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Welcome New Server Fault Moderator

07-04-09 by . 9 comments

Last week, the first user reached 10,000 reputation on Server Fault.

That user is splattne.

I had already noticed Stefan from his high quality contributions to Stack Overflow and Twitter, where he seems like a genuinely nice guy and a true geek like us. So when he passed the magical 10k mark, I felt comfortable emailing him to ask if he’d be interested in becoming a Server Fault community moderator. Luckily for us, he was!

(One other benefit of Stefan as a moderator is that he lives in Italy. A really beautiful part of it, apparently. This gives us better time coverage for the current SF moderators who are mostly US-based.)

Anyway, welcome to splattne, our newest member of the growing family of community moderators!

If you’re ever curious who the moderators are for a given site, they are all listed on the /about page for each one. The about page for the meta site is probably the best single place to look, since all moderators across our sites are also moderators there.


Stefan aka splattne Jul 4 2009

*First*! (I’m kidding)

Thank you Jeff for the kind words!

And it was really an honor for me that I was asked to become a moderator on ServerFault.

Let me add some words by Clay Shirky:

“We have lived in this world where little things are done for love and big things for money. Now we have Wikipedia [and this could be replaced with many other Internet community projects, like SO/SF/SU]… Suddenly big things can be done for love.”

As moderator, I’ll try to stick with the following description of David Winograd:

“[A e-moderator]… helps people get started, give them feedback, summarize, weave the contributions of different folks together, get it unstuck when necessary, deal with individuals who are disruptive, or get off the track, bring in new material to freshen it up periodically, and get feedback from the group on how things are going and what might happen from the group on how things are going and what might happen next…[Further the moderator needs to] communicate with the group as a whole, sub-groups, and individuals to encourage participation.”

On the Fourth of July you name a *foreigner* as a new moderator? For shame! ;)

Stefan aka splattne Jul 4 2009

@kip: In defense of Jeff – he set some terms which I’ll have to fulfill:

– every morning at 6am: sing the US national anthem while hoisting up the Stars and Stripes
– memorize the Gettysburg Address
– watch at least twenty different US tv shows during a season (already doing)
– every reply to him must start with “YES SIR, YES!”

Fortunately I could talk this one out of him:
– switch from Italian food to American “nutrition”


Kyle Cronin Jul 4 2009

Congratulations, splattne! It’s very tough to get 10k on SF and you’ve definitely earned it!

For those that were curious (as I was) about the geographic spread of the moderators, here’s a map I made:

saua Jul 4 2009

@kip: did you know that everyone (including you) is a foreigner almost everywhere in the world? ;-)

Stefan aka splattne Jul 4 2009

Nice map Kyle! We could play Risk using that map. Team SF against Team SO. :-)

P.S.: Just one detail: you put my pin in Austria, probably because you searched for “Tyrol”. I’m from South Tyrol – that’s part of Italy (since 1919), although the majority here speaks German. You could put the pin near “Bressanone” (55 mi south of the current point) – that’s where I live.

Kyle Cronin Jul 4 2009


OK, I moved your pin to Bressanone. I’ve also opened it up so that anyone should be able to edit the map, in case anyone wants to update (or remove) their location. For privacy, I’d suggest, at the most pointing to the city you live in – personally, I just dropped the pin where Google said Maine was for my location (I don’t actually live in North Guilford).

Kara Marfia Jul 7 2009

I’ll leave my pin up near Ludington as a goal. ;)

Stefan was already a mod in everything but name, and I think we’re all happy to see it made official.

We’re lucky to have you!