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Stack Overflow 2010 Moderator Election Begins

02-01-10 by . 13 comments

After a week long nomination period, we now have our Stack Overflow 2010 Moderator candidates. (To be eligible as a candidate, you had to have at least 10 total upvotes in the meta nomination thread. Downvotes were not counted in any way.)

There were some suggestions that the Single Transferable Vote system would work better than the simple “one user, one vote” system we used last time. So, this time around, we’re conducting the election a bit differently — you can cast three votes instead of a single vote.

Some ground rules:

  • To be eligible to vote, you must be a Stack Overflow user with at least 200 reputation.
  • The list of candidates is shown in random order every time it is presented.
  • Only three votes can be cast per user. No, they can’t be undone. Cast votes in the order of most desirable candidates first. Your first vote has the most weight.
  • After a week, the candidate with most weighted votes will be elected the new Stack Overflow moderator.

For those users who don’t follow the blog, we are planning to send out a user alert (similar to the badge award alerts) tomorrow to let them know the voting page is available.

Remember, we’re looking for a good moderator; someone who is above all:

  • patient and fair
  • leads by example
  • shows respect for their fellow programmers in their actions and words

I suggest examining the candidates’ user pages to get a sense of what kind of moderator they might make.

I cast my vote; have you cast yours?

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Thanks for implementing STV! A couple of other users on the IRC channel are rejoicing over this too. Just thought you’d like to know. :-)

Odd Rune Feb 1 2010

I’m a bit surprised that some of the candidates had 0 questions asked. Not getting my votes tbh.

@Odd Rune: Since when is posting _questions_ a sign of a user’s involvement on SO? I’d like to think that posting _answers_ is the key. In fact, a person who posts more questions than answers is highly suspect, in my view.

Odd Rune Feb 1 2010

@Chris: We’ll have to disagree on that then.

I think that mods should have experience with all aspects of the site dynamic. Asking good questions is hard, and it’s a really important part of SO.

I have done my democratic deed.

Are you going to add some more explanation of the voting system to the page, or at least a link to this very blog post?

Appropriate Captcha: rulings wronging

Can you license this to the state of Florida?

frou Feb 1 2010

I voted for Neil because I recall seeing the name attached to a lot of non-fluff answers.

Rich B Feb 1 2010

If you are voting for people because of their posting of questions *or* answers, you are doing it wrong.


There are a lot of great names on this list. I’m sure whoever wins, they will do a tremendous job.

The “most weighted votes”? Could you elaborate on the voting system? It sounds like you’re using something along the lines of the three votes having different values, which isn’t what STV is.

Steve Betten Feb 2 2010

Jeff, have you considered a Condorcet voting method? It’s more fair than single transferable vote.

@Steve Betten – Please define “more fair” in less than 10 single syllable words.

Ether Feb 4 2010

@Steve: Condorcet isn’t really possible to accurately calculate unless one ranks all candidates (or at least more than three) — I expect Jeff wanted to keep the voting process simple, especially as there is only one candidate to be elected.