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Free Vote-Based Advertising for Open Source Projects

12-18-09 by . 14 comments

I’m happy to announce that Stack Overflow’s program of free vote-based advertising for Open Source projects, originally proposed back in September, is now live!

Some say Stack Overflow is now the largest programming site on the internet.


I’m not sure about that, but I can tell you that Stack Overflow regularly gets well over a million pageviews per day. While we’ve done some responsible advertising since March 2009, we still have a lot of excess (or “remnant”) ad inventory, and more of it every day.

Rather than let this go to waste, we thought it might benefit the programming community if we could let the programming community use our remnant ad inventory space to publicize open-source projects in need of programmer assistance.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit the special question thread for this advertising period. It will always be tagged [open-source-advertising].
  2. Construct a 220×220 image advertisement for the open source project that you would like to publicize to your fellow programmers.
  3. Post an answer containing your image to the question. It must be in exactly the right format, as documented in the question itself.
  4. Get at least (n) upvotes for your answer.
  5. Your advertisement will now be featured in Stack Overflow’s remnant ad inventory, in the sidebar ad slot on most pages.

In other words, it goes directly from this answer on the meta question:


To an advertisement to your fellow programmers on most pages of the Stack Overflow site itself:


I’m thrilled to see this go live, as I think it’ll help get the word out about a lot of interesting open source projects that are in need of programmer input. Kudos to Portman Wills, who you may remember from our (sadly failed) Amazon ad experiment — he was instrumental in getting this done. (Have I mentioned how nifty his site shuffletime is? Go check it out!)

Now, while these ads are absolutely community driven, we do reserve the right to exert editorial control and disallow any ads that we aren’t comfortable running on our site. Above all, they need to be (mostly) professional and on topic for our fellow programmers. The specific rules will always be in the latest meta question tagged [open-source-advertising]; please read carefully before posting.

So, what are you waiting for? What open source project would you like to see publicized on Stack Overflow? Brush up on those Paintbrush or GIMP skills and make it happen!

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Thank you sir, on behalf of the media browser project!

speaking of advertising, last week i went through the top 10 or 15 answers on the “what non-programming books should all programmers read” and added links amazon (they mostly pointed to wikipedia before that). i expect a 10% commission. :)

The following wasn’t made clear enough in this blog post. Considering the ads up there already, I think it must be made more clear:

“It must be an advertisement soliciting the participation and contribution of programmers writing actual source code.”

I have sent information about this opportunity to three projects I have a fondness for, and reading again the first two I sent, I didn’t make it clear either.

This has got to be one of the greatest ideas I’ve ever heard. It is so completely in line with SO’s mission of giving back to the dev community. I love it!

This is brilliant. Very nice.

What a fantastic idea! A great way to back and promote open source projects.

dbkk101 Dec 20 2009

Great idea.

It would be useful to have some visual way of differentiating open source ads from commercial ones (e.g. standard small icon). Otherwise, many people would ignore them, having learned to be blind to ads.

Someone get the word to the VLC guys. They are in need of mac developers

Nathan Dec 21 2009


What you’re proposing is a visual cue for user’s to ignore the ad’s of paying clients and take note of non-paid ad’s.

This doesn’t sound like a good business idea.

It’s a neat idea… but I can’t take part. I don’t have any reputation on meta, even though I’ve got a pile on stackoverflow, so I can’t up-vote things that seem interesting…

And, y’know, this is about the only thing I want to do on, so I’m not really interested in digging around to find something to answer.

John, associate your accounts to get +100 rep. This requires +200 rep on at least one trilogy site.

This can be done via the “accounts” tab on your user profile.

(The site tells you to do this, when you create a new account there. Also, you can un-associate and re-associate if you didn’t have +200 at the time you associated, or if your association is very old.)

This is an excellent idea.

The SO advertising strategy doesn’t often get mention, but the fact that you have taken a hard line against in-your-face, Flash-based ads and popovers really is one reason why I find StackOverflow so great to use. As someone who is on SO with some regularity, I notice and will click on the odd ad that I see, simply because the ads here are nicely context driven, they interest me, and are always placed in the most reasonable position possible. I can’t describe the level of irritation I experience from animated ads, or worse, the huge overlays with the barely legible \close\ text in whatever is supposed to be the upper-right corner of the ad.

Keep up the good work..!

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