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Stack Overflow 2010 Moderator Election Results

02-08-10 by . 31 comments

The Stack Overflow 2010 Moderator Election results are in!

We decided to choose two moderators this time, just like last time. The winners are … drumroll please …

Congratulations to our newest community elected moderators, Gumbo and Jonathan Sampson

(update: Jason Cohen was originally the #2 winner, but withdrew from the race after some post-election reflection)

We used the OpenSTV software to calculate the results.

Per the OpenSTV FAQ, we used the most accurate form of STV to calculate these results:

If you are electing one person and simplicity is not important, then we recommend Condorcet voting. Most people agree that Condorcet is the best method for electing one person, but it is more difficult to explain.

If you are electing multiple people and simplicity is not important, then we recommend Meek STV. Most people agree that Meek STV is the best variant of STV, but it can only be implemented with a computer program.

You can download the Stack Overflow 2010 Moderator Election ballot file and our output result and run the election yourself, if you like. (Of course the individual votes are anonymous in the file.)

I went ahead and donated $25 to OpenSTV as a thank you for making this software available and saving me the effort of writing my own code to calculate the Single Transferrable Vote election results, which was … uh, more complex than I realized.

Thank you to everyone who voted, and in particular thanks to all the candidates! It’s because of you, and your willingness to contribute, that we can have this great, vibrant community to participate in together.

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Congratulations to Gumbo and Jason! You both will make excellent additions to the moderation team.

Yay. We have new people to close bad questions for us!

Joel Coehoorn Feb 8 2010

I, for one, welcome our new beaver overlords.

Dave DeLong Feb 8 2010

Congratulations Gumbo and Jason! You’ve definitely earned it. =)

Congrats, Guys! Looking forward to your involvement as our new Moderators!

jjnguy Feb 8 2010

Grats to our new mods!!

And thanks to everyone that voted for me.

Congratulations, guys!

Congratulations, Good Luck and Welcome to the new Stack Overflow moderators. Nice to see the team expand.

I was betting on Jonathan Sampson, but I’m sure Gumbo and Jason will be great moderators. Congrats!

Welcome and congrats both. Don’t be /too/ evil ;-p

Congratulations to both and thanks to everyone that voted for me.

Congrats, Gumbo and Jason!

P.S.: Is it a coincidence that your gravatar pictures are so similar? ;-)

Congratulations and welcome, guys.

Anyone else get a creepy hint of artificial intelligence on the verge of becoming sentient? “I’m sorry, I cannot allow you to count the votes. You will do it wrong. It is a flaw of your species. I will count them. I would tell you how I do it, but you wouldn’t understand. I can also help you secure all your military facilities, if you would kindly connect me to that network.”

Wow, made it to the last round before eliminated. Yet again, my crude and child-like plans for world domination through mod power have been thwarted. Bugger.

Zack Feb 9 2010

Congratulations guys. I didn’t vote for either of you two. Actually you both would have been my last choice but I’m sure you’ll do a great job.

I’m glad my candidate ( mmyers ) make it until the semi-final round.

But I think there is an error on the count the winner should’ve been Mr.”Exhausted” ;)

Congrats to Jason and Gumbo.

Woot! Congrats Gumbo & Jason! I know you’ll serve the community well.

Congratulations to both! Good to have another non-US moderator around. (I must admit, though, that just like the last time, no one I voted for was elected.)

@Will: Turns out “I’m not as bad as Rich B” was actually a pretty effective tag line. Who knew?

@Gumbo: Now that you’re a mod, you are obligated by law to join Meta. Come on, it’ll be fun! We don’t bite… much. ;)

@Kip – I think they’re playing a little fast and loose with the language. The phrase “only be implemented with a computer program” probably ought to have a “reasonably” or “effectively” inserted after the only. After all, humans can make a pretty effective Turing machine:

Captcha: plans texas (who plans Texas?)

Congrats, you have your work cut out for you!

Ether Feb 9 2010

STV is indeed a superior system. Sadly, it is not easy to explain to the layman, which is why two referendums to enact it in British Columbia elections have failed at the polls. :(

Jeeva Feb 9 2010

Congrats guys..

Maxim Z. Feb 9 2010

Hey Jeff, how’d you record the votes into a .BLT file? I mean, how does the system work? Is there an API for OpenSTV?

Maxim Z. Feb 9 2010

In relation to my comment above asking how Jeff recorded the otes into a .BLT file, I’ve asked a question on SO about it:

With a community this size, I am curious if we should be taking on more than 2 new moderators. Was there a big gap in votes between the top 2, 3, 4, etc.?

Congratulations. Funny this is just like the Presidential elections, the candidates I vote for don’t win. So in a way, I apologize to those I voted for. :)

Joe Koberg Feb 10 2010

It’s great to see people using voting methods other than Plurality.

However, STV and IRV have some difficult problems, according to Dr. Warren D Smith (

His site at has convinced me to suggest range or approval voting to anyone I can, and especially in preference to transferrable-vote or instant-runoff systems.

Joe Koberg Feb 10 2010

Unfortunately, I can’t find info on the applicability of Range or Approval voting to multi-winner elections…

Ravi Soni Apr 12 2010

Congrats Jonathan Sampson and Gumbo.
So my didn’t go in vein.