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Database Server Upgrade: Outage Saturday

12-05-09 by . 14 comments

There will be an outage today from 5 pm – 7 pm PST as we upgrade the database server.

If you’re curious, we’re going from 2.5 GHz to 3.33 GHz CPUs, and using the old CPUs to build a second, backup database server.

Our last upgrade was in July when we went from 24 GB to 48 GB. That old pulled memory will also be used to populate the second database server.

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Alright. Thanks for letting me know.

Was that deliberately chosen to be in the middle of the night for Jon Skeet?

We chose our historical low point in weekly traffic.. that’s about 5 pm PST every Saturday.

Joel Coehoorn Dec 5 2009

So, in the future an upgrade like this won’t cause an outage, right? You should be able to do it now with just a slowdown. Just sayin’

So is the next upgrade a bigger box or can you scale out?

No wonder I’ve got 503 on SO and I kept refreshing the page. Then I went over to meta and saw the message, and clicked on the link to come to the blog!

Obligatory post informing you that your website is down in the post about the website being down.

Oh- too late, someone beat me to it.

Kyle Cronin Dec 5 2009

Seems to be up now – is the upgrade complete?

some upgrade benchmark results.

This is a typical query — select all IDs for non-deleted questions tagged [c#]

10 run average:

client processing time: 34.5 (was 48.6)
total execution time: 74.6 (was 115.8)
wait time on server replies: 40.1 (was 67.2)

Interesting. A 33% increase in CPU speed yielding 41%, 55% and 68% decrease in query times. (I assume the timings are in ms)

I guess there are significant increases in the on-core caches that provide most of the improvement.

Can you tell us which CPU’s you are using?

Just a little picky, but using “today” is probably not the best thing to do in an outage warning that’s going to be the current blog article for quite awhile. When I create an outage notice I always put in the date and time.

Database Server Upgrade: Outage Today (Dec. 5 2009)

Chris Dec 7 2009

Time to switch to LAMP while you are at it :)

Also your recaptchas are impossible, I have to reset 5 times before I can get close to something readable.

Andy McKenna Dec 7 2009

tvanfosson, the post has the date on it.

@Andy McKenna — I get that, but all I see in my RSS feed is the title unless I expand it. The title should be unambiguous.