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Coming Soon: Trilogy Stickers

08-10-09 by . 18 comments

As mentioned on the podcast, we’re working on Stack Overflow Trilogy stickers. I just placed the order with websticker, in fact, and here are the proofs:

Stack Overflow sticker proof

Server Fault sticker proof

Super User sticker proof

And because we fully support members of our League of (web) Justice, I ordered some for our fellow league member, How-To Geek, as well.

How-To Geek sticker proof

(all stickers are 4 1/2″ wide, custom die cut white vinyl, and printed in full color)

These will of course be given out at Stack Overflow Dev Days, and in other ways that we haven’t quite figured out completely yet.


Just to upstage the inevitable request:

No, we won’t be making stickers. If you need one of those, just take a sticker, hit your head on the desk until you see things in greyscale (and optionally, until your head is bleeding a crimson color) and there you have it!


Chico Aug 10 2009

I hope it won’t be too expensive to buy from Europe !

Oscar Reyes Aug 10 2009

I want it I want it I want it …

What do I have to do?

Ohh.. wait a minute…

What are those?? : – /

Am I able to get them from Mex?

Kyle Cronin Aug 10 2009

Is there any rationale for excluding Meta, and yet making one for the How-To Geek? Granted, the Meta logo hasn’t gone through the same creation and selection process as the other logos, but I definitely think that it deserves one.

capcha: mediocre Nixon,

TheTXI Aug 10 2009

This is a travesty.

I say take Joel up on his offer and let somebody over there process SASE envelopes to do the stuffing of stickers. I won’t be able to make it to dev days but would love a sticker or n for the office.

Kyle Cronin Aug 10 2009

Oh, and if I’m not being too forward, would it be possible to get stickers containing the graphic only? From these outlines, it looks like clipping the name off would result in awkwardly-shaped stickers (not to mention that they would likely be too small for a standalone sticker.

Just a thought.

Sad that dev days are not conducted in India… Would like to get this stickers. Will they be available to order online?

jjnguy Aug 10 2009

Where do I buy? :P

Where’s my freebie? I’ve still got my free CodingHorror sticker. It’s been on three different dev machines so far…

Frank Aug 11 2009

The angle of the cut does not match the angle of the last stack on Or it’s an optical illusion.

I still <3 it anyway.

Humpton Aug 11 2009


Excellent Pedantics!


Sign me up for a couple of SO/SU stickers and put me on the wait list for the complete pack of badge stickers.

The meta mafia will revolt.

I must have a StackOverflow sticker, but I can not attend any dev days because you have forsaken NYC. I eagerly await the other ways to obtain said sticker. The back of my laptop will be sticker-complete.

Actually, I should get two, I’m probably going to upgrade this laptop in a year or two.

Sung Meister Aug 11 2009

Any deals on group orders like 50~100+ stickers?

great idea&design. the final product is soo cool.

pls tell me where did u do the Stickers. PM pls.

many thx

Can I print this stickers for myself?