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06-20-09 by . 41 comments

Remember Stack Overflow Valued Associate #00002? Me neither. Until I saw these photographs of his developer lair, that is:


Never let it be said that I don’t practice what I preach — or rather, that I don’t encourage my teammates to build themselves a proper developer lair!

Seen here:

And of course a fast internet connection. All part of the programmer’s Bill of Rights!


Now, Jarrod Dixon and I have a bit of history, so there are a few other .. “objects” .. visible:

It’s hard to decide which Val Kilmer role is our favorite — Iceman, Chris Knight, Doc Holliday, Nick Rivers..

Anyway, just a bit of fun for the weekend, and maybe a little food for thought on the care and feeding of software developers.

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Other than the horrible keyboard (das keyboard ftw) and less than ideal mouse (Logitech fan, but I prefer the G7), a very nice setup indeed. Actually the monitors are the worst part. You should probably just send them to me for proper disposal… :D

Jon Robertson Jun 21 2009

No question, Chris Knight is by far the best Val Kilmer.

Psh — this is a real the developer keyboard you need — — Who cares about a number pad!

The legs on the keyboard table would drive me insane!

The legs on the keyboard table would get in the way.

I’m with KevinUK and Techboy; I could never use such a keyboard table

OK, so maybe the desk needs some work..

Computer desk ideas here:

Any other desks you guys / gals want to recommend?

bradhouse Jun 21 2009

I purchased a dining table for my computer desk and it is awesome.

It’s 2.1m wide x 1m deep, polished wood. The depth is the most important part for me, as you can push multiple large monitors way back. This leaves plenty of room for items like a large Wacom tablet, 17″ laptop and an A3 sized book for paper based sketching of UIs/algorithms/ideas.

There is also room for extra stuff like lighting, a drobo and plant.

Highly recommended (and it looks great relative to your standard lifeless desk).

Scott Salyer Jun 21 2009

I just order a Mirra yesterday night based on all the positive reviews. I’m hoping it ends up being far better than my current chair.

As for desks, check out the IKEA Galant series. As with most IKEA items, it is customizable to a ridiculous level but they are very impressive desks. You can also order a wiring rack from them to mount under the desk so you are free of ugly clutter.

Personally, I’m good with 3, 17 inch monitors. I Could probably do well with monitors that are a little bigger, possibly widscreens turned sideways, but other than that, I don’t really see a need for that much more monitor space. Also, Trackballs FTW. The only way to go.

Diego Jun 21 2009

I agree with some of the others here. The legs on the keyboard table would annoy me too. You can see in one of the photos the leg of the chair so close to the legs of the keyboard table.

He needs to drill a hole in the ground and place the keyboard table in the floor permanently, and be done with the legs.

gulzar Jun 21 2009

wow. I wonder which is that Apress book on the table.

The keyboard “podium”:

I honestly don’t mind the podium’s legs; they mate nicely with my chair’s base, placing my hands at a perfect distance from the input devices. And my chair rolls back and forth without any rotation of its base, so the spokes usually line up.

As for the desk that my monitors rest upon, you can’t beat $15 for the set! Remember the immortal words of Calacanis: “Buy cheap tables and expensive chairs.”

Now I just need to replace the 21″ with another 30″ and I’ll be set :)

@gulzar That’s a copy of “SQL Server 2008 Query Performance Tuning Distilled” by Grant Fritchey and Sajal Dam; it came highly recommended by our friend and database guru, Brent Ozar, and I’ve found it a wonderful read, as well.

I was never that good at SQL tuning and this book really helps explain database performance to an application developer.

Dmitry Jun 21 2009

Looks like salad with fruits, vegetables, roast meat,
sardines, pickles and 3-x ice-cream.

If only I had the room to do this!!!

Might give that keyboard podium a look…

Nick Rivers.

Debate is over.

AnonJr Jun 22 2009

@kibbee: “Also, Trackballs FTW.”


I second that. I bought my first trackball ages ago due to owning a very small desk – kinda hard to stay alive in the shooters when it takes forever to turn. From then on I’ve been an avid trackball user. I still have an ancient MS trackball that is unfortunately no longer made. I also have a sweet Logitech cordless TrackMan at work that does wonders.

The desk is missing an important book. Which book is left as an exercise to the reader…

Steve Melnikoff Jun 22 2009

Surely Val Kilmers best role is as the voice of KITT in the new (and now cancelled) Knight Rider series? (

PS: Nice setup!

With that much overhang, I’d be worried about somebody in a hurry taking the right-most monitor for a spill on the floor. Nice setup though.

I concur – that desk and keyboard tray make it totally unusable. Where do you put your legs and feet?

I also can’t work without any surface for paper and a pen.

In my opinion this is not a configuration to be pleased about.

Val as Doc Holliday

Absolutely, Doc Holliday. I didn’t really care that much for Kilmer until he managed to make “I’m your Huckleberry” sound downright menacing.

Also, Jarrod, very cool keyboard podium.

A few blog posts ago you were talking about ads and that “Programmers need to eat”

Seems like they can buy much more than food :D

Cool setup :)

Like others have said, some bad things are personal preferences (no area for paper in front of monitor, keyboard, monitor hanging over edge of table, no main monitor – both equally off center) but the keyboard table? How is it possible to sit and work at that table? I wouldn’t even consider it.. but if it works for double-oh two that’s great :).

(And when my monitors are big enough to not fit on my desk, I’ll be happy too.)

Here’s a video of the keyboard podium in action:

And my body is square to the center monitor, but if I need to focus on another monitor for a prolonged period, I simply rotate and my keyboard/mouse rotates with me. Any of your static keyboards boast this ability? It’s needed with this much screen space to avoid a hurt neck!

@Ólafur Waage – heh, this equipment is purchased with pre-taxed dollars. That’s a lot more buying power :)

Patrick Jun 22 2009

I have been using a Shuttle Pro from Contour Designs:

as a “debugging” keypad. It is low profile, fully programmable. I have all the usual debugging keys programmed (Step, Step Into, Step Out, etc.). I never have to look at the keyboard for ctrl-shift-alt-shift_F12.

I can’t live without it. I don’t understand why I haven’t heard other people talk about using something like this.

@mgb: You read my mind ;)

I have six of varying shapes and sizes. I’m 1/3 of the way done replacing them all with Dell 2208 WFP’s, set in Portrait mode.

Of course, being single and White & Nerdy, I really don’t have much else to spend my money on :)

IKEA Galant Fan Jun 24 2009

IKEA Galant desk seconded. Height adjustable, very affordable, fantastic computer desks.


* no, seriously

Craig Jun 24 2009

Anyone know what the panel type is for those Samsung 305Ts? I’m looking for something that’s good for coding plus gaming.

Ikea off-cut of kitchen worktop, 3m long and 1m deep thick enough not to bend and coffee proof, $10 from bargain section. 4x plain white legs, $7 each.

Nathan Bedford Jun 26 2009

@Craig, those 305Ts use Samsung’s own S-PVA panels. It’s worth noting that the 305Ts that are shipping these days are NOT the same ones that you’ll find in most reviews. From what I can tell, the new ones are the same as the 305T+ (plus) that you can buy in other countries. They’re quite different (in good ways, from what I can tell) then the 305Ts that most reviews use.

I have one and I love it.

ironsam Jul 20 2009

The fact that you need a table with wheels to move your keyboard around the monitors should tell you you have too much monitor space. Two 30″ widescreens side by side is covering way too many degrees. The widescreen aspect ratio on a single monitor doesn’t even makes sense for things like programming, unless you have a good window management program to split the screen in half (to be closer in effect to two 4:3 monitors). Imagine if every physical book was in the “widescreen” aspect ratio? We can read much better in thinner columns of text, as newspapers have known for a very long time.

Also, why take off the raiser on the keyboard that properly angles the wrists?

Andy Aug 8 2009

Nice setup, but poor table to have your keyboard on. I would get RSI from that in 5 minutes without having any good deep desk with proper elblow support.

Brian Oct 14 2009

Andy, Why do you need to support your elbows? I have had a OfficePro10 podium for a couple of years now and it is great. The legs roll underneath you so they are never in the way. I got mine so I could sit back in my chair and have the kbd and mse float over my lap. I got rid of my armrests so I can bring the table in from the side and I am never uncomfortable.


I gotta get me one of those!!!!