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Cross-Site Account Associations

07-07-09 by . 24 comments

If you check your user page, you’ll find a new accounts tab.


Here, you can associate your accounts between all the ‘family’ of sites we now operate:

The associations, once made, are public and visible for anyone to see on your profile — so people can follow your 31 pieces of flair to another site and check out your questions and answers there as well.


All very good, but here’s the exciting part: there is a +100 reputation bonus for every association you make, if either the source or target account in the association has at least 200 reputation.

An account can have a 100 point bonus awarded for being in the same “network” of associated accounts if any of the associated accounts has 200 rep or more. This bonus is only awarded once per account — so if you associate four accounts, you’ll get +100 reputation on each site.

This is intended to give established users a “leg up” when we start new sites, so they can have an account with 101 rep instead of the default 1.

But wait! It gets better! This also works with Google’s per-site hash OpenIDs, too! (Note that if you have only a Google OpenID, you may be redirected to log in to the target site depending on what cookies you hold.)

Now go forth and let the associating begin!

Update: We now have “Copy Profile from {site}” and “Clear All Associations” buttons on the accounts tab as well.


Also, I removed all the initial +100 reputation bonuses from Server Fault for “account migration”, as this account association method effectively replaces it.

Bremen Jul 7 2009

Sweet. Now hurry up launching so we can get another 100 rep! On that note, I wonder how much rep-farming is going to generate.. people could go on for days asking simple-to-answer questions about everything, even if they already know the answer. Or even asking questions and answering them. It’ll be interesting to see how it pans out, since superuser is certainly a broader audience and a much, much broader question-space.

Thanks for the +100, but I do feel a little cheated. Since my openId works as expected (not googelish), I did have the +100 for account migration and lost them now, which effectively halfes my earnings through account association (I lost +99 in both serverfault and meta). Maybe I’m just too much into rep, but I have to say it’s fun. Keep up the good work!

Too bad my name is not George, otherwise my Captcha would count for the list of great one: “fervent Jorge”.

> Since my openId works as expected (not googelish), I did have the +100 for account migration and lost them now, which effectively halfes my earnings through account association (I lost +99 in both serverfault and meta)

As long as you have one account with >= 200 rep on ANY site, you should be able to get the +100 per-site bonus for all 3 or 4 associations. Just make sure the association pair includes the account with >= 100 rep.

I see you’ve taken Joel’s advice :) Very well done, worked as a charm.

Jakub Narębski Jul 8 2009

I did that (associate StackOverflow and Meta accounts) after “accounts” tab appeared, but I think before workaround for Google OpenID quirks, via secondary OpenID using Technorati. Nice bit of code!

Neil Trodden Jul 8 2009

Well done, this was pretty painless!

Associating SO with Meta gave the message:
“You’ve associated your Stack Overflow and Server Fault accounts: +100 reputation”
on SO.

I got the correct message on Meta.

I had previously associated SO and SF (with correct messages)

Actually scratch that, the next time I went back to SO, I got the correct message, I guess it was just something strange with the message stacking, it hadn’t registered me clearing the initial message

Click Upvote Jul 8 2009

This is very cool. Thanks!

Matthew Stewart Jul 8 2009

Just tried this out and it didn’t work. Maybe because I had exactly 100 rep? Or maybe I messed something else up. Odd.

timepilot Jul 8 2009

I just tried this and I’m getting errors. Stack and Server give me an error message. Meta shows my Stack and Server accounts but says my email is “already registered”. Given the above, I’m not surprised but also no rep awards.

Well that answers the interesting drop in rep on SO and MSO the other day. I had just figured another recalc went in somewhere.

Great feature!!! Keep up the great work!

@timepilot try again — we were enforcing “must be same IP” restrictions between requests, but some users have incrementing IPs. Now it’s only the same subnet.

kost Jul 9 2009

Strange bug – had an active SO account and a meta account with 1 rep, linked the meta from the SO account, both got +100 rep. Didn’t have a SF account, went to the SF site, create an account, linked the SO account *from the SF account*. Now, the SF account got +100 rep, but the SO account didn’t. What’s even more strange is that the SF “flair” in SO just displays the rep, no name or badges.

@kost: I wouldn’t expect the SO account to get any more rep, if it had already got the bonus from Meta. Basically any account can only be “blessed” with the bonus once, if I understand correctly.

kost Jul 9 2009

@Jon Skeet: right as always, my bad. But the strange thing is that the flair thing still doesn’t have my name:

Everything worked perfectly fine for me. Thanks for the feature!

Marc Jul 9 2009

This is a great change! It definitely helps encourage more of the existing users to branch out and use more of the sister sites. At this pace, Jeff & Joel are building a full-on cult of highly talented computer users, from novice to 40-year pro. I feel home.

Question from the less-active member’s perspective. I’ve got accounts on SO and SF, both of which have less than 100 rep. (I know, I need to step it up) If I associate my two accounts now, will they see this boost once one of them goes above 100? Or should I wait until after one of them has 100 to associate them?

Hi Marc, as long as at least one of the accounts in the “pair” being associated has > 200 rep, the +100 bonus will apply on both sites (but only once per site in total).

I mistakenly linked my accounts before any of them had reached the proper reputation threshold for the bonus. When I passed the threshold, I wasn’t awarded the bonus retroactively.

With the advent of the ‘Clear All Associations’ button in the accounts tab, I removed my associations and re-linked my accounts. I still was not awarded the bonus, and I’m still sporting a lonely little 1 for my rep.

Thanks for the reply, Jeff. Curtis articulated my question more clearly, or rather confirmed my suspicion. What happens when you pass the threshold -after- having linked your accounts? It seems that right now, you don’t get the bonus in that case. Any plans to change this in the future?

Hmm, this did seem to work on Meta for me some time ago, I distinctly remember having 101 rep there, I’ve even got a record of having up-voted twice:

However, I now appear to have only 1 rep on meta :(

Seems to have worked quite nicely on ServerFault and SuperUser however.

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