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Stack Overflow Trilogy Lego Minifigs

12-08-09 by . 15 comments

Courtesy of Stack Overflow user MicTech, we have the following photos of Lego characters in Trilogy-appropriate garb:



The League of Web Justice has never been so darn adorable!

Update: I finally got much higher resolution pictures of the Trilogy minifigs, and you can view them here.

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Tomalak Dec 8 2009

The StackOverflow one should wear a propeller on his hat.

Shouldn’t the Meta one have a frowny face, or at least a look of critical navelgazing concern? :)

Robert Dec 8 2009

Those guys would look good in a LEGO Death Star.

wilhelmtell Dec 8 2009

There’s something infinitely appealing about Lego figures.

Wow! I like!

You should seriously sell StackOverflow shirts. I would gladly buy some StackOverflow swag.

You notice that the sysadmin is wearing a hard-hat? There’s a reason for that.

I like that Meta gets the lame guy hair

Nathan Dec 8 2009

When I first saw this pic I thought, awesome, how much are these going to cost? but alas, seems as though I need to ctrl-c & ctrl-v this idea.

Just awesome

Can we get a high Res version at all, I’d love this for my desktop, 2560×1024…gone for the weighted companion cube dual at the mo…

You would have thought the stack user would at least have been one of the cool lego men with glasses!

Love it. Heh, give the super user guy a minifig lightsaber, the serverfault guy a minifig wrench. Not sure what to give the stackoverflow fig…LEGO doesn’t make a spaghetti spoon. But the lightsaber and wrench are easily found in some kits.

Anyone else think of “Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot” when they saw the picture or was it just me?