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I [heart] Stack Overflow

09-04-09 by . 14 comments

We get the nicest email. (Well, mostly.) This one made me laugh, so I wanted to share it with everyone.


After all, who doesn’t <3 ASCII hearts?

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Wait a minute… those underscores are too similar to hyphens!

I <4 Stack Overflow

Pop Catalin Sep 4 2009

Soon there won’t be any programing questions to answer, all will be already answered …. (by John Skeet).

Code Slave Sep 4 2009

Soon there won’t be any bugs in software to fix, all will be already have been fixed – Me :)

Nathan Sep 4 2009

Soon we won’t have to write code, we’ll just have to think what we want done. (I’ve already invented it, it’s in my head, and I’m thinking it into existence)

Soon we won’t have to write code, we’ll just ask a question on StackOverflow.

So. There’s going to be a date?

Matthew Morgan Sep 4 2009


Is that like a fabber that can fab itself? It doesn’t exist yet (AFAIK), but they’re still trying! ;)

Karellen Sep 6 2009

I ♥ UTF-8 hearts.

votrmd Sep 9 2009

There’s one exactly like this except it says LINUX instead of StackOverflow.

memeslinger Sep 9 2009

soon we won’t have to write any “soon, something something” sentences any more, because all “soon, something something” sentences will already be in the comments on

memeslinger Sep 9 2009

yo dawg, i heard you like writing “soon, something something” sentences, so i put a comment form in your car so you can write “soon, something something” sentences while you drive.