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Stickers for Stackers

10-06-09 by . 9 comments

Our program for world domination through stickers is well underway. Check out the cool stuff that Stack Overflow users have sent in for stickers to date:


See, Stack Overflow really is built on love, internet style!

I guess Joel wasn’t kidding when he said “just send us anything!” in your SASE sticker request. Let’s see what other kinds of crazy things we can get up on that wall — request your stickers by sending in, y’know, something!

Once you get the stickers, post your sticker action shots on meta, too!

And yes, I am still planning to send out free stickers for top users on each Trilogy site. Things are a bit backed up at the moment, but I expect to get all the free stickers mailed out by the end of October. These were mailed October 13th.

(I suppose this is as good a place as any to mention that there will be no podcast this week due to the flurry of activity necessary to support DevDays — which kicks off tomorrow in Boston. Stay tuned for some big announcements within 24 hours..)


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Man you’re hyping up that announcement :D And is that an Isle of Man postcard?

Very nice to see what I sent in is in that picture. Thanks man, I feel so connected to the community.

I saw a Malaysian Ringgit on the wall!! Who from Malaysia sent it?!

Michael just emailed this enumeration of the stuff:

Oredev poster and conference literature
Isle of man stickers and postcard
Note: “100 czk is 6 usd. Keep it please as a souvenier. Thanks for so!”
Bing sticker
Allworx business crd
Note “love the podcast” highlighted with pink highlighter
Note “greetings dark stranger thank you for contributing your time for
manual labor. Dan. Australia”
Note “thank you. Love the sites and the podcast. ”
Reddit business card
127th shuttle launch sticker and patch
Card “suspect a stroke? Act fast and call 999. Facial (weakness) arm
(weakness) speech (problems) time to call 999″
Bookmark. ” man is what he believes”
Note from 12 year old programmer (too long to type)
Purple ape greeting card
Money from
Trinidad and Tobago
New Zealand

No podcast again?
Listening to it is an excuse to go running for an hour. You are seriously contributing to a decline in health and fitness among SO readers – expect a class action suit!

(ps 999 is 911 in the UK)

Adam Oct 7 2009

@Eng Lee :Malaysian ringit, that was me :-)
And possibly also some Cambodian money – I don’t remember now!

At least I now know that the stickers are on there way!

It’s either me or Adam :), but I saw my handwritten letter on the wall, so I take that as a great compliment :D

Adam Oct 8 2009

So many SOers from MY! That’s a good sign :-)

That green piece of money is not ceska kronors, but české koruny (Czech crowns, CZK). Thanks for stickers!