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Logo Design Contest for

06-16-09 by . 23 comments

Remember our logo design contest for And the logo design contest for

Well, it’s time to bust out your copies of Microsoft Paint and rev up those mad MacPaint fat bits skillz, because we just launched a logo design contest for

You remember — it’s the third site in the Stack Overflow trilogy, intended for power users and computer enthusiasts. If your question is about computers, it’s fair game on

But this time, in the interests of mixing things up and keeping it fresh, we’re trying out as the contest host.


Also, we amped up the rewards to make sure the designers who win (or at least come close!) get something reasonable for their efforts:

  1. winner: $768
  2. runner-up: $200
  3. runner-up: $200

So if you have design skills, please read the contest design brief — and help us construct an awesome logo for!


Looks like you’ve achieved the “Stackoverflow effect”. is as dead as it can be. (And not just for me: )

Small typo Jeff: “I am a minimalis” should probably be, “I am a minimalist”

Jonathan Fingland Jun 16 2009

What, no svg format? For shame… :)

Oh, I’m pretty gutted that the second and third prizes aren’t powers of 2 also :-(

I think it’d be worthwhile for designers if you named the font used in the previous two in the brief – you mentioned it in a previous post/comment…

Antony Jun 16 2009

I’ve got to say – that cloudspring logo looks pretty nice for superuser. clean font, euphoric person…

Antony Jun 16 2009

Of course, it’s a crowdspring logo rather than a cloudspring logo – either i’m too tired or it’s not such a clean font

Purslane Jun 16 2009

Is there a specific reason why you wouldn’t just hire the stackoverflow or serverfault logo designer, so that you can work with them to get the exact logo you want?

@Alastair: The first one isn’t either!

@Antony: Maybe you’re just being Chinese?

@Purslane: They don’t want an exact logo. They want to see many options and choose the best. This is the best way for them to do it.

@configurator: It’s 3 * 2^8 or 1.5 times the prizes of the previous two contests

No SVG? Weird. That should be the only form you accept. Then you can generate a logo/image of any size you need.

C’mon Jeff you could have mentioned Paint.NET …

What’s the exact font used in the stackoverflow and serverfault logos? I’d like to use the same one if possible.

C’mon Jeff, where’s for car enthusiasts

Daniel L Jun 16 2009

@Ken: “Small typo Jeff: “I am a minimalis” should probably be, “I am a minimalist””

I think you may have missed the joke ;-]

Best so far.

…Though i’m really hoping to see a BRUTE!-inspired design…

Maybe car enthusiasts could set something up using FogCreek’s hosted version.

Maybe something the emphasizes the “su”, since that’s a real command that grants “superuser” privileges.

su per user

Ólafur is right — the font is DIN.

Sorry for not clarifying earlier.

It is not *required* that use the same font as so/sf.

Struggling here… just how to concisely represent a 30 y/o guy living in Mom’s basement as a logo. Hmm.

I really like:


I hope you don’t go with the Fry’s/Geek Squad nerd look.

I am very disappointed that the “#” (sharp = superuser in *nix) symbol isn’t in any of this contest logos (even if you check the crowdspring gallery)