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Database Server Upgrade — 48 GB

07-05-09 by . 25 comments

We are currently upgrading the database server to 48 GB of memory, which also means we have to upgrade the operating system, too.

Should be done in about an hour.

OK, this is complete. Our database server not only has 48 GB of memory installed, but has access to all of that memory. Finally.


And just for fun, here’s a picture of our fourth server, which will be used to run — as with our earlier servers, there’s an inscription on the top. I dedicated 4 and 5 to Jarrod and Geoff, respectively.


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Arrgh… I had just finished up a nice long answer when I got the outage message! Guess I need to start saving them before I hit Post.

lol Matt :) i had the opposite. I wrote up a nice long _question_ and hit submit! boom :)

Luckily, it’s all there again when I hit he back button.

/me does some coding and will check back in an hour :)

To quote the acting/programming community.

“Break a build!”

its been more than a hour right, just asking :)

I am still waiting….

It is better to if you say that it will take 3 hours and get the job done in 2.5 hours than saying 1 hour and taking 1.5 hours.

I would be happier if it takes 2.5 hours to fix than 1.5 IF the expected uptime is 3 hours rather than 1

In other words:

if(user_time_expectation >= actual_uptime){
alert(“This site sucks”)
} else {
alert(“I love!”)

*hands Joe a chill pill*

Joshua Foster Jul 5 2009

Sounds like fun.

Luke Jul 5 2009

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade?

i see you too have a love for things that work,
i really don’t know why these guys are .net powerhouse, i guess everyone has their flow, just joking, take your time, patience is the key with windows updates

BTW I think the maintenance message is a default one.

@vache: and money – lots of money.

Weasels work too.

Kyle Cronin Jul 5 2009

I was going to suggest on Meta that, like UserVoice before it, this blog could be replaced with the `blog` tag on Meta. However, with these two extended outages, I am beginning to question the wisdom of putting all our eggs in one basket.

gclaghorn Jul 5 2009

Aaaaaaaaaaahhh! What am I going to do without SO?!?! *runs in circles with arms flailing*

at least the blog is running wordpress :DDDD

Paolo Bergantino Jul 5 2009



Just kidding :)

(but seriously, hurry up!)

james Jul 5 2009

Has it been an hour yet?

Luke Jul 5 2009

Is this going to impact my Woot badge???

the first comment is at 4:45 and james yours is at 6:11 so i guess it has been an hour

I am starting to feel like a addict, and feeling like the internet is so small that the usual websites are just not able to keep me interested (this includes, wired, porn, nyt, netflix, Johnnyguru, wordpress trac, buddypress irc, GOD I NEED to get my STACK NOW, please guys, pretty please

Joseph Jul 5 2009

I think stackoverflow had a serverfault. Quick, call a superuser! That’s so meta.

It’s back, addicts. ;-)

Just finished my favorite part of the upgrade — license key validation! Yayyyy, licensing!

ohh god it feels like a ton of weight has been lifted off, even though you have been doing the work Jeff, thanks so much, keep up the good work,

Chris Jul 6 2009

yum upgrade

Luís Jul 6 2009

Heh, is the % reversed because the server is using a Microsoft stack?