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Stack Overflow Gives Back

12-31-09 by . 33 comments

It’s hard to believe that Stack Overflow has been “a thing” for over a year and a half now. I quit my job in March 2008, we announced Stack Overflow in April 2008, and the site was launched in September 2008. The rest is kind of a blur.

During 2009, the company became somewhat stable, and has threetwo totally awesome associates who are finally getting a reasonable fraction of what they’re worth. It’s only appropriate that Stack Overflow, the company, start giving back to all the people and projects that helped us succeed.

First and foremost, our community moderators. They, more than anyone, set the tone and direction for the community — and generously contribute their time to make Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Super User, and Meta Stack Overflow into places you’d actually want to participate.

As a gesture of thanks for their contributions this year, Stack Overflow offered to make a donation to the charity or nonprofit of their choice. I’m happy to report that through our moderators, the following donations were made:

I also wanted to give back to the tools, people and projects that helped us build Stack Overflow. To that end, I browsed the meta question What was Stack Overflow Built With and donated to every project we rely on that accepts donations — even if those “donations” are licenses:

We also donated another $500 directly to jQuery, as well as indirectly to a number of other popular open source projects, through our sponsorship of the Bad Code Offsets program.

To me, the whole point of having money — once you have enough of it to cover your basic business needs, of course — is using it to effect positive change in the world. It is my hope that we can make these donations a yearly tradition at Stack Overflow — and increase the size of the donations every year, too.

So, thanks to everyone who participated in Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Super User, or Meta Stack Overflow during 2009. We hope you enjoyed whatever time you spent there, and more importantly, got something useful out of it.

Here’s to a happy and prosperous 2010!

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I often think you’re a crazy person but I’m happy to be a (small) part of a community that is giving back.

I’ll click on your ads anytime.


Frank Krueger Dec 31 2009

Awesome! But a donation to a charity? You’ve given money to charities but not to your own associates (the moderators)? A very strange business Jeff!

I know I will sound like a *complete jerk*, but: Did you really feel that donating to Markdown is going to be good for anything, seeing how the original creator didn’t do anything on it since 2004? It’s not like your donation to ScrewTurn Wiki where the guy simply doesn’t have found a good way to spend the money.

But well, on the other hand, two thumbs up for donating to projects that help you make this money in the first place. Each of these projects are truly great projects.

Paying moderators would be pretty bad form by most internet etiquette. I was ecstatic to have Jeff let me pick a charity that would receive money – especially since I had the idea two months ago. I know Johnny will put it to good use.

tzuptzup Dec 31 2009

SO moderator = business associate? That’s a very strange thought Frank

I think it’s superb you’re acknowledging the tools you used to build StackOverflow with, and even more so that you’re donating to them. Truly inspiring, every web application should do the same.

Paying us would make it seem too much like work. :) Thanks for the acknowledgment and the charitable donations, though. Both are appreciated.

Matias Nino Dec 31 2009

Happy 2010 Jeff!

It is a joy to be a witness to your amazing journey that you so humbly, ernestly, and very often comicaly share with us, your readers, followers, and dilligent detractors.

May your history achieve it’s niche in the annals of computer history footnotes. :)

(And may there always be plentiful backups of it.) :)

Thanks so much Jeff. It is a real honor to be involved in a project like SO and this gesture is more then what could be expected. I am sure the charities will be more then happy with even small donations to help them forward. Hopefully 2010 will take SO higher and further then last year did.

Thank you very much, Jeff! I feel honored.

Ack! I realized I should have donated to WordPress, since I use WP here and on — shoot.

Oh well, I’ll make sure they’re on the list for next year.

Also, a word to the wise for moderators and other users who have generously contributed time to the trilogy — a little birdie told me there might be some totally sweet and awesome free t-shirts coming your way in the next few months..

Wow, how thoughtful!

G’day Jeff,

Nice one!


John Colburn Jan 1 2010

“To me, the whole point of having money — once you have enough of it to cover your basic business needs, of course — is using it to effect positive change in the world.”

So much truth in one sentence. It boggles the mind.

Sam152 Jan 1 2010

Hey Jeff, it’s amazing to see you giving back so generously. I think if anything the development community has a huge debt to you and Joel and I think its awesome that you guys are doing what you are doing.

Wonderful act stackers…really a nice step on donating to relying projects…

Nishant Jan 1 2010


You are an exemplary human being. Thanks for giving your all to a project that helps so many people.

Jeff, kudos for these charitable donations but didn’t you state that “contributing money isn’t an effective way to advance an open source project” after your previous generous donation went unused?

I don’t know of a more effective way of showing your appreciation though. I guess time is the real currency of open source, but you can’t easily write a cheque for x hours.

Michael Jan 1 2010

ah, I get it… It’s tax time, looks like a big write-off huh?

Oh waw, 100 bucks. I’m sure that will do a whole world of difference for these.

Daniel Jan 1 2010

That’s quite wonderful. It’s very nice to see somebody actually donating to places that really need the donations. I question a few of them, but then again it’s not my place, so I won’t point them out.

Oh, by the way, “using it to effect positive change in the world” should be “using it to affect positive change in the world.” Just sayin’.

> “using it to effect positive change in the world” should be “using it to affect positive change in the world.”

is probably the first valid criticism I’ve read of this (and I’ve been on reddit). :)

> I guess time is the real currency of open source, but you can’t easily write a cheque for x hours.


> Oh waw, 100 bucks

Correct me if I’m wrong here but the total donated, adding it all up, is just under $5,000.

> It’s tax time, looks like a big write-off huh?

Not many of these are registered charities or nonprofit organizations. John Gruber, for example, was not a non-profit organization … the last time I checked. :)

w/r/t affect vs. effect — my usage is correct.

> And, effect can be used as a verb that essentially means “to bring about,” or “to accomplish.” For example, you could say, “Aardvark hoped to effect change within the burrow.”


This blog post further exemplifies why Stack Overflow is such a breath of fresh air. Fantastic stuff.

Bremen Jan 3 2010

Wow, really stand-up idea. Well done. (And LOL at someone trying to catch you when you actually used ‘effect’ correctly, that’s Internet gold.)

Obligatory xkcd:

Great stuff, Jeff!

Josh Kodroff Jan 4 2010

Bravo to you Jeff for your generosity! We need more people doing stuff like this.

And shame on those of you posting negativity on this. Even if you feel his contributions aren’t up to your standards, how is belittling his generosity going to make any positive difference?

Tim Büthe Jan 10 2010

You guys are great!

Why is three striked out and two on the side? Did one of you guys quit?

Adam Hawkes Jan 12 2010

First, I hope others follow your lead and decide to provide additional support for whatever tools they use. Everything is a community, even if it is centered around one guy!

Oh, and the link for DotNetOpenAuth seems to have the wrong port number. FYI.

Wow, that’s a wonderful attitude! Congrats!

Very thoughtful Jeff!

Is there a way to donate money to StackOverflow? I’ve saved so much time and energy already browsing your site and also asking a lot of questions (with many good answers most of the time) that I’m thinking about bugging my boss to donate some money… :-)