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C’Mon Get Meta!

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What’s the first rule of Stack Overflow Club?

You don’t talk about Stack Overflow on Stack Overflow.


We have this policy not because we are jerks (or at least, not just because we are jerks) but because we believe meta-discussion kind of gets in the way. As the faq explains:

Also, try to refrain from asking questions about Stack Overflow itself unless you absolutely, positively have to. Most programmers don’t come here to learn about the intricacies of Stack Overflow; they come here to get answers to their programming questions. Let’s try to help them out by not cluttering up the system with navelgazing meta-discussion. If you want to suggest a feature or discuss how Stack Overflow works, visit our UserVoice site.

Despite this rule, the desire for an “official” meta-discussion site has been strong. Lots of community members want to discuss Stack Overflow itself, the community as a whole, how it works, topics on the blog, the website, and so forth. It’s come up many times on UserVoice, and is currently the #3 ranked UserVoice request:

I know this has been declined multiple times, but I really think it’s time to consider the problem of meta-discussions on the site. To understand why something else is needed, let’s look at what doesn’t work:

  • Meta-questions? Closed moments after they are asked rendering them useless.
  • Meta-answers? Assuming a question is available to attach to, these questions clutter up the answer stream.
  • Comments? word and formatting limitations prevent any meaningful discussion.
  • Third-party site? Unlikely to be seen by a critical mass of users to be worthwhile.

The current system completely cuts off meta-conversations to the detriment of the SO community.

The desire for meta-discussion is so fervent that some enterprising members of the SO community got sick and tired of waiting for us to listen to them and set up their own meta-discussion site. I applaud this initiative. Good programmers get off their butts!

They have the right idea: create a seperate area for meta-discussion. That way, everyone wins: people who are interested in community building can pitch in together, and the vast hordes of programmers who just want some freakin’ answers to their questions don’t have to wade through a lot of extra noise to get there.

That said, the limitations of phpBB (and their ilk) are fairly painful, and felt like stepping back 10 years in time compared to the Stack Overflow engine. So instead of an unofficial, old-and-busted forum, how about an official meta-discussion outlet based on the Stack Overflow engine you’ve come to know and love?

We’re a little unsure how well the current SO engine will map to discussion-y topics. Remember, we designed explicitly around Questions and Answers — specifically, questions around a theme that can be (mostly) answered! Launching our own internal meta-discussion site is one way of finding out.

I’ve made Kyle Cronin and Tom Ritter moderators on the meta.* site, as they already went to such great lengths to create their own community sites around Stack Overflow. I think they’ve earned it.

It’s also looking more and more like meta will replace our UserVoice site, so our adjunct UserVoice moderators, Joel Coehoorn and Sean Massa, will of course be invited to moderate as well.

Kyle had some ideas about changes to the SO engine to help it adapt from the Q&A format discussion:

  • bounties make little sense on a discussion site
  • wording needs to be tweaked (i.e. questions->topics, answers->replies)
  • need to be able to follow questions/get notices of additional replies
  • remove notion of community wiki, as discussion sites have a stronger sense of ownership, plus nothing will be off-topic
  • ensure that chronological ordering is the default, if not the only, sort order, both for replies and comments
  • remove accepting an answer
  • some of the close reasons will have to be removed or tweaked

We’ve made a few of the easier changes already that were based on (groan) meta-data. Others will be tougher. We won’t know until we try, so …

C’mon get meta!

… and see what happens.

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Anybody else unable to log into while they’re logged into “normal” I can only log into the new site if I first log out of the original (or delete my cookie, which achieves the same thing).

For what it’s worth, this is on IE8 and using a OpenID.

clearing cookies apparently worked.

This is btw one of the downsides of the no-www crusade that they never tell you about.

CORRECTION: cookie issue specific to IE8. We can repro it. Will look at it tomorrow.

Yeah, originally I *thought* clearing cookies worked, but here’s what happened:

1. Cleared cookies and restarted IE
2. Logged into no problem with my OpenID
3. In a separate tab, logged into the original with the same OpenID
4. Switched back to the “meta” tab and refreshed, to discover I had been logged out
5. Logged out of the original
6. Switched back to the “meta” tab and refreshed, and I’m logged in again.

It seems IE can’t acknowledge that both sites are logged in. If I’m logged into one, I’m anonymous on the other.

I’m Jack’s happiest smile :)

The problem doesn’t manifest when I use Chrome. That’s ok on this PC but it’s gonna be an issue for folks who are forced to use IE in the workplace.

Paolo Bergantino Jun 28 2009

I’m seriously bummed out all these sites keep popping up and I have 100 rep in them. Can’t you give me a few thousand of my 29k from stackoverflow?! I’m kidding, of course… kind of… not really… but yeah…

/me runs with the metaphor:)

The first rule of stackoverflow is: You do not talk about stackoverflow.

The second rule of stackoverflow is: Uou *do not* talk about stackoverflow.

Third rule of stackoverflow, if 5 people vote to close your question, your question is over.

Fourth rule: Two types of people to a thread, those who ask, those who answer.

Fifth rule: Ask your question one time.

Sixth rule: No swearing, no caps.

Seventh rule: Questions will go on until an answer is accepted.

And the eighth and final rule of stackoverflow is: If this is your first time on stackoverflow, read the FAQ.

About the “need to be able to follow questions/get notices of additional replies”.

Why is this specific to the meta site?!?! I never got why you were so reluctant to add this to the main site…

hmmmm When I logged in (using FF 3.5) it created a new user. But when I tried to give it my email it said it was already registered.

Assaf Jun 28 2009

Thanks, guys. Glad you decided to implement this.
Weird that everyone starts with 100 rep… but also exciting!

Hahaha:) Now that was just plain wrong:)

Have you guys read Clay Shirkey’s paper “A Group is Its Own Worst Enemy”? Shirky totally predicted this was going to happen, it is what he calls ‘the core group arising and asserting itself’. It is one of the things that he thinks all social software absolutely MUST provide, because it will happen in spite of you if you don’t provide it.

Stack Overflow has ticked a lot of Shirkey’s boxes, but this aspect of meta-discussion, or allowing the core group to assert itself, was one that it didn’t until now. Interesting how the core group went off and asserted itself in spite of SO. It turns out that this core group is one of the ingredients you need if the group is not to destroy itself.

Fascinating paper, you should check it out:

Well maybe if you ignore the fact that anyone can participate in meta OR uservoice. Though I don ‘t know why would want to (ignore that face that is).

It seems that the FAQ link you get in the “first user” banner doesn’t like middle clicks… :~?

Come now people, javascript for navigation, really?

Jason S Jun 28 2009

Hallelujah, praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. :-)

Jonathan Webb Jun 28 2009

@Tim Long: thanks for the link to Clay Shirkey’s paper. It’s remarkable how many of the effects of social software were observed 30 years ago!

I tried posting “What’s your favourite stack oveflow cartoon?” but it wouldn’t let me.

If that was a pre-emptive check coded in to stop the fairly obvious bad joke, well played. :)

Any reason to keep the UserVoice site around anymore?

I don’t really understand the argument “allowing meta discussions means you have to wade through a lot of extra noise” as it would apply to Stack Overflow. I mean no one is reading SO from start to finish, right? You’re searching for some keywords.

If you’re really worried about “clutter”, you could make it so that any topic with a designated meta tag doesn’t show up in search results unless that meta tag is in the query.

> you could make it so that any topic with a designated meta tag doesn’t show up in search results unless that meta tag is in the query.

Right, so then if I decide I don’t like you, I’ll be sure all your questions have that tag so they disappear..

Assaf Jun 28 2009

Well, having played with meta for about a day now, I have to say that it’s just fabulous.

What’s great about it is that now it’s much easier to stay on SO more time. Usually I visit SO, answer what I can and eventually run out of interesting questions. Now I have this “lounge” to lurk in and pass the time until newer questions arrive. And on it goes until it’s time to actually get back to the solution that’s been compiling .

I can’t sign in with my open id (myopenid). The same open id is working fine on the main site, but no joy on the meta. Signing out, clearing cookies and all of those tricks don’t fix either.

Kieran, if you’re using IE8, you probably won’t be able to; there’s some issue where IE8 doesn’t distinguish cookies on the subdomain from the parent domain..

otherwise email details to

> Have you guys read Clay Shirkey’s paper “A Group is Its Own Worst Enemy”?

Yes, I presented with Clay and have talked about him many times..

Thanks Jeff. I’m actually using FF 3.0.11 on Linux i686. After trying (and failing) to authenticate in Konqueror. I tried again in FF and it worked.

TheTXI Jun 29 2009

The gray-scale theme really makes me want to punch a toddler.

Nathan Jun 29 2009


The gray-scale theme makes me want to punch a pony.

Steven A. Lowe Jun 29 2009

Congratulations on finally doing the obvious! And three cheers for killing uservoice – hurray hurray hurray!

Yeah!!! I’ve been waiting for this for a while. I like the “gray” theme going with this, very appropriate for the “shenanigans” going on.

Is the one Meta site to rule them all, or will and have their own meta site as well?

Michael Acobas Jun 29 2009

I found the IE8 bug is also plaguing me on IE7.

@pfctdayelise: “I mean no one is reading SO from start to finish, right? You’re searching for some keywords.”

Um, I hate to break it to you…

kej123 Jun 29 2009

When will be launched? Judging by the previous comments. We need obviously need somewhere to discuss

It would be cool if some configuration trickery were set up so would present the same material as, but perhaps generate a different image with 2 metas… then the same for, and so on… as long as it doesn’t affect the site if someone loads meta.(x 1000) Yay for easter eggs!

PS I agree that the grays are just too much…. it’s rather painful to browse the site.

I’ve thought of the perfect counterpart to :

For those subjective questions.

(Captcha was weird today; rumbaed 46)

Jon Ericson Jun 30 2009

Needless to say: thank you! This has been the single most aggravating problem with Stack Overflow and I think it not premature to say, “problem solved”. Despite your protestations, the Stack Overflow software works pretty well for discussions. (Way better than UserVoice.)

However… I still think a real bug tracker would be sensible. The meta-site is vote based, which means popular issues become high-profile and obscure issues get buried. But there’s a class of bugs that are high impact for a small number of users, which have no chance of being noticed in a vote-based system. A true, anal-retentive, don’t-let-anything-get-dropped bug-tracking system is in order for those types of issues.

CAPTCHA: chasten shakeup

Curt Sampson Jul 1 2009

Disallowing meta-discussion on SO is a perfectly reasonable idea. However, you messed up your implementation in two ways:

1. You haven’t actually disallowed it: you’ve gone and put the FAQs about so (which are patently not programming related) on SO. Programmers, at least many western ones, get annoyed by “do as I say, not as I do.”

2. Not having a good place to have meta-discussion about the site, when the intended audience is people most of whose foremost desire is to figure out and discuss how the things they use work, is a rather egregious example of working against your audience.


1. we’re planning to move tons of content from so to som, just working on tooling atm

2. this is covered on podcast #60

Tim Büthe Jul 15 2009

+1 for that whole Fight Club thing! Oh wait… there is no voting on that blog yet.