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Get ready for the Stack Overflow party

03-31-10 by . 9 comments

The entire extended Stack Overflow team (including the Stack Exchange team) is meeting in New York in April to do some strategic planning. For example, we need to plan our Rock Band song lists, decide who gets to be on the drums and who is stuck with the USB cowbell, etc.

If you’re going to be in the city on Tuesday, April 6th, we’d like to invite you to join us for a party and a chance to meet the team.

If you want to come to the party, you must register. Please do not register if you’re not sure that you’re coming, as space is limited. Only people who are on the list will be admitted.

Update: Pictures from the Open House are now available! Thanks to everyone who attended!

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To bad I can’t make it around the globe, but looking forward to here all the good news.

What is the minimum reputation required to Sign Up? ;-)

Someone should sponsor me to go.

Stephen Mar 31 2010

Gotta rush out and snag the domain as I won’t be able to get to NYC :-(

Jealous++ of all those that can go.

jjnguy Mar 31 2010

Meeting in Minneapolis next year?

Dani Apr 1 2010

cool idea.
I won’t be around NY on April…..
Sorry for that.

Tatiana Hanazaki Apr 6 2010

Joel thanks for hosting this great party!!
I was glad to be in a party where I’m not the nerdiest person in the room :D
The SO fellows are very good people, it was an honor meeting you all!

Hello SO Team:

Thank you very much for putting together the party and making us feel right at home. Definitely loved the office, btw. I have been a fan of both Joel and Jeff’s writing for a long long time now and you and the rest of the SO team have built something really special. Congratulations and good luck on the road ahead.