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How to Get Stack Overflow Stickers

09-08-09 by . 49 comments

Like any rational human being, you probably have an insatiable desire for Stack Overflow Trilogy stickers. It’s only natural.


But how do you get your hands on these sweet, sweet, hunks of colored vinyl?

Good news! You can!

Simply mail a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope to:

Stack Overflow Stickers
Stack Exchange, Inc
110 William St, 28th Floor
New York, NY 10038

The returned envelope will contain one Stack Overflow, one Super User, and one Server Fault sticker. However, if you’d like all three stickers to be of one particular type, no problem; just indicate that preference somewhere on the envelope.

If you run a user group or company meeting and you would like a batch of stickers to provide at your next meeting, please send a short letter on company/group letterhead requesting stickers to the above address. Also indicate how many you’re requesting.

If you are outside the United States, the concept of SASE is a bit tougher. You have two options here:

  1. Include US $1 in the envelope to cover international postage (currently $0.98 at the time I am writing this).
  2. Include an International Reply Coupon with your self-addressed envelope.

One word of caution: if you are on the first two /user pages of any Trilogy site, a little birdie told me you might have free stickers coming your way, so hold off on mailing anything.

We’d like to get these stickers in the hands of as many people as possible, so don’t be shy in requesting them — particularly if you know of a user group or meeting that would be interested, or any other opportunities to distribute them more effectively.


Kyle Cronin Sep 9 2009
Kost Sep 9 2009

Is there no chance we can paypal you like 2-3$ and provide an address and you send it to us? (for outside US)?

It would be really less trouble to have that option.

Joel was not open to that option..

Tom Grochowicz Sep 9 2009

Does first two /user pages mean top reputation, or earliest users?

Peter Walke Sep 9 2009

Are these stickets just a thinly-vieled ponzi scheme? j/k

How do you know our mailing addresses?

So the fogcreek interns are getting valuable work experience for this economy then ;-)

“How do you know our mailing addresses?”

@Paul Tomblin: It’s a hash on your Gravatar and your OpenID which is fed into a special Google API…

If we would like to “adjust” the combo to something like.

Is that possible or are we only allowed to select from the stickers mentioned in the post (what Jeff listed as opposed to what is shown in the picture).

Great! Now I have to figure out where I can get myself a SASE.

Nathan Sep 9 2009

How big should the envelope be?

Could you make the graphics files (vector graphics I hope) available for non-commercial use?

@Nathan: These aren’t huge: just a little over 4 inches long. Just about any envelope should cover it.

Kyle Cronin Sep 9 2009


A regular envelope will easily fit the stickers. They’re maybe 6″ long and at most 2″ high.


Joel has published the vectors for the SO logo for use in a DevDays countdown app, but any other use will require explicit permission from Joel or Jeff:

cowgod Sep 9 2009

we can’t get a how-to geek sticker?

voyager Sep 9 2009

Do you want the money, or would you accept local money to keep as a souvenir?

Sung Meister Sep 9 2009

Can I walk into fog creek and request for stickers?

It’s quite close to where i am…

AGH! I’m dangerously close to falling off page 2 of SO! When does the free-freebee list get set?

Currently I am on the 14th page :(

Just fired off a letter to make sure the Iowa Code Camp and Iowa .Net User Groups get a batch.

Hopefully we get enough to drop them in each ICC attendee’s grab bag.

How are non-US residents supposed to get hold of an actual $1 note to send? Banks here in the UK aren’t interested in micro-transactions of this kind – Paypal or Google checkout would be far easier…really.

James Coulter:

Presumably, that’s where the option of sending an International Reply Coupon instead of money comes in.

But if that doesn’t work for you, you can send me £1 and i’ll mail you back a crisp $1 that you can then mail to Fog Creek in exchange for stickers… ;-P

Kyle Cronin Sep 9 2009


I sense an opportunity to have people PayPal a few dollars to someone who then sends the SASE to FogCreek. Though they might catch on after the tenth or so request that’s been postmarked from the same place.

@Kyle: obviously, we need a system for coordinating SO users to act as remailers for sticker-requesters. Perhaps a StackExchange site…

gnovice Sep 9 2009

When you say “first two /user pages of any Trilogy site”, are you counting the entire “Trilogy”?

@Shog9: StickerOverflow, with “over” referring to one or more “ponds”.

How can we trust this little birdie? Is there a way to actually find out if we’ll get some stickers? Otherwise I’m taking a day off from work to find myself a dollar bill :).


Tell Joel it will be shipped to his homeland (aka Israel), so it’s ok ;)

But seriously, not only is that option much less trouble for some of us, It will also be much cheaper (not even counting the drive to the post office and such), Is there no way he will reconsider?

Colin Sep 10 2009

Is it possible to send you the moeny in euro’s as well? Then you can just bring the money with you when you come to Amsterdam :-D!

Every time I read James Coulter’s comment, I think of the “Trigantic Pu” paragraph in the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.

I have a $10 bill, but not $1… Can I send that and get 10 times the sticker instead? :D

I will send my envelope.

Jason Sep 10 2009

After reviewing the photos of the Stack Overflow team, I think you could probably save alot of time interviewing for new members by just measuring prospective employees foreheads and length from top of the head to the chin… face width might be a possibility also. Because honestly, there’s an uncanny resemblance with Joel and Jeff – you two could be cousins or even brothers, and most of the other guys look like you two, also. Only the guy from Michigan has a smaller chin… Just a little observation!

Oh shucks, I really wanted the stickers but Malaysia post offices doesn’t offer IRC anymore :(.

I would really appreciate the option to pay via Paypal, cash-in-an-envelope may work but I’m more wary that it could get lost easily and I really don’t want to do that (and as James mentioned, money changers aren’t that keen of micro-transactions like that)

For those of you outside the US who need a one dollar bill, go out on the street corner and mug accost ask a Yank. They’re the ones wearing plaid shorts, black socks and a fanny pack. Trade them an “authentic local craft item” for it.

“Mug” and “accost” were supposed to have strikeouts applied to them. Stupid blog software.

maybe the intern who gets the stuff all the envelopes can do interesting/geeky analysis of all the destination addresses / handwriting samples.

geocode the addresses and do an animation of all the letters arriving in NYC?

cowgod Sep 19 2009

got my batch of stickers back and they are sweet, thanks! however, i didn’t get any how-to geek stickers in there, even though i specifically asked for some. very bummed out about that.

I have sent my envelope, now waiting for stickers.

Ricket Mar 15 2010

Is this still going on? I’d like a set of stickers if it’s still available!

Yes, I’m getting a new laptop soon. I need new stickers. Is this still an option?

Yep! Just updated to the new company address, so send in your sticker requests!

JYelton Aug 4 2010

Is there a StackOverflow or StackExchange “swag” site? I think it could be a way for users to share enthusiasm for and advertise the sites, as well as generate a bit of revenue for the developers.

Dee Enjee Nov 25 2010

Are there still stickers available? :)

Are there still stickers available?

Great article, Louis. I’m not sure how easy it is to obtain outside Australia, but water-based Eucalyptus Oil is my product of choice for both removing stickers, their residue and for cleaning up book covers. Smells better than alcohol-based products too.

Orange Oct 27 2011

What if I don’t send an envelope, just money on paypal or any other online method? Is it possible?

Zubieta Jan 14 2012

Is there any way to get these stickers through international mail?
I live in Colombia (South America) and I definetively want to get hold of three of the stackoverflow stickers!


Hi, I am from Malaysia, and I just got a couple of Stackoverflow stickers
throught he SASE method. I put USD1 in there and just mail it to SO office.

But the bummer thing is the envelope was already opened when it arrived
at my house. Luckily there are still 2 SO stickers in it – a StackExchange and
a Stackoverflow stickers.

AND, a mysterious USD1Million Unicorn note. WTH?