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One Year of Stack Overflow

08-01-09 by . 40 comments

It was one year ago today that the Stack Overflow private beta started. The first question was asked at 21:42 on July 31st, 2008.

Which means we’ve been doing this thing in public for a full year now — it’s a Stack Overflow birthday!


Some stats for our first year:

  • Three new “family” sites have launched (,, and
  • 208 blog posts have been posted
  • 63 podcasts have been recorded
  • 258,560 questions have been asked; 932,356 answers have been provided
  • 104,213 registered accounts have been created
  • two full-time associates are on board (Jarrod and Geoff)
  • Stack Overflow now peaks at 965k pageviews per day, and 414k visits per day.

But more important than any of this, is that I think we’ve honestly raised the quality bar for getting good answers to programming questions on the internet. There is nothing more thrilling to me than clicking on a Stack Overflow family search result in my own web searches — I know the page will load fast, and the information I seek will be right at hand. And it’ll be clean, clear, and formatted well through the tireless fractional effort of programmers just like me. Oh, and I do my part too — I vote the heck out of things I find useful, and always try to leave them better than I found them, by providing more information in an answer or comment, or editing the posts for clarity.

If this thing we’ve been doing for the past year has been a success, I can’t take credit for that. But you can:

This is the scary part, the great leap of faith that Stack Overflow is predicated on: trusting your fellow programmers. The programmers who choose to participate in Stack Overflow are the “secret sauce” that makes it work. You are the reason I continue to believe in developer community as the greatest source of learning and growth. You are the reason I continue to get so many positive emails and testimonials about Stack Overflow. I can’t take credit for that. But you can.

I learned the collective power of my fellow programmers long ago writing on Coding Horror. The community is far, far smarter than I will ever be. All I can ask — all any of us can ask — is to help each other along the path.

Nothing motivates me more than the idea that, together, we’re raising the quality of our little corner of the internet in a tiny but measurable way. It is both a pleasure and an honor to serve the community in this endeavor, and I look forward to many more years of the same.

update: Yearling badges are now being awarded. Consider that your birthday cake!


Happy Birthday

4 more years!

Good job guys. I am thrilled with the site and the value it brings to all of us who use it. Keep up the good work for the years to come.

happy birthday

-JD Long

Happy Birthday.

May your stacks be overflown for many years to come!

Congrats. It’s been a good ride.

With a punk rock background, it is hard to be happy seeing “celebrities” succeed, but damn I must say you did SO so f-ing well.

Congrats – you made the world a better place!


PS: you and Joel are the celebrities

Congratulations! Stack Overflow is an inspiration.

gclaghorn Aug 1 2009

I suppose we can expect the first Yearling badges to go out soon, then.

Happy B-Day SO, and may there be many, many more!

Congrats on the Birthday, thanks for the first “real” answer site for programmers.

Kyle Cronin Aug 1 2009

Happy Birthday, StackOverflow!

Hats off to Jeff, Jarrod, and Geoff for making StackOverflow such a great resource for programmers – I know I will be part of the community for many years to come. :-)

Happy birthday, stackoverflow made a big difference in my technical path this year, and i think it made the same for all its users, looking forward for more next years.

Excellent work Jeff, Jarrod and Geoff! StackOverflow time and again reminds me of how much good there is in the software development community and that “none of us is as dumb as all of us” :-)

I really can’t believe it’s only been a year. It’s hard to remember *not* having S.O. available to answer my questions.

Happy Birthday and thanks for a great resource!

As a happy user since the betas, congratulations!


Felt it had to be said. That site pisses me off every time I click it by accident. Glad that SO came along and is kicking them off of the google results pages.

I have the same Birthday as StackOverflow!!!! Next Year, I will be sure to put stackoverflow on my cake too!

It’s cliché, but time really flies when you’re having fun – this has been the best year of my software development career.

Thank you everyone for using and contributing to Stack Overflow, and thank you Jeff for this awesome opportunity!

And it only took six-to-eight weeks to make :)

Happy Birthday and Congratulations, but most of all Thank You!

StackOverflow has been online for a year, and your (Jeff) profile even lists that you have been a member for ‘1 year’ but yet the Yearling badge hasn’t been awarded to anyone yet.

I’d imagine that you would have had plenty of notice that it would be needed soon, so why hasn’t it been implemented yet?

(If it has, but it has some other conditions I’m not aware of, then please feel free to tell me off).

Stephen Aug 2 2009

Happy birthday :)

Robert Ferentz Aug 2 2009

Happy Birthday!

Andre Batista Aug 2 2009

Thx SO!!! I’m a huge fan!


Nidonocu Aug 2 2009

Many happy birthday’s to the best programming resource on the Internet! :D

stinkypinky Aug 2 2009

so that cute error page is not because you’re having a stack overflow? you’re just celebrating? mazel tov!

Happy B-day (or is it anniversary?) :-)

Jonik Aug 2 2009

Congrats to the community, and to Joel, Jeff, and the team who made it a reality!

What you said about raising the bar – in my mind there’s no question about it. And indeed, seeing how Super User is already something really cool, and soon going public, I think there’s a good chance of pulling a similar thing in another (bigger) corner of the internet. Interesting to see how it’ll catch on!

Congratulations! It’s such a blessing to be able to find to hard programming questions in JUST ONE SITE! I’m also having fun contributing answers and comments like these: :

“Thanks man :) that saved my day – Ali”

really, really make my day!

Happy first Birthday!

Congrats! So happy for all you guys have accomplished, and I’m happy for all the great answers I continue to get from StackOverflow. Thanks for making the internets that much more awesome.

Happy Birthday! In August I started a new incredible job and then Stack Overflow launched. What a year!

Congratulations! Stack Overflow is a hell of a resource. I’m glad to be a part of it in my own small way. Keep up the good work. And remember: this thing is still just getting started! :)

Dave Aug 3 2009

Great work on SO as everyone is keen to point out, I’m excited as it means my Yearling badge ( can’t be far away … mmmmm badges.

+1 to the congrats and thanks for such an excellent resource.

As a sidenote, it is comforting to know that the first questions ever asked was NOT what is your favorite programmer cartoon. 8^D

Oscar Reyes Aug 3 2009


This is the first time I witness since the beginning ( almost ) how a piece of the internet history is built.

Am I getting old?

I have seen other parts of internet history but I always either watch them from the distance, or getting to it several months later ( Saw the raise of gmail but always as a user, I saw the emerge of the but just after some years have passed )

Today I’m being part of this new way to perform Q/A. Sure, SO needs more time to keep maturating, and there will be a lot of interesting stuff to come in the future, but being actively part of this community is just AWESOME.

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S , to all those who make StackOverflow so good! ( including me? ) :)

And of course, congratulations Jeff.

Lunatik Aug 4 2009

Respect for having the idea, getting SO off the ground, for continuing to improve and refine the concept and for not selling out…well, not yet anyway ;)

R. Bemrose Aug 4 2009

“It was one year ago today that the Stack Overflow private beta started.”
“Which means we’ve been doing this thing in public for a full year now.”
have words that are mutually exclusive. See if you can figure out which ones they are!

Hint: They both start with the same letter.

pedantry ahoy!

gamecat Aug 7 2009

A year already. Time flies when you having fun ;-).

WordPress sucks, becuase it does not have a Button to upvote comments like the one from R. Bemrose :)

Happy Birthday dear stackoverflow…