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One Million Pageviews

09-30-09 by . 20 comments

A small, but arbitrary milestone in Stack Overflow history:

Per Google Analytics, we finally did one million pageviews in a single day on Tuesday, September 29th.


After flirting with hitting this limit all month (so many golf crowd “awww” near-miss moments), we were finally rewarded with 1,015,756 pageviews yesterday, just barely squeaking it into the month of September.

As a point of comparison, when Stack Overflow launched to the public a little over a year ago, on September 15th, 2008, we did about 750k pageviews on the 16th with all the launch publicity in full swing. But once that died down, the site quickly normalized to about 300k pageviews on a typical weekday.

So in about a year:

It’s been a great year, but I suspect the next 12 months will be even better! We have some exciting announcements planned for DevDays, so stay tuned.

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You have been awarded the ‘popular-site’ badge.

I think a number of us contribute to a decent percentage of that page view count :-/

Kyle Cronin Sep 30 2009

Congrats! Any chance you have a graph you can share? I enjoyed the data in Joel’s Tech Talk at Google ( but it’s several months out of date. Also, how are ServerFault and SuperUser doing in comparison?

capcha: Mrs paulson

Graphs or it didn’t happen.

Ryan Smith Sep 30 2009

Yeah…don’t forget to filter out your own IPs from Google Analytics. :-)

Congrats :)

Now show proof!

> Graphs or it didn’t happen.

Ooops, did I say one million? Er, I meant twenty four squidillion pageviews! Yeah!

Scott Sep 30 2009

Congrats, that’s great growth in one year!

Congrats! I’m also curious what your stats are for your podcast. Care to share those?

1800 INFORMATION Sep 30 2009

One million? This is 2009! That’s like asking for 23 gazillion!

You probably reached 1 million ages ago as Google stats in my experience appear to be quite inaccurate and dont have much of a bearing on reality … not sure why though.

Well done anyway.

> as Google stats in my experience appear to be quite inaccurate

Well we do have a backup in the form of Quantcast; we serve their cookie too. You can think of Quantcast as Google Analytics but 100% public data.

(select the Page-Views dropdown)

Global daily is right at 1.0M, and max is stated as 9/29/09, so two sources agree at least.

Michael Oct 1 2009

Track if you like (yeah, do it!) but please don’t use google Analytics. Use Piwik or something else, but not GA.

Todd Oct 1 2009

What’s your bandwidth usage like at 1m pageviews?

Zach Oct 1 2009

Can you publish the page-views stats for the other sites in the trilogy. Also, it would be interesting to see unique visitors for each year.

I love how Quantcast knows that the average StackOverflow visitor is a Male Asian, 35 or older, has no kids, earns less than $30k and only finished Grad School. That’s like saying “Congratulations Jeff, your site is being used by losers whose only positive quality is that they are Asian!”

(Just to cover all bases: Nothing against Asians or people of any other race, i’m simply wondering how QuantCast makes up these numbers.)

I think it’s fair to say that it’s a success. Congrats!

ive had 100,000 in a month but nothing near that very impressive well beats me no where near that

That’s awesome. Congratz