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Moderator Changes on Super User

03-26-10 by . 8 comments

I’d like to announce a changing of the guard for Super User moderation.

First, let’s extend a hearty welcome to our two new Super User moderators:

Welcome random and quack quixote (nee ~quack) as our newest Super User community moderators! They both come highly recommended, not just by me, but by their peers in this meta nomination thread.

In related news, Diago has indicated he’d like to step down as a moderator. Thanks, Diago, for everything you’ve done so far — you had arguably the most difficult moderator position with the least support from us (which was totally our fault; a mistake I hope not to repeat) and you did an excellent job regardless. I completely understand and support the decision to take a break from moderating. You are welcome back as a moderator any time on my watch.

As always, I recommend that new moderators (or anyone interested in the topic) read through A Theory of Moderation — also, keep an eye on the following meta tags for discussion about what moderators should (or shouldn’t) be doing on the Trilogy:

moderation, moderators, moderator-abilities

While some moderation topics are inherently a private matter between users, we try to discuss as much of it in public as possible. We have a reasonable set of moderation guidelines, but how we moderate continues to evolve — and will hopefully improve as we bring in new community moderators with new perspectives and new ideas.

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Congratulations and welcome!

And we’ll miss you, Diago, in your moderator role – thanks for helping out for so long!

But we won’t miss you as much as the Scarecrow – :)

Shog9 Mar 26 2010

I will miss Eight Days of Malaise. Though my visits to SU were generally filled with disappointment and frustration, seeing that name always made me smile.

Congratulations guys! If your contributions on SU are anywhere near your contributions on meta then I’m sure you’ve earned it.

Sorry to see you go, Diago. I hope you enjoy your well-deserved moderator retirement (or vacation, whichever it turns out to be).

Thank you, Diago! And see you at the retirement home:

Gratz to random and quack quixote! May the Super Force be with you!

Great to see you guys join the team!

You already made my moderator life easier by flagging and commenting, now you can take it one step further! I’m looking forward to keeping the site clean with you guys on board!

Too bad we lost Diago along the way, but I’m sure he will return to us some day! Until then: you will be missed!

Job well done, Diago. Now let’s see if just any random quack can fill your shoes ;) Haha. Congratulations random and quack on the new role! I’m sure you’ll both do very well.

captcha: imprison turks

Eight Days of Malaise will return one day. Don’t you worry about that.

It’ll be like when Doctor Fate doesn’t wear the helmet.