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Welcome New Super User Moderators

01-19-10 by . 7 comments

We’ve appointed two new Super User moderators from the meta voting thread.

Welcome Ivo and Troggy as our newest Super User community moderators!

This also means that two existing Super User moderators, originally appointed in August 2009, will be retiring.

TheTXI indicated to us via email that he no longer will be able to return to the Trilogy in any useful capacity. Serving as community moderator is completely voluntary; we understand that sometime life gets in the way of such things. Doug, we’ll still be here if you ever come up for air, and you’re always welcome back with pony-loving arms.

Splattne was unusual in that he was a moderator across two sites — Server Fault and Super User. I was always a little uncomfortable asking Stefan to pull double duty. Because he’s a mensch, of course he agreed, but I’m glad we can refocus so he doesn’t have as much on his plate. He will of course continue to be a moderator on Server Fault, and Server Fault will hopefully benefit from the increased attention.

As always, I recommend that new moderators (or anyone interested in the topic) read through A Theory of Moderation.

And don’t forget we’re still accepting nominations for a new Stack Overflow moderator as well.


Congratiolations. I hope you will be a good addition for the community

theman Jan 19 2010

LOL, theTXI’s IRL name is Doug??? Pwn…

Congrats and welcome. Try to resist the temptation to see what happens if you delete user #1 ;-p

Well then I have to go and find the answers myself, naah I’d rather have John T on board.

Kyle Cronin Jan 20 2010


I think Marc was referring to Jeff Atwood, user ID# 1. And yes, I think we’ve all wondered at some time or another what would happen if you deleted/suspended his account. (Hint: it wouldn’t be pretty)

Gnoupi Jan 20 2010


Well, I guess congratulations to you both, I guess I’ll spam you with flags, waiting to maybe, one day, do it myself :P

Troggy Jan 20 2010

Yes, I now realize even more than before how helpful flags are to mods. So flag away! Haha

Yah, I got familiar with the mod tools by using my own accounts/questions. Did a rep-recalc on my meta account and got a good laugh from the results -470. :) The 10k tools/lists are very useful also for finding popular (good and bad) posts quickly.

Thank you again for the opportunity to help out the site!