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More Trilogy Sites?

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One thing we’ve been pitching a lot to VCs is our love for internet communities that are obsessive about something, where that something could be … well, anything, really. I feel that the kind of expert communities that arise around a shared passion for something are not only fascinating but help the world at large, in that these experts produce a lot of highly relevant content that any average person can dip their toes in when they need advice about that particular topic.

Our goal with the Stack Overflow engine, then, is to unlock this content and release expert communities from the Soviet-era phpBB and vBulletin software they’ve been trapped in for so many years. In other words, better living through software!

I was amused to discover this hilarious Onion article which exposes a hidden downside of these expert communities that Joel and I didn’t discuss with VCs.

“I don’t know how I wound up at that point, but thank God I escaped when I did,” Gibson, 41, said Friday. “There I was, a grown man, planning a trip to the Mustard Museum in Wisconsin, when suddenly I heard a voice deep within me say, ‘This is not what you want your life to be about.'”

“It was like waking up from a bad dream,” Gibson added. “A bad yellow and brown dream.”

Gibson’s descent into the depths of mustard obsession started innocently enough, when he got involved in an Internet exchange about the best kind of mustard to use on a grilled bratwurst. When someone posted a link encouraging him to “click on this if you really want to spice things up,” he took the stranger’s advice and suddenly found himself on, a discussion group devoted to the cultivation, preparation, and enjoyment of the table-side condiment.

Speaking of, I wanted to gather people’s opinions about what sites are currently missing from the Trilogy:

We’re trying to identify some gaps we have and possibly fill them, based on existing data. If you had to identify a theme of questions that tend to frequently get asked and closed as off-topic in the Trilogy (whether Stack Overflow, Server Fault, or Super User), repeatedly, what would that theme be?

You are welcome to comment here, but if you have a strong opinion on this topic, the best way to express it is by creating, following, or commiting to an Area 51 proposal.

While we love expert communities — they are quite literally the fabric of Stack Overflow, Server Fault, and Super User — we don’t want our shared mustard obsession to come between us.

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Not tech, but oddly related, I’d like to see a cooking SO.

Pfah. That kind of obsession could never happen to [pause – distracted by a question about bulk data queries] us!

Anyone for a waffle?

iPhone (and other mobile operating systems to some extent). Questions about using the iPhone are often posted to SuperUser. Since smartphones are basically underpowered PCs these days either StackOverflow should accept questions about them or there should be a separate site for them.

I second the motion for cooking. It would be awesome to get some of the food network crew in on it.

EpochWolf Mar 16 2010

Third motion for cooking!

If by cooking, I’m allowed to ask: \How do I get butter onto my toast? It’s making my hands smell.\


One of the things that I see quite frequently are questions by developers asking which vendor/software/framework/tool to use from the pantheon of choices. Most of these are not particularly programming related, nor do they fit well into any of the other sites. I could easily see people posting to and using a “best of” site which consists only of poll-type questions on the various options for a particular choice. I don’t know how you’d keep it from devolving into flame wars or you would get knowledgable people to participate, but I don’t think you’d run short of questions.

bangoker Mar 16 2010

I guess that a place to ask about programming-work related things that are not quite programming related would be good. Sometimes it can be done in SO, but many times they would be closed.

A place where you could talk about how is it to work at a Company, ask how is the programming industry in X country, what keyboard is best for ergonomic reasons, etc, a place where you could ask about things that go around a programmer’s life, but not just the programming per se.

Isn’t this what stack exchange is for?

If you’re seriously branching out beyond programming, and really beyond things that definitely have a “right answer” into general communities, you really have to look at They have an absolutely insanely excellent online community around… KNITTING! If you really want to have the best site focused on cooking, or some other creative endeavor, that style of site is much better than Q & A.

Law. The IT bits, like DMCA takedowns, licensing managment, consultancy contracts.

I actually suspect that a lawyer-to-lawyer site where questions from non-lawyers were not welcome would be interesting.

Getting around American school system for parents graduated from non-american schools. :)

All levels – pre-k/primary/inter/high school, colleges, universities.

Ross Johnston Mar 16 2010

Second for the US school system.

Convert into a StackExchange site.

> Isn’t this what stack exchange is for?

Sort of. Big changes coming in this area.

Anyway, I’m specifically asking about questions that tend to recur on the trilogy itself, which implies there is an unmet need within the existing sites.

I’ve noticed a lot of people complaining about web-related questions (specifically HTML/CSS) but personally I think those totally belong with Stack Overflow. They are essentially programming (code telling a computer what to do), and are tightly coupled to programming languages such as Javascript, PHP, C#, VB, etc.

However, I would love to see a fourth part to the trilogy aimed towards design and user interface.

> “they are quite literally the fabric of Stack Overflow”
Wait, your servers are made from cloth? ;)

It doesn’t look like the public dump contains information about which questions were closed or for what reasons. Jeff, perhaps you could query the database and post a list of titles from questions that were closed as off topic (you may want to exclude deleted questions). Looking at such a list might make it pretty obvious what unmet needs there are within the S[OFU] communities. Or at least it would make it easier for people to say what kind of additional site they want since it’s easier to recognize what you want than to come up with it.

Tati Hana Mar 16 2010

Are you crazy? If it’s a trilogy, they are supposed to be just three…

As it stands, there’s nowhere to ask timely or opinionated technical questions. How you would captivate THAT audience, however, is beyond me. does \purchasing laptops\ quite well. I’m thinking something like that in a more general sense. Perhaps a technology-purchase trilogy site? TVs, routers, computers…there’s usually a \best\ out there, and there’s always a community devoted to finding out what exactly the best is.

Yes, didn’t you learn *anything* from Douglas Adams? Wait…

How about home repair/DIY?

I think it is time you step up to serve some worthy humanitarian challenges. I help start your brainstorm:
– food/health/diet Q&A
– climate changes Q&A
– developing countries Q&A (can be broad; how to develop a country)

Adding to the developing countries Q&A, questions could be like “How are the options for a desert village to get a sustainable water source?”, or “How can I best help people in developing countries?”.

To get more success with this Q&A approach, you could consider partnering with some news or media unit that could provide background articles, and your Q&A tech could provide a forum in this field. Even the UN has news/media organizations.

I think its worth a real try.

Allright, this will be posted on the meta :)

People/work place questions – anything that happens at work that isn’t related to the core discipline (ie development/programming). Questions of this ilk get closed for being subjective/off topic (which is correct), but that doesn’t mean they’re invalid questions.

Andy McKenna Mar 17 2010

Home Automation
Home Theaters

Martin Wallace Mar 18 2010

Gaming and/or Hardware.

When you alternate quoted text with article text as much as the end of your article, it kinda looks like a comment section and people are likely to gloss over it. Just sayin’.

Peter Mar 21 2010

Software engineering – agile practices, Kanban, XP, etc.

I’m still new around the trilogy, but I’d say web services are quite recurrent. Plus they’re practically software, but not welcome anywhere unless it’s programming related. Maybe they should just be accepted in superuser, I’m not sure it would be enough for a whole new site.

drejc Mar 23 2010 is doing a fairly good job on the cooking side.

Stefan Monov Mar 23 2010

+1 for health Q&A. In fact, make that general self-improvement Q&A. Anything from “Is it bad to mix fish with yoghurt” to “How do I stop being so submissive in my interactions”.

Pyrolistical Mar 31 2010

What about discussion type questions? I know this isn’t a forum, but there’s a bunch of smart people here! And we all know forums suck.

I asked a very interesting question on SO, but then it got closed and deleted.

Now the really sad part is I forgot my epic question!

That’s another problem with deleting questions, because now somebody is free to post the same question again. If it was just closed and not deleted it may prevent a repost.