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Free Trilogy Stickers for Top Users

09-28-09 by . 28 comments

If you’re a top user on any of the Trilogy sites, I’ve got some good news for you. As a gesture of thanks for being such an involved member of the community, we’d like to send you some Trilogy stickers absolutely free!

The fine print: to take advantage of this offer, you must be on page 1 or page 2 of the /users page of any trilogy site.

(due to strictly limited “special edition” meta stickers, you must be on page 1 of meta.) If you are a top user on multiple sites, you have my most hearty congratulations, but you can only claim stickers once, not multiple times. If we have already sent you stickers for any reason, you can’t request them again.

To claim your stickers, simply click here to enter your address and we’ll get the stickers mailed out to you within a week or so.

Also, because not everyone reads the blog, I’ll try to shoot an email tomorrow to all the relevant users to make sure they’re aware of this fabulous offer.

update: all stickers were mailed Tuesday, October 13th. This reflects any top user sticker requests up to October 7th, and I don’t see any new ones, so I think we’re complete! Enjoy your stickers — you’ve earned them.


Does that mean we only get stickers for the site we are on page 1/2?

> If we have already sent you stickers for any reason, you can’t request them again.

Well you might have taken us off the mail shot, then ;-p But a nice gesture to the user-base; good job.

> Well you might have taken us off the mail shot, then

Well, the “TOP 70″ SQL clause doesn’t understand the “BUT NOT IF I MAILED THIS PERSON ALREADY” syntax. :P

> Does that mean we only get stickers for the site we are on page 1/2?

Not to worry! You will get lots of stickers for all 3 trilogy sites! … with the exception of meta. Meta stickers are only offered to page 1 meta users due to the very limited run of those stickers.

Martin Sep 29 2009

Is there any verification or can I pretend to be Jon Skeet? ;)

Perhaps your request site should have OpenID login.

Meta forevah!

If anyone doesn’t want their stickers from the first two pages of users, please feel free to kindly forward them to me :)

Captcha: Remo didn’t.

Oh but he did!

William Hilum Sep 29 2009


Thanks so much!

Thanks for the stickers! It’s like Christmas just came early :)

There are a lot of users on SO, maybe you could extend those stickers to the first, let’s say, 9 pages of users? :) I do get a free MetaSO sticker though. w00t!

In other words, Jeff massively overestimated demand for the stickers and his wife wants their house back! Stickers = Tribbles.

Thanks, i can’t wait to have the sticker here xD

Nice gesture and congrats to the top 2 pages folks. I’ll have to wait until it gets extended to page 30 on SO, 4 on SU or 59 on SF. Or just buy some.

No love for the Meta SE users?

Wow! Thanks a lot Jeff!

Thanks! The SU stickers will look great on my EEEPc :)

Someone already asked, but the question hasn’t been answered yet: Shouldn’t the form have some kind of authentication login in order to verify who we really are? I guess is no big deal if you guys just match the email address with the one registered on SE/SO/SU. Well, in any case, thanks for the stickers!


Andrew Hare Sep 29 2009

Thanks! It was a nice little surprise in my inbox this morning.

Matthew Morgan Sep 29 2009

I sent in my SASE the other day, and got my nice new stickers in the mail. Now I just have to figure out what sticker friendly thing I like enough to put them on …my wife has already affirmed that she is NOT sticker friendly. ;)

Thanks! I’m looking forward to getting my stickers:-)

If we get to the second page in a couple of weeks/months, do we get the chance to get some stickers ?

(Well, was worth a try ^^ )

Could you append this to your query

” ( or id = 20654 ) ”


Birid Sep 29 2009

Can we still SASE an envelope and get stickers?

And for those of us who don’t have the needed rep, is there a chance we could purchase the set?!

Yes, if you send a SASE you can get stickers, that program is in effect indefinitely … or until Fog Creek runs out of stickers, but we have a LOT.

Jon B Sep 30 2009

Yikes! I’m dead last on page 2 on ServerFault. I hope the cutoff is when this blog entry was posted and not some later date.

gamecat Oct 1 2009

Great, despite a period of (unvoluntary) inactivity, still on page 2 of SO.
Hope the kids let me keep some of the stickers ;-).

Anthony Jones Oct 1 2009

Any interesting suggestions on what we do with them once acquired? :P

Received stickers and a nice letter today. Thanks :)