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Logo Contest Winner for

07-02-09 by . 21 comments

The logo design contest for is now complete.

The voting results helped inform our final decision:


At the time that screenshot was taken, we had 2,303 votes — but the relative percentages were remarkably stable over time. Two clear leaders.

The final winner we decided on was Mogeek, with entry #425 (a late entry!). What I liked about this logo is its simplicity, while simultaneously referencing both the classic Mac OS “face” icon, and old-school ASCII art. This entry was consistently cited by my designery pals (and even Joel himself) as one they liked. First prize is worth $768 or 29 + 28. Congratulations to Mogeek!


First runner up is entry #214 from PixMan. He wins $200.


Second runner up is entry #362 from J. Nathanial Dicke. He also wins $200. (This was one of my favorites.)


A special honorable mention goes out to these entries by Raul Padilla, haim, and mfourex. It was a tough call.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit an entry!

Now that we’ve got a logo and color scheme, the private beta should begin sometime the month, and any Stack Overflow or Server Fault user with reputation of 200 or more is invited!

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grega_g Jul 2 2009

I like the logo, but i think bottom of the face should be aligned with bottom of the text, just like stackoverflow and serverfault


djeidot Jul 2 2009

It feels strange that you won’t use the same font and text style (first word regular, second word bold) in the three sites. But I liked the logo as well.

The Vaadin }> logo springs to mind…

The logo is great!

I too think the text should be like SO and SF.
Same font, aligned to bottom.

the font and colors will be adjusted some. And certainly we will use our “standard” font, FF-DIN

Steve Schnepp Jul 2 2009

+1 on logo uniformisation (bottom-alignement)

Steve Schnepp Jul 2 2009

@jeff: ok for the font, but I find the color-scheme quite nice.

it’s been said before, but aren’t the brackets and braces more specific to programming than to general computer (super-)use?

oliver, the general computer user uses smileys ;)

Matthew Morgan Jul 2 2009

I think the brackets and braces are still appropriate because even if a particular “super user” isn’t a programmer, he/she probably does edit configuration data of some kind. Whether you’re editing the Windows registry, ini files, or *nix type config files, you’ll be running across these characters quite frequently.

I liked the lego superhero. Looks like I was in the minority though…

so did I kip, so did I.. but the utter lack of votes (it finished last!) killed that one in my mind :(

DrJokepu Jul 2 2009

I didn’t even realize that it was suppose to be a lego superhero. I couldn’t figure out the red triangle thing.

Dang, I voted for the runner-up. The nerd superman was awesome! But the one you picked was my second choice, so I’m not too bummed. Well done on all the entries!

phenry Jul 2 2009

Out of the five finalists, that was the one I hated the least.

Looks rather similar to my Codebrain logo :)

+1 for what phenry said. Sorry to be a hater, but those all still suck…

Mike Jul 3 2009

Sorry but these all suck IMO.

Kevin L. Jul 3 2009

So will we need to apply to be in the Superuser beta? Or will everyone with over 200 rep on SO just be able to get in with their OpenID automatically?

> those all still suck…

you were hoping for a boat logo?

Geoffrey van Wyk Jul 6 2009

When will superuser be up and running? I cannot wait.