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Stack Overflow Outage

10-15-09 by . 29 comments

Our apologies for the all-site outage today. According to our Pingdom monitors, we were down from 7:18 PM PST to 9:43 PM PST. There goes our vaunted envy-of-the-industry three nines uptime guarantee!

Apparently there was a router meltdown at our ISP, Peak Internet. They promised pictures of the (literally?) melted router via an update on their Twitter account. If they come through, I’ll post the pictures here for our viewing pleasure.


(not as dramatic as I had hoped, but there are some definite scorch marks around that solder!)

At any rate, if you guys and gals could send a few less fiery packets of network doom to our ISP’s routers, we’d appreciate it.

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Eddie Oct 16 2009

I was there 7:18 PM PST. The horror.

Oh good!…. Life makes sense once again! Darn you evil router-melting packets!!!

If you’re aiming for three nines uptime a year then you still have approx 5.5 hours left in the bank to screw things up in the future :)

I was so distraught I had to seek refuge at local bar for hours.

One dead router takes down a provider’s network? umm….

Melted or not (does it matter?) ~2.5 hours to replace it?

Three nines? Shoot, I’ll settle for five eights.

Strangely was still up for me but none of the trilogy worked. I’m guessing somebody is caching the static blog contact

(BTW, looking forward to DevDays on Monday.)

mgb, the blog is on a totally different server in a different datacenter.

I propose to give the: “Hero Badge” to Jarrod Dixon who was giving us feedback over Twitter! All the time!

Snark Oct 16 2009

The picture of the burned router is now available at .

As long as the nines aren’t preceded by a zero…

They’ve posted the damage:

rcartaino Oct 16 2009

How disappointing. I was expecting a bubbling, gooey pile of molten plastic goodness. They should have taken an acetylene torch to it so the whole experience wouldn’t be a total loss.

Ether Oct 16 2009

Out of curiosity, what was the last post made before SO went down? :)

@Ether is was “Why does my router smell funny?” Unfortunately it was migrated to SF then migrated to SU and the resulting time delay was too much

InSciTek Jeff Oct 17 2009

Damn software guys: The “failure” in photo just looks like some flux and rosin around reworked solder joints to me. ie: Likely that board has been repaired before.

Kevin Nisbet Oct 18 2009

Have the guy’s at Peak explained why the redundancy model failed? Normally I wouldn’t expect a hardware failure to cause that long of an outage… it should have automatically switched to a backup.

It was a tough time not being able to rely on SO! I’m so dependent…

Skizz Oct 19 2009

I think that at the exact moment the router melted someone had asked the question ‘What is the answer to life, the universe and everything’, to which Jon Skeet answered. The universe, not being particularly happy about this, sent some Higgs particles from the future to melt the router thus preventing the answer from being revealed.

dlamblin Oct 19 2009

Looks like burnt out capacitors, I’d like to see the other side.

And… hopefully by the time you read this the spam post about buying UGGs online will be gone.

>three nines uptime guarantee!
Well, you were up on the 9thJan, 9thFeb 9thMar …. looks like 12 nines to me!

Is there a dashboard site somewhere that lets you see at glance if/which major sites are up? Then I would know if it’s my ISP/my cable/my countries fault or the site.

Thanks for keeping us posted!

InSciTek Jeff Oct 20 2009

@dlamblin – On burnt out electrolytic capacitors, maybe but they would have to be on the other side of the board.

We can see in this photo that each “burn” mark is a single pad, with one pad in each 4 pairs being square for the “pin 1″ or positive lead designation. If the caps really catastrophically failed, the more interesting view is on the other side of the board. Even if that happened, the leads would not be burnt anyway.

Per my original comment, I don’t think this picture shows anything “burned” out. This seems to be the indication of a simple board rework or a hand soldering job during the original assembly that was never cleaned up. Hence my comment that the “software/IT” guys at the ISP have no idea what they are talking about or this is just dramatic obfuscation of what really happened.

Certainly separate from the actual failure circumstances, there is no way that a single router failure at an ISP should take out the service completely. The story is fishy all around and I am not just talking about the fish oil contained in the electrolytic capacitors. :-)

Thanks I know that one – I just wondered if there was a dashboard style one that periodically checks top 10/100 sites