Podcast Future

by Joel Spolsky

on March 14, 2010

Hey presto! Jeff gave me permission to publish here, so from now on, you'll be seeing posts from both of us.

The first thing I want to talk about is plans for the podcast. I feel like the current podcast format needs to be freshened up a little bit. I think we've started repeating ourselves quite a bit. As a part of my retirement from blogging, I'm trying to stop personal public pontification, podcast or otherwise.

Add your ideas in the comments for what you'd like the new podcast to be like. Here are some of my thoughts to start you off:

  • Less about programming and programmers, and more about the broader world of Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Super User, and Stack Exchange.

  • Either Jeff starts laughing at my jokes, or else we get one of those radio morning zoo people like Robin Quivers who laughs at everything.

  • More interesting guests and people from the community; less monologues by me about why the earth is banana-shaped.

After this week's episode we'll officially kill the current podcast and go quiet for a couple of weeks. We'll launch the new format in early April when the StackOverflow team visits New York.