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Super User Now Public

08-18-09 by . 19 comments

After a month long semi-private beta, Super User is now open to the public!


It’s exciting to complete the trilogy (and even have our own Christmas Special).

Now brace yourselves for a massive influx of ewoks. They’re too cute to be angry with!

Remember, Super User is for computer enthusiasts and power users. If you have a question about …

  • computer hardware
  • computer software

… and it is not about videogames or consoles, then Super User is the right place to ask your question!

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AndrewJackson Aug 18 2009

Congrats guys! Finally!


I just looked at this site, saw an ad (Acutenote), clicked on it and it’s actually just what I’ve been looking for. That never happens.

Wooo! It begins… mwahAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!

Ok so … Who won the “Beta” badges ? :D

Who designed the logo(s)?

Detail about the logo contest and the design can be found here:

djeidot Aug 18 2009

Oops, does that mean you’re gonna implement a new site just for videogames and consoles?

When was it decided that video games were a banned topic? Was there a discussion on MSO that I missed?

You do realize that the original Xbox, is just a specialized Win2k computer, right?

Way to go Guy!

Congratulations! Was waiting for the news for a while.

How do you make sure that only Computer Hardware and Software related questions get floated at

No one has the beta badge:



The same way ServerFault and StackOverflow keep questions on topic. Everyone is a moderator, so users (who have earned enough reputation/trust in the system) can decide what stays and goes.


Also there is a team of moderators that help with this as per Jeff’s previous post:

No video game related questions? Even if it’s hardware/os related? I’d think it would be the perfect place to get help on compatibility issues for legacy games etc…

Oops… Just saw on meta that questions of the type I was thinking about may be allowed.