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Stack Overflow 2010 Moderator Nominations

01-14-10 by . 12 comments

Remember the Stack Overflow moderator elections we held last year? Sure you do!

This whole “democracy” thing really must work, because the community truly picked winners, in my opinion — Marc and Bill have been amazing to work with and top notch moderators in every regard.

Based on the explosive growth of Stack Overflow, it’s clear we need a third community moderator. Head on over to the Meta topic Nominations: New Stack Overflow Moderator and let’s get those nominations started!

(while comments are always welcome, please do not nominate anyone in the comments here; keep it on meta so we can stay organized.)

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Rich B Jan 14 2010

What about how awful Diago is, and the fact that TheTXI hasn’t been ‘seen’ on SuperUser since Oct 28 at 19:27?

Whoever is moderating the moderators is doing a horrible job, and the horrible moderation on meta is a result of that. Marc and Bill are good, but the sites need some fresh minds that have a sense of what the word ‘moderation’ means.

The nomination thread is a good example of why those people should not be moderators, and the fact that Jeff is the one who requested people to nominate themselves shows how little he understands about moderation.

Anyone who nominates themselves as a moderator pretty much guarantees that they will be a horrible moderator. A moderator should always be reluctant to accept the job, and even more reluctant to use the moderation powers.

The only person on that thread so far that seems to grasp the moderation concept is:

“SO is self-regulating. Why would we need more mods?” – BalusC

TheTXI hasn’t been since on superuser for 2.5 months? And he’s allegedly a moderator?

That’s fairly poor form and apparently true:

One does have to question the oversight.

Why is Diago “awful”? I think he does an excellent job.

Out of courtesy, I was waiting to get confirmation from TheTXI, which I have, and we’re now transferring his moderator rights to another candidate. Stay tuned..

Rich B Jan 14 2010

Diago has continually demonstrated a complete lack of understanding of how the system and community work, but he has also been one of the quickest to jump in and take drastic measures against people and against a thread. When people complain (the almost always do), he acts stunned and reverses his decision claiming ignorance. The idea of ‘moderation’ completely escapes that boy.

Perhaps that should be the logo for the meta t-shirt?

‘who moderates the moderators’

(only in latin of course)

@mgb: i would love one of those…

Rich B, I think you’re right in most of your comments, but, why don’t you just e-mail Jeff directly and/or summarize all your comments in a single one instead of posting multiple ( BTW you don’t need to answer )

Larry Canionga Jan 14 2010

I think, to be moderator, the user should have never been in the Penalty Box. Oopps that’s discards you Rich B ( once again ) sorry

Rich B Jan 14 2010

@Larry: I am not advocating for myself to be a moderator anywhere.

What is the difference between being a moderator and having a reputation of 10 000?

see here:

and look for the phrase “moderators do have some special abilities..”

altCognito Jan 14 2010

RichB, in all of my experiences dealing with you, you have been abrasive. While I understand that you’re an Internet Tough Guy, we’re not on fark, grow up.