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Super User Semi-Private Beta Begins

07-14-09 by . 44 comments

The semi-private beta for Super User has begun.

That’s right, it is officially Ewok Time.

At any rate, if you wanted a community where (almost) anything goes, you’re about to get exactly what you asked for in the form of If your question has to do with computers, it will be allowed there.


But then again, so are Ewoks. Be careful what you ask for, I guess.

To get started, go to and sign up with your OpenID. Here’s the password you’ll need:


Be sure to visit the accounts tab of your user page after you join, so you can get the +100 account association bonus on Super User! (Note that this requires at least 200 rep, so be sure to initiate the association from the site where you have at least 200 reputation.)

Leave any feedback/bugs on meta — just tag them superuser.

Have fun — this semi-private beta will run for approximately 2-3 weeks. Also, a little birdie told me that there might be the chance for a user who distinguishes him/herself during the private beta to be elevated to Super User moderator status, if the stars were to align just so…

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No profile migration?

Kyle Cronin Jul 15 2009

@Andrei Rinea:

There is, but you first have to create a new account. As long as you’re using the same OpenID, you should be able to associate your SU account with your other accounts and migrate your profile over.

Love the SuperUser styling. Nice One :).

I have more than 200 rep at each of the other three sites. When I go to the accounts tab, it says it’s unable to find an account on Server Fault and it shows my rep on the other two as below 200. So it won’t let me associate.

Ehtyar Jul 15 2009

Thanks Jeff!!!!!

Awww – my eyes! Too much on the light blue. You might want to swap the rollover images for the “QUESTIONS TAGS USER BADGES” to start dark and then roll over light.

I also think the oval tags are visual clutter, and there is no balance between the dark red zero answered box, the gold answered and green unanswered indicators.

When I logged in using my openid (blogger) it said it did not recognise me (I have SF and SO accounts). I did not understand instructions underneath (Cancel and log in again?) but then the automatic association did work.

Capacha: pippins beloved – Yes she is.

Alistair Jul 15 2009

I have the same problem as Darren with a Google ID – SO rep is +200, but SF/MSO is below 200 and the SO accounts page says ‘Unable to find an account on Super User matching this OpenID’.

Looks good although the ‘green’ is a little muddy!

w/r/t many of the above comments: make sure you’re not on ; not sure why, but a lot of that going around at the moment.

I presume a favicon is in the works? ;)

P.S. CAPTCHA was khan field. Had to physically stop myself shouting ‘KHAAAANNN!!’ in the middle of the office…

Thanks Jeff! I encountered no problems when joining SU.

I’m glad the project is developing nicely. I’ve got high hopes for the new child of SO.

Alistair Jul 15 2009

Using, if I click on ‘Authenticate with Stack Overflow’ it says “Stack Overflow cannot associate your Super User account: [me] [SU rep] because it is already associated.” This is with Google OpenID

I then added my secondary OpenID (Yahoo) to Superuser, which I have lying around from ServerFault beta, and tried to associate the accounts, and that’s now worked fine. (Google is still my primary OpenID across all sites)

Svish Jul 15 2009

How about swapping the answered gold color with the unanswered green?

And how about some how dimming the closed questions a bit? Maybe make the question title and the answers box more white’ish so that they don’t stand out that much.

Also, is there a way of seeing this captcha on purpose? :p

Is there some kind of DNS issue – still displays “Completing The StackOverflow Trilogy”.

Bob King Jul 15 2009

@person-b: I have the same problem, too.

Or a cache time issue. seems to get you through.

Looks like the site is experiencing issues, and is down ? Not able to get to the home page.

Eric Sabine Jul 15 2009

I’m getting “This is an OpenID we haven’t seen before:”

I’m not on and I already have a profile on meta, SO, and SF.

I had the same problem with the OpenID we haven’t seen before. I just created the account. Went back to SO, did the account associate thing. Then moved my profile over.

I love the light blue rounded corners (sings Tiny Bubbles).

I need a favicon.

Hrm… CAPTCHA… from waxing.

Eric Sabine Jul 15 2009

Never mind, needed to log in anyway, then go back to SO and associate the account. Weird.

Way too much light blue, my eyes start to hurt a bit..

I was having issues with associating accounts, too. I could associate two different sites with each other, but not the other two, or three and not the other one. I eventually cleared all associations (several times), logged out of all accounts, then started over.

I think I got the +100 rep several times, because I kept clearing an re-associating. Sorry ’bout that.

But it is working now!

Sander Versluys Jul 15 2009

I must say, i love the colors, although it does hurt a little bit… like it! Good Work!

Last, the nerd in me can be freed! I pilled up lots of not-programming-related questions…

Jeffrey Jul 15 2009

Looks like is having major issues. Fun times with third-party providers!

Dare I even ask it?

Do you think boat superuser questions are allowed?

Congratulations, i really like the colors and sure the idea

I was having an issue with my open ID provider (Livejournal), and here’s how I fixed it:

* Cleared Authentication session with SuperUser from LJ, using LJ’s OpenID management system.
* Logged in to Super User with current LJ openID.
* Clicked “Yes” when asked if I wanted to make new account.
* Went to Stack Overflow, and Associated accounts.
* Copied profile from SO to SU.

Am I to understand that questions about Ewoks will be considered on-topic for superuser? :)

Alistair Jul 15 2009

Just logged in to SuperUser from a different machine and then went to Meta, signed in with same (Google) OpenID and it classed me as unknown(google). I then logged out and logged in as my secondary OpenID (Yahoo) and it picked up the ID fine, so I suspect there are still some lingering Google OpenID implementation problems. Let me know if you need me to do any testing (twitter @aknock)

I love SuperUser, but the site hurts my eyes. looks amazing, and ServerFault looks ok (though I wasn’t a fan when it came out earlier), but SuperUser’s colour scheme just seems wrong to me.

I know you had a designer at the beginning, but did you get any input from non-programmers for the new site?

I authenticated on SuperUser, then went to accounts to join the account with my SO one. This failed with an error that:
“Stack Overflow cannot associate your Super User account:
unknown(google) because it is already associated.

You may want to log out of Stack Overflow if you wish to associate with a different account”

Except that the stackoverflow page showing me this error is showing my correct credentials (jsight) as does superuser.

Please cut the openid junk out and switch to an auth mechanism that actually works.

Arjan van Bentem Jul 15 2009

Hmmm, a lot of “poll questions” after half a day (far too many for my liking). So I hope that for “real questions” we need to wait for non-programmers (non-SO) and non-administrators (non-SF) to get to know the site, after the beta.

> signed in with same (Google) OpenID and it classed me as unknown(google)

That’s 100% correct, go to the accounts tab and associate + copy profile.

> Stack Overflow cannot associate your Super User account:
unknown(google) because it is already associated.

This means you have an association with ANOTHER set of accounts. Basically, you have duplicate accounts on one or more sites in the network.

Arjan van Bentem Jul 15 2009

> Please cut the openid junk out and switch to
> an auth mechanism that actually works.

Works perfectly well for me, using (Also on other sites.) Could Google be the culprit?


I’m subscribed in google reader to but the last update there is April 23, 2008.

Is there a known problem with the feed?


No all ewok questions will have to wait for the new site

> This means you have an association with ANOTHER set of
> accounts. Basically, you have duplicate accounts on one
> or more sites in the network.

That doesn’t really make sense. I just signed up for superuser today, and this was my first attempt to associate. I only have one superuser account and one stackoverflow account.

mark4o Jul 15 2009

On stackoverflow, links to visited questions have a different color and it is easy to see which questions you’ve already looked at. On superuser, they are all the same color, making it difficult to keep track of them.

Accepted answers have a green check mark and a light green background, so it is confusing that a green question means no accepted answer and it turns to yellow when there is an accepted answer. It seems like it would be the opposite.

And to state the obvious, light-colored text on a white background is difficult to read.


This has all changed as of tonight, so look again.


Jarrod is working on some more edge conditions around association — try again, and if it doesn’t work, email us at team -at- with details!

mark4o Jul 16 2009

Much better now; thanks!

Alistair Jul 16 2009

McLovin it!
really liking the new installment in the increasingly inappropriately titles StackOverflow trilogy.

capcha – $1-million symbol LOL

great way thanks

If the stars are aligned just so, we’ll all go insane and die in a homicidal orgy of bludgeoning and eyeball-eating. Ïa ïa Cthulhu ftagn! and such.

@Jeff – Looks like Jarrod’s fixes worked… My account on SuperUser now links correctly!

Thanks! :)

Perfect timing for the site as I just got a new laptop this week. :-)