponies aren’t caused by a write-access bug in the private beta API? :)

I don’t get it…

On meta, where there are 8 or 9 questions about the unicorns, you have a little reminder at the top of the page in case anyone’s confused.

On Serverfault, you don’t have the reminder, and I ask one question about the unicorns and the rabid “meta-questions must only be on meta.stackoverflow!!!” crowd comes out and closes the question.

You really ought to put the same reminder on SF.

Ward: I’m pretty sure the banner came up on META well after those posts were created…

You know if so many people are not getting the joke that you have to put up warnings spoiling the joke everywhere to stop those people clogging the place up, you have to wonder if there’s any point doing the joke.

@Russell: that could be the case, but there are even more questions about the unicorns now.

It seems odd to me that the least serious of the trilogy sites has the reminder, but on SF it’s verboten to mention it.

Actually, there aren’t any questions on meta about the unicorns.

And the word “gullible” is not in the dictionary

Going by the flood of posts on Meta, there are quite a lot of programmers and sysadmins who have never before used the internet on 1 April.

I haven’t read all the questions, but from the previews it looks like there’s only one \serious\ question about the unicorns.

I’m amused by the fact that my meta-question about the unicorns was migrated almost instantly, but there are a couple of questions that clearly belong on Stackoverflow that the moderators haven’t moved yet.

matt b Mar 31 2010

a few hours early on the US east coast

I plan on keeping my unicorn, I kind of like it. Thanks guys :)

The unicorns are nowhere close of being, in the same time, as cute and annoying as the pinky-eye-bleeding-massacre on Whitebox Hardware…

The problem is not that people don’t understand April Fools Day, but that hardly anybody understands *why unicorns*.

This is a joke which will appreciated by a handful of SO insiders and will completely baffle the rest of the user base. The MetaSO thread which explains the meme (among many others) – – has had 4K views, a very small slice of “6 million unique visitors every month”.

@apc — really? Nobody understands unicorns, anywhere in the world?

Arjan van Bentem Mar 31 2010


> It seems odd to me that the least serious of the trilogy sites
> has the reminder, but on SF it’s verboten to mention it.

Doesn’t seem odd to me at all. As ANY question about the sites themselves should be taken to MSO, putting the reminder at MSO should be good enough to help people get the joke.

Shaun Finglas Apr 1 2010

April Fools day, blah blah.

Anyway I get why you’d change user images, but it baffles me to see this (often male) obsession with Unicorns.

What’s the craic there?

DUDES love WEAPONS, and unicorns are weaponized ponies!

Rashmi Pandit Apr 1 2010

Ahhh!! That explains!

I laughed at “weaponized ponies”. Bad ass.

medopal Apr 1 2010

It would be even more hilarious if a hundred user keeps there unicorn avatars, then the admins will waste an hour figuring out what went wrong!! :D

I find it absolutely ridiculous that Jeff has come down on others about how certain humor or content is not ok on SO, but yet he/the team can pull this kind of nonsense.

I am not opposed to the idea, but for god’s sake at least be consistent and don’t have double standards.

Very much agree with tim; you’ve had us link our professional reputation to this site (through careers, etc.),
and seeing the unicorn, fun as they might be;
made me immediately think my account had been hacked.

Expected lewd answers and questions with me as creator to pop up, and that gave me no time to pause and ponder the date.

Will be sending you the electricity bill since my girlfriend had to administer immediate, and MacGyver’sk crash cart treatment for my heart attack.

Ether Apr 1 2010

Tsk tsk, the gravatars didn’t get swapped out on the blog! :)

Jeff has also stated he is against inside jokes (where certain people are “in” on the joke. Well, I can’t think of a better “inside joke” on SO than the unicorns.

Again, this is a double standard Jeff and you are just making problems in that people now think it is ok for humor and jokes on SO.

There is no one to blame but yourself now when other people try to bring their own humor and cause a ruckus on the site.

April Fools 2010: The Definitive List

> There is no one to blame but yourself now when other people try to bring their own humor and cause a ruckus on the site.

As long as they only do it on one particular day of the year, then?

>>”As long as they only do it on one particular day of the year, then?”

That’s not the point. By your actions you contradicted (At least) two arguments/rules you made in the past.

1. No inside jokes
2. Humor is not tolerated

Additionally by taking money from both companies and job seekers you have an obligation to avoid making either look foolish or silly. Rainbows, unicorns and ponies don’t really accomplish that, now do they?

You basically made up rules (that were never consistently applied in the first place) then proceeded to act in a manner that suggests the rules don’t apply to you. (That’s fine – you own the site – do what you wish) but that attitude and stance also contradict other statements you made in the past about the site “belonging to us, the users”.)

Again – double standards and inconsistent application of rules. You cannot complain when other people now try to make their own humor/fun/playground on SO.

Saying you are doing it only on one day of the year is not an excuse.

(You could have kept it on Meta)

Lest anyone think I am a cranky old man with no sense of humor – that is not the case – I get it. ha ha.

What I am looking for is consistency. I guess that does not exist here.

Andrea Apr 1 2010

I thought my email account got hacked!

stephen Apr 1 2010

That rant must be another April Fool’s joke?….right? :-S

So awesome – thanks for creating this, Benjamin!

It’s now April 2nd in my timezone and the unicorns are still here. When will the pesky blighters go away?

Thanks for the praise! This was really fun, and it’s great to see how many people liked my little creatures.

And thanks to the Stack Overflow team for trusting my tiny app to jump from 0.2 to 150 requests per second without a problem. I must have done some really good coding there — well, maybe Google also had something to do with that; I’ve heard those guys know a thing or two about scaling.

Chris McCall Apr 2 2010


You make all of us look bad with your curmudgeony behavior. Computer programming is a very serious job, with lots of stress and mental effort required. Do everybody a favor and chill out for a minute. You remind me of my least-favorite coworkers. @balpha’s work is one of those rare bits of technology that’s indistinguishable from magic. Let him have his moment!

CAPTCHA: “funniest us”


Um, how do I make you look bad? Jeff was the one who came down on humor except for his own style. I just am looking for a single standard to apply. Re-read my posts – I am not against ponies – just pointing out inconsistencies.

And I don’t think that rainbows and unicorns is the answer to stop “making us look bad”.

Chris: Thanks for that sentence, makes me feel warm :)

Anyhow, I’ve definitely had my moment, and I don’t take complaints about SO’s unicornification as saying anything against my work, let alone as a personal issue.

While I don’t *agree* with tim, I’m fine with their opinion. From what I’ve seen, it’s a minority standpoint anyway.

Chris McCall Apr 6 2010


By whining about insignificant details and raining on someone’s parade. The unicorns are gone now, have you transformed back into the easy-going laugh riot you were before they arrived?