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In Stickers We Trust

08-27-09 by . 64 comments

Remember the trilogy stickers I wrote about a while ago?

They’ve arrived. All 40,000 of them. Each box was around 22-25 pounds.

Here’s a close up of each sticker. They are all about 4 1/2″ wide.

Imagine the endless fun you could have with this many stickers!

As to how you, yourself, can get hold of these totally awesome stickers — attend Stack Overflow Dev Days where they will be given away in great profusion! In fact, we reserve the right to physically adhere these stickers to anyone in attendance! (Not really. As far as you know.)

Beyond that, we’re still not sure. Joel is a fan of the SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) approach, but I still feel that’s asking a bit too much of my fellow sticker enthusiasts.

If you’d like to get Stack Overflow stickers, see how in this post.


William Brendel Aug 27 2009

+1 for SASE, though I’ll try to attend Dev Days Boston too.

captcha: penalized wretch

How about sending one to every user (that wants one) with rep >= 6970 ? :P

Farseeker Aug 27 2009

All well and good, but what if you’re in a country that doesn’t have a DevDay? That’s where a SSAE makes sense (Or SASE if you’re in NA).

I would love to see the SASE approach as well. I would love to get my hands on some of these stickers, but I don’t live near any of the Dev Days locations, so I won’t be able to attend.

Gavin Aug 27 2009

Ditto on the SASE. Don’t live anywhere near a devday.

daftviking Aug 28 2009

Unless Dev Days are coming to rural Saskatchewan, Canada, I’m gonna have to pull an AOL “me too!” on the SASE approach.

The stickers are YUMMY! And I want one, but I live in India! So, SASE it is, Jeff. With so many users agreeing to it, can we have it? Hmmm? Or do we have to do this –

Lars Mæhlum Aug 28 2009

Will there be a Norwegian Dev Days event anytime soon?



Well.. There must be some way to deal with that?
SASE maybe? :D

Why do you not put a SASE question on meta and see how many votes it gets?

Holgerwa Aug 28 2009

+1 for SASE. It seems to be the least amount of work for everybody involved.

Craig Bovis Aug 28 2009

Another +1 for SASE. Give us an address to mail to :-)

Miro Solanka Aug 28 2009

Well, SASE won’t work for us folks outside of the US though ;)

What about PayPal? It has an API.

If the stickers are a kind of first step in StackOverflow merchandise, would you be willing to code up a simple payment engine/cart?

Charge something like $1 a sticker. Then the completed Paypal transaciton would feed into a SQL Server table of some kind for later mail merge.

Maybe you could use this as inspiration:

How can I get one of these in East Europe? :( Can’t someone mail them? I would pay for some and the shipping too

-1 SASE: (At least not as an exclusive distribution channel.) This does not work for a non-trivial part of the audience here.

Why didn’t you design the stickers with packing efficiency in mind? Just look at all that wasted space in the box!


Maybe get a Stack Overflow summer intern? The Fog Creek interns may get to work on production code and see the sights in New York, but that doesn’t mean yours can’t spend four weeks stuffing envelopes.

You have mentioned SASE not accidentally, right? :-)

I’d give them away in a way to encourage community involvement – for example, ship ’em to area user groups. Ship one envelope with 100 stickers, and you’ll cover more people with less effort. That’ll promote SO/SF/SU discussion at user groups, too.

I would sase, where to?

+1 SASE. I’ll take one of each :)

gamecat Aug 28 2009

Hm, I was thinking of skipping the dev days but this is another reason to go ;-).

Then again meet the Skeet beats anything.

Joshua Aug 28 2009

My daughter would go crazy with those stickers.

TheTXI Aug 28 2009

Myself and Kyle are going to burn this mother down for no Meta stickers.

I’m still waiting for the SO Marketplace so I can get mugs and t-shirts and a complimentary sticker for orders over $25…

To add to @Brent Ozar’s comment, the Northern Delaware .Net user group’s 2 year anniversary is coming up and 100 SO stickers would hit what I think is an untapped audience there.

Craig Aug 28 2009

Stickers, meh.

Two weeks and no podcast, wtf. C’mon, I’m dying over here.

can we walk over to the Fog Creek office and ask nicely?

I also have to chime in for the SASE option. I live in Ottawa, so the closest dev day was in Toronto. Not extremely far, but would require a couple nights in a hotel, so really not worth it. You should have picked Ottawa, it’s a much nicer city, and it’s the capital city.

Up vote for SASE.. I dont think we will ever have Devdays in india :(

+1 SASE. Only because you bastards keep ignoring Kansas City in your planning, probably because Jeff has no palate for BBQ, and actually prefers MEMPHIS of all places over the KC style.

Then again, he probably ate @ Arthur Bryants, which really is about the worst of the KC BBQ places.


+1 SASE plzzz… the stickers look great.

theman Aug 28 2009

yo what kind of hardwood flooring is that? looks nice!

I can’t wait

Darren Kopp Aug 28 2009

I’ll trade you my child for a box. but don’t tell child services about this agreement. lets keep it on the down low.

Paul Nathan Aug 28 2009

+1 SASE…I want one

-1 for SASE. SO is an international website with a huge international participating audience. SASE works only for US residents.

+1 SASE please.

Brett Aug 28 2009

Dev days in Chicago, come back, please; just avoid the 150 year-old crap hotel.

SASE +1 (i’d even through in a $ to contribute to the intern’s time) … didn’t see Minneapolis or St Paul Twin Cities Metro area or anything near MN listed. Looks like a great conference though. And those 4 stickers would look AWESOME on my laptop.

+1 SASE!!! I will be unable to go to the conferences this year but… tell me where should I send my envelope! :D

marc_s Aug 28 2009

Yeah – right – SASE – I don’t think the USPS will have a lot of pleasure using my Swiss stamps I can send. Those US postage stamps are so darn hard to come by here in Switzerland – hardly *anyone* ever sells ’em. ……. :-( ;-( :-(

I’m still waiting patiently for the Des Moines Dev Days announcement.

I refuse to mail envelopes; I’m not even sure I remember how. Is it still pre-2000? :P

Need more podcast.

Lance Roberts Aug 28 2009

It’s getting so hard to read blogs without the ability to upvote.

a_m0d Aug 28 2009

+1 for Lance – hopefully they move the blog to meta (as Kyle suggested) so that we can start to upvote comments!


I live in Bay area but might not be around to attend Dev Days. Can I come over to your location and pick one up?

1800 INFORMATION Aug 28 2009

I think we should divide them up amongst the users with more than 22000 rep – that should be the fairest solution!

Andy McKenna Aug 29 2009

I would like one in vinyl window decal mode. If you could also make a car Flair that updates the rep/badges automatically, I would buy it.

What about those who not in the country where DevDays are held in?

C’mon we want some too!

Pim Jager Aug 30 2009

I lIke the SASE idea.
That also solves any send-me-stickers-but-im-not-in-the-usa problems.

Kevin L. Aug 30 2009

SASE, please. Also I’m with Brett; a Chicago DevDays would be excellent. Boston and Austin haven’t even sold out, but no love for the third largest city in the U.S.?

Brock Aug 30 2009

I can’t make it to Dev Days, but I’d send you four SASE’s for one Super User and one Stack Overflow!

well me too have the habit of collecting stamps.

sirrocco Aug 31 2009

What if one just prints the image himself :P ? – If you’re in the middle of nowhere (Easter Europe) then it might be a solution :D

I’m all for seeing them handed out at the Dev Days. Incedentally, you are planning on scheduling a Dev Day in Melborune, Australia, right?

Adam Lassek Sep 1 2009

Since DevDays are staying far away from the Midwest, I’d appreciate a SASE offer as well.

Captcha: Turnpike blastoff

Would a small “.com” on the end of the name have made it clearer what Stackoverflow was and give a new user a better chance of finding it?

I’m gonna need an address to mail my SASE to.

David Jan 13 2010

Are any of the stickers still available? What is the address to send to for a sticker?

Hahahah MGB has it totally correct. Kind of a wasted opportunity.