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You may have noticed we now have a small job ad in the sidebar:


This takes you to or, If these job boards look … familiar, there’s a reason.

Since Joel and I are already in bed together (figuratively! figuratively!) it makes sense to combine our efforts in the jobs area rather than duplicate work. The last thing I wanted to do was create Yet Another Job Network. Any responsible programmer would resist this, anyway, because of Curly’s Law and DRY.

I’ve always admired the Joel on Software job boards, with their integrated Joel Testtm. I’ve referred many people there over the last few years, including my previous employer. Why not combine these two great tastes that taste great together?

So if you’re looking for a gig, or you know a company that’s looking for stellar programmers and/or system administrators, head on over to or

That said, this is just a start on the careers front. We have some more innovative things we are working on in this area that we hope to roll out in the next 6 to 8 weeks. Like, say, wouldn’t it be cool if your CV listed the stuff programmers really care about, such as your first computer

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Here’s how a programmer reads your CV versus how HR do it:

And I thought you were hiring…

Here’s an interesting point that may be worth considering.

One of the advantages of the Joel on Software jobs board is that it is very targetted. Your typical JoS reader is the kind of person who reads programming blogs for fun, makes an effort to become a better developer, and (hopefully) knows how to handle recursion.

This means that by only advertising your job openings on JoS, you’ll already be filtering out the recruiters’ nightmare of opportunists who aren’t qualified for the jobs you’re advertising by a long shot. That’s why it has so much more value than, say,

On the other hand, Stack Overflow has a wider audience that includes people who have just arrived at the site through Google because they’re trying to figure out the bare minimum that they need to know to get their job done.

By advertising on SO, you’ll be widening your audience to include people like that, and therefore reducing its value somewhat.

I’d be interested to know whether this becomes an issue in practice and how you plan to address it if so.

I think that you can do better job targeting the ad according to the question, you know: if the question has the tag Java, show a Java offering, etc.

> Since Joel and I are already in bed together

rm -rf mental-picture.jpg

@James: you bring up some fair points.

Personally I think where there is potential for a StackOverflow value add is that here there are potentially thousands of answers on technical topics given by the prospective employee that the employer or recruiter can look at to learn more about the candidate and his or her knowledge, skills and abilities.

It’s not a perfect measure mind you but it beats the hell out of the lies that are told on CVs.

I like how you require that the hiring company must identify themselves even if posted by headhunters. I never understood why some companies mask themselves. A great company does not need to do this.

What are they trying to hide? It can be a red flag; indicative of a company culture that might be problematic.

So happy to see this finally come out! Thanks Jeff! My company is no longer hiring programmers (right now), like when I wanted the feature, but I can’t wait to use it when we do… and the Server Fault one is perfect timing, because I think we are looking for another sysadmin.

I also like the targeted ads Eduardo mentions… that would be really cool, and ultimately you might even be able to build in a way to say whether or not you are looking for a job in your profile (privately, not advertised for companies to see) so you would get or not get job ads based on the setting… and maybe even mark what expertise you would like the jobs to focus on… possibly defaulted to the tags you have heavy answers in.

You could do a lot of cool stuff with jobs integrated into user profile information.

I’ll be recommending this to my boss ASAP!

Andrea Jun 3 2009

@configurator: and so did I :P

Joel’s own ad for the fogcreek vacancy specifically says they don’t care what language/technology you know because what they use might change – they just want great developers.
Having the board only show you jobs that match your ‘interesting’ tags is feeding the HR box-ticking that screws up the hiring process at the moment.

Following from my previous comment…is there mileage in allowing candidates to broadcast their work availability on StackOverflow Jobs?

@Ray: there are cases when masking the company name is justified.

These include:

– It’s a small company: hiring somebody can indicate somebody is getting fired or has put in their notice;
– An ad may give away what your company plans are. Certain Apple products, for example, have been outed by job ads;
– Putting the company name may in some cases increase the noise factor as people apply just because of the company without being suitably qualified.

And thats just a few.

That being said, hiding the company name is definitely overused in recruitment. It seems to be the standard position and that’s wrong (imho). The default position should be to be open where you only hide it if you have a really really good reason.

CAPTCHA: charmers dance

I didn’t mean to imply the board itself would only show certain language jobs, I’m speaking of the ads that are shown to me as a SO user. If I always answer only Java and Ruby questions, it’s fair to say that I would probably prefer a job in those technologies… so why even bother showing me an ad for a Pascal or Cobol development position?

Granted, if I go to the jobs board, I should be able to browse whatever… but the targeted ads should be just that… targeted towards who might be interested in them (which is why I think a setting of whether or not you are looking would also be good).

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