Logo Contest Winner for superuser.com

by Jeff Atwood

on July 2, 2009

The logo design contest for superuser.com is now complete.

The voting results helped inform our final decision:


At the time that screenshot was taken, we had 2,303 votes -- but the relative percentages were remarkably stable over time. Two clear leaders.

The final winner we decided on was Mogeek, with entry #425 (a late entry!). What I liked about this logo is its simplicity, while simultaneously referencing both the classic Mac OS "face" icon, and old-school ASCII art. This entry was consistently cited by my designery pals (and even Joel himself) as one they liked. First prize is worth $768 or 29 + 28. Congratulations to Mogeek!


First runner up is entry #214 from PixMan. He wins $200.


Second runner up is entry #362 from J. Nathanial Dicke. He also wins $200. (This was one of my favorites.)


A special honorable mention goes out to these entries by Raul Padilla, haim, and mfourex. It was a tough call.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit an entry!

Now that we've got a logo and color scheme, the superuser.com private beta should begin sometime the month, and any Stack Overflow or Server Fault user with reputation of 200 or more is invited!