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Congrats on 100k Rep

09-23-09 by . 36 comments

Sometime today, Jon Skeet reached 100,000 reputation on Stack Overflow.


In unrelated news, there will be no podcast this week due to illness.

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Amazing – what’s even crazier are the badge counts!

Kyle Cronin Sep 23 2009

Congrats Jon!

With regard to the podcast, why not have Jon fill in for the sick party this week? He’s certainly earned it.

Bernard Sep 23 2009


Whoever is ill, I wish them a speedy recovery!

You should send some sort of congratulatory letter when users get this high, like the letters from the Queen ( for those in the US unfamiliar with this custom).

Great work Jon! The contribution to the community is highly valuable.

jjnguy Sep 23 2009

Who is Jon Skeet????

lubos Sep 24 2009

yeah, invite jon skeet into the podcast.

I’m still waiting to see if the rep goes down by 190 when the vote abuse checker kicks in… but thanks for all the well-wishing anyway :)

No overflow? Aww shucks.

Who won the bet?

Btw you should crowdsource the podcast.

Congratulations, Jon! It’s really an amazing achievement. You really should have Jon on the podcast once.

Pop Catalin Sep 24 2009

Yeah, Jon Skeet on the podcast, he should share he’s secret sauce with us ;)

I agree, John skeet should be on the podcast.

Nice work Jon! I notice some of your recent answers are community-wiki – are you done collecting rep now? :)

One of you gets sick and so we all have to suffer? :) Get well soon.

@Paul: Yes, I’m taking a “rep holiday” until Monday. I’m going to make all my answers (on SO) CW until then. I thought it was an apt way to celebrate.

Well done, Jon!

Grats Jon!

No podcast? :( My drive to school will not be the same.

Bruno Conde Sep 24 2009

Congratulations, Jon! You’ve certainly helped a lot of souls on SO solving their problems and others to learn something new every day. I just have one request, if it’s not too much to ask: keep doing it!!
Thank you.

What? No 100K bug?!

I was expecting the database to melt down or something like übermoderator abilities (killing user accounts!) for the first guy to reach that mark. :p

Chris Sep 24 2009

John Skeet is already on the podcast. He just does the Jeff and Joel voices for our amusement.

I want to cry :'(

Congratulations Jon!!!

I like to think this achievement belongs to us all, for you have provided the answers and we have provided the questions and the upvotes ;)

As for the badges count. You have more badges that I ( questions + answers + votes )

Sung Meister Sep 24 2009

Congrats, Jon.

How about a “Platnum” badge for 100,000 reps? ;)

an “Epic” badge needs to be implemented, and make it color purple.

What happened to CodingHorror? Are you planning to write again?

Please say yes.

@Jin, he has gone beyond epic. Orange is the new purple. Remember that.

Legendary stuff.

Macha Sep 24 2009

@Pablo Im guessing Jeff is the one that is sick, hence no blog posts on CH.

gamecat Sep 25 2009

Congrats Jon ;-) next target 1 000 000 ;-). Estimated at august 2018.

And get well soon for all the sick.

Jason Sep 25 2009

Sick? Sick of what?

Nathan Sep 25 2009

Big congrat’s to you Jon. Enjoy the rep holiday.

@Jason, Jeff is ill, hence no podcast.

Paul Nathan Sep 25 2009

Congratulations, Jon.
Speedy recovery to $sick_J. Hope you get better soon.

squillman Sep 25 2009

You rock, Jon. Thanks for the contrib!! Definitely much appreciated. God bless.

voyager Sep 25 2009

How did realugg get through reCAPTCHA? (congrats Jon)

AnonJr Sep 25 2009

What happened to CodingHorror? Are you planning to write again?

He’s taken a page from the “Joel Spolsky School of Irregular Publishing”.

He should follow the “Raymond Chen School of Having Stuff Cued Up ‘Just In Case'”. :)

Couldn’t help myself. As others have noted, he’s out sick.

There should be a set of Skeet badges. A centi-skeet for someone who has 1/100 of Jon’s score, a milli-skeet etc.

Or possibly since this is SO, a badge for 1/2^n ?

I think Jon should now ask a question with a bounty worth 100,000.

FarmBoy Oct 2 2009

I wonder how long until Jon has 100k more than the rep of the #2 user?