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The logo design contest for is coming to a close.

There are a number of solid contenders, and I’ve already solicited input from the team and friends. But now I want to know what you think. So I put it up to a quick visual poll — click through to vote!


(if you think they all suck, feel free to browse the other submissions, or outline a logo concept of your own in the comments!)


Some comments based on twitter feedback so far:

1) the logos are intentionally more “fun” and not necessarily in the same simple geometric mold as so/sf logo, this was a design goal

2) I do not put a lot of stock in crowdsourcing design feedback (the poll winner may not “win”), but it will factor some in our final decision.

I dont think these \suck,\ but do think it would be a shame to lose the continuity present in the design of the other sites — can’t it be more \fun\ and still at least allude to the SO/SF design? Maybe a slinky or something? Anyone with design talent?

These logos certainly don’t fall in league with SO/SF’s graceful and striking design and logo’s.

They look more like what I would have liked while i started learning HTML a decade ago.

I don’t like any of them.

Using the numbering on the Poll site (1..5, left to right then top to bottom):

1. This is probably the least offensive, but it relies explicitly on knowledge of Superman motifs / props. I’m not a fan of Superman.

2. I guess this is more Superman. Guy just looks like a dork though.

3. Getting the feeling that I’m very alone in not associating “super” exclusively Superman. Pixellation is OK for retro gaming connotations, less so for users.

4. This reminds me too much of MacOS in colour / face motif, and I think the bracket / brace combination is wrong for users – it seems programmer-oriented to me.

5. The fork stands out far too much, it makes me think of restaurants.

I’m somewhat amused–and not a little surprised–when I came on here to say I don’t really like any of them that I’m not the first.

I saw one of the earlier submissions that was using a mouse cursor as part of it and the overall colour was green. That one had potential. These I just odn’t like.

The colours are just… drab. Even harsh. I just don’t think they work. Blue and black? It’s not doing it for me.

The graphical part doesn’t either.

Simucal Jun 29 2009

I don’t like any of them either.

+1 to the slinky design yet similar to SO/SF.

I’ve been browsing through CrowdSpring; first thing I notice about their site, it’s not possible for any more than one anonymous user to “heart” an entry. So, “people likes” is severely undercounted.

Ones I liked:

Abstract and vibrant


Mouse cursor in star; I’d prefer a different star, though, to get a cursor at an angle closer to Windows

flaming_cursor – needs more work though

Chubby user – possibly too chubby, but still quite cute

nobody_says_it Jun 29 2009

You can do better and you deserve better.

@nobody_says: yep.

The [} one is excellent IMHO, seems a bit inspired by the old Apple/Mac logo… I really like it.

I really like the 4th logo and the following one from the contest with a similiar theme:

I like the idea of something different the SO/SF however moving to far away breaks the trilogy a little.

@Diago: EWOKS!

Andreas Jun 30 2009

I agree with the statement
“You can do better and you deserve better.”
I think the pixelated superman and the one with the fork are really ugly and looks unprofessional (in a bad way).

Looking forward to the Beta.

Alistair Jun 30 2009

I like the first one nobody_ mentioned, although it is pretty reminiscent of a popular online computer store in terms of colour scheme; moltov’s flamed super user is also really nice, and a combination of the two may look good. To me the burning mouse is a clear indication of the intent of the site and understandable by a wide audience of users; some of the others do turn it into a niche that may (even geeks) wouldn’t want to associate with.

Voted for number 4.

My favourite from the competition was this guy:

Also, the flaming mouse was pretty cool. Stars and flames, man I’m awesome.

@jammus I did like the star one, but felt that “pointer” was kind of a weak/meaningless metaphor. FWIW that star was by far my favorite of all the pointer-based entries.

I’m with Diago, the one ending 7_1 would easily get my vote (although it looks like the 4th one in your poll above is by the same person).

Of the ones here I prefer the guy looking over the screen, but overall I agree with nobody_says and Diago on the flaming-mouse and geeky-text-bubble designs

(BTW CAPTCHA gave me the 1/4 sign – I ain’t looking up no funny symbol for a CAPTCHA fool! :) )

blorgbeard Jun 30 2009

I really like the glasses one – and I don’t think it relies on superman motifs at all. They could be plain ol’ nerd glasses. It actually took me until I looked at the other logos to get the reference. Nice and subtle.

It needs a *little* bit of colour though.

I’m not a fan of the stereotypical IT nerd male with glasses (even though I am a sterotypical IT nerd male with glasses) – especially how it could put women off.

I don’t like any of the poll options, my faves are:

Simon Earnshaw Jun 30 2009

Good luck choosing a winner here Jeff! – I would not like that job, it seems like too much choice is no choice – there are so many good designs that they are all great in their own particular way, I must have changed my mind a dozen times on certain ones!! – whether they reflect the spirit of SuperUser is another matter – I don’t think any one element (i.e. glasses, mouse pointers, usb dongles, superman), or all of them combined in some mad looking icon – can do this. It’s almost impossible to do – I think the overiding theme here is “Super” – and that will lend itself to iconography that reflects super things, like stars or more obviously Superman/Heros. I would use that as my bench mark – the second criteria must show an element of computers/technology. There…hasn’t helped at all I guess :), but I just thought I’d share my thoughts…

I agree – there are better ones to choose from on the site.

Also, I saw these stats, which were kind of amusing to me:

William Brendel Jun 30 2009

Can’t say I like any of these very much.

I voted for #2, but that’s saying I picked a turd sandwich instead of giant douche. They all look unprofessional, compared to the SO and SF logos. And I don’t mean they look “fun”. I mean unpolished and amateurish.

All of the entries linked to by @nobody_ are better choices…

[.} is the best idea and looks the best. The three middle logos are just not good at all. The first one looks good on the first glance, but would be better for or or something. The middle three are just horrible.

Mike Powell Jun 30 2009

I think a lot of these are implying that the *user* is a geek, which I don’t think is necessarily the case for this site (maybe I’m wrong). Instead I think the site will be mainly about empowering (super-ing) regular users. To that end I was hoping to see something like a standard windows user icon, like a weeble with no face, but with a Superman logo (or something similar) on its chest.

Also, you probably want to stay away from depicting any likeness of a certain intellectual property belonging to Detective Comics, be it crudely drawn or pixelated and bald(?).

So I think these are definitely a step in the wrong direction from SO and SF. Hopefully a good looking logo will come out of the madness!

Brian Jun 30 2009

I think it would be nice to have something along the lines of SO and SF. Maybe something like:

$> superuser

With the boldness, etc. I like having a reference to the command-line; I think most superusers use the command line for its flexibility and terse-ness.

Any graphics artists want to take a shot at a logo like that?

The glasses represents a bit of geekesque as well as clark kent. It also looks the best out of any of those logos — simplicity, monochrome, easy to digest.

This is a comment simply because I want to answer the reCaptcha.

I don’t like those in the poll very much.

I kinda liked the arrow on fire one ( (though it should be tweaked a bit).

The tiny superman looked good too, but is quite an easy metaphor (

This one’s been suggested by a few people already and I must say I like it too (

Although I understand the reasons for not wanting to crowdsource a logo’s decision, please keep in mind the number of us who are willing to take time out of our day to say that these poll-logo selections are just plain sub-par. SO/SF have a wonderful, simple aesthetic that denotes a number of things, including quality. While you may wish the SU logo to be more fun it should not, however, reflect a degradation of quality, which these most definitely do. Also, does the logo *have* to be male-centric? Isn’t IT already gender-alienating enough?

I am not a big fan of any of those logos. This site should be less computer geek oriented, it is SuperUser, not SuperGeek. To me, all of those logos are more appropriate for a SuperGeek site.

Although I do not have any problem moving away from the abstract logos used is SO and SF, since those logos are more abstract and speak to a specific group of people. By design SU is intended for a larger audience and the logo should reflect that fact.

Of the five above, #1 with the taped glasses is my favorite. But I think it’s too 3D compared to the other logos.

I like these two:

But I think I’d like to see the usual typeface for “superuser”.

Keith Jun 30 2009

Gotta go with the Clark Kent glasses. I like the idea of the geeky exterior hiding the true super user behind them.

Joe S Jun 30 2009

Why do I not see any ewoks with Jeff and Joel’s face photoshopped on?

Code Slave Jun 30 2009

Of the five that were presented, the last one:
[‘} superuser
is my preference, especially since we can make an ASCII art version. Anything with glasses or a cape automatically has connotations of Superman to me. And the Swiss-army knife is too complicated.

However, I would change the colours. Instead of black and blue, I’d change the blue to another red hue. The commonality being the SO/SF are both have autumn colour schemes, and SU probably should too.

The grass roots that I’ve seen so far focus on one particular tech (mouse and network/circuit diagram) or still have that Supermen influence.

jjnguy Jun 30 2009

For what it’s worth, I really like number 2.

Kelly Jun 30 2009

I think we need to redo the poll with at least the fork and superman replaced. I like this star:

And after reviewing some of the other comments, I like this one too:

Beware of [°} and similar concepts. Too geeky.

You’re trying to attract a less nerd^H^H^H^H technically savvy population.

Daniel L Jun 30 2009

The logos are so far from SO/SF because that’s what Jeff is asking for ;] (for better or worse)

\I think we want a bit more personality on this site as it’s for a broad audience, doesn’t need to be so ‘professional’\

cruachan Jun 30 2009

I’m also with the opinion that none of them shine. I think #4 (guy looking over top of monitor) is the best *design* but I think equating superuser==male geek is just a plain bad idea. We’ve got enough of that stereotype already – if we could replace the guy in this by a chick that would be awesome. Failing that a gender-neutral design would be better – I like

I actually really like the first one. I think when it’s not juxtaposed with the two obvious Superman-referencing logos it will look just like a pair of nerdy HRGs with tape holding them together.

Speaking of Superman, I agree with deadprogrammer. Are you sure you’re even allowed to use those likenesses along with the word “super”?

Paolo Bergantino Jun 30 2009

+1 to any “we don’t need no stinkin stereotypical glasses”

I voted for the [} one, but honestly there’s a few I liked more:

#3 somehow reminds me of “The IT Crowd” intro.

I don’t think any of the ones shown are great (but I do like the StackOverflow logo).

How about some variant on the Superman logo (the symbol on his chest)? Instead of putting the ‘S’ inside a diamond, put it inside the U. And put it in a programmery font, e.g. courier. Just a thought…

+1 for “they all suck”

if it were me I would just do a takeoff on the stackoverflow logo but make a jack in the box head at the end of the “springs”

that is fun, uses similar graphics and lots of other great things about it…

Tom Owens Jun 30 2009

I’m just going to say +1 for all of them “sucking”. They are good images, but none really fit into the SO/SF theme. It’s a trilogy – you didn’t see the Star Wars movies changing title fonts for the third of the trilogy, so why are you changing the premise of the logo?

ok, after a full day, the trend is clear.

Based on all the team feedback, plus voting, winners have been chosen!

While thinking about why I dislike all the logos in the poll, I ended up sketching up something myself. IANAD, but anyway:
(Obviously this is just the visualization of an idea and should be re-done by someone that doesn’t use inkscape for the first time.)

– The thing on the left is supposed to be a computer display, shining in unexpected glory by the miracles the user is able to perform with his computer after visiting
– The basic layout fits well with the existing logos
– The rays on the left can be a color progression like found in the existing logos
– yellow is the color of choice for rays of all sorts, and it’s a friendly color that fits with the existing logos, though it’s clearly different from them
– It’s not as abstract as the existing logos
– opposed to the logos in the poll it should be clear that the site is supposed to be about computers

Basically I just think these yellow rays would be a good idea. One could well put something other than a monitor inside of them, like the super-user himself, a mouse or a command prompt.

Oscar Reyes Jul 1 2009

I really really liked the Superman/Geek icon

( uhh I think it was this )

I don’t know if mfourex understood your feedback of making it smaller and put it at the side of the name.

Congrats for the new site!!

Oscar, my wife liked that one too, it was her favorite.. unfortunately the poll only allowed 5 images and that one didn’t quite make the cut…

jjnguy Jul 1 2009

So, now that the logo is chosen, how long can we expect it to take to design the rest of the site around it? (6 – 8 weeks?) Do you have a definitive goal?

sth had the right idea. Yellow is distinct from orange and red, but still warm. Keeps a gradient. Keeps the icon 2D and somewhat abstract. Keep the same typeface. Like Tom Owens said: “you didn’t see the Star Wars movies changing title fonts for the third of the trilogy”.

reCAPTCHA: “malarkey”

I don’t like any of these either. Can we get another 5 to vote on?

Mike Jul 3 2009

Wherever that flaming cursor one went, it was frickin’ cool.

Jakob Jul 4 2009

I voted for #5, but it’s not like it blew me away. I am also a bit disappointed by this selection, there were way better ones in the contest (e. g. the one Oscar linked to).

Peter Lind Jul 4 2009

I think this one is better then any of the five ones displayed above.

The one on the top right looks more better than any others.

I really like last one with the swiss army knife. Looks pretty sharp.

Wherever that flaming cursor one went, it was frickin’ cool.
web design

I like the first logo, its more better than others.

The [} one is excellent IMHO, seems a bit inspired by the old Apple/Mac logo… I really like it.