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Welcome New Community Moderators

05-19-09 by . 31 comments

The Stack Overflow moderator election is now complete.

There were two users who clearly ran away from the pack in the voting: Marc Gravell and Bill the Lizard. Between the two of them, they accounted for almost a third of all the 2,880 votes cast.

It was a tough choice determining such a close race — so we didn’t! Both Bill and Marc are new Stack Overflow moderators. I’ve posted some moderation guidelines and flipped the switch on their accounts.

As for Server Fault, that was tougher, because the community is just starting out. None of the existing Stack Overflow team is really qualified to moderate a site intended for system administrators and IT professionals.

So we reached out to two members of the existing community who very generously volunteered their time to moderate: Kara Marfia and Denny Cherry.

Eventually, once the Server Fault community matures, I expect to hold a moderator election there as well to bring another one or two online.

(One thing we haven’t addressed is how long a community moderator should be “elected” for; it seems like a good idea to hold periodic elections and let other trusted members of the community both relieve the existing moderators, and bring a fresh perspective to the mix.)

At any rate, congratulations to Marc, Bill, Kara, and Denny. As always, please use your new powers for good and not evil! Unless someone really, really deserves it.


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Congratulations to Marc, Kara, and Denny. Thanks to everyone who nominated and voted for me, and to Jeff and the team for giving us the opportunity. And now on to Phase 3 of my Evil Plan…

Now, where did I leave the manic laugh… [clears throat] mwhaha…. mwhahahahaha…

Congrats to my co-conspirators; Bill, Kara, and Denny.
Cheers to everyone on the team and in the community. And here’s to the first bun-fight in need of moderation ;-p


Congrats, everyone. Can’t speak for the ServerFault side of things, but SO is in good hands.

Woo, finally someone to act on all the flagged SF posts ;)

Congrats to all, and I look forward to Marc having less time to answer the C# questions ;)

Congrats to all,

And @jeff, nice use of your new Flare’s ;)


Kara Marfia May 19 2009

Thanks, Jeff – and hullo to Bill, Mark & Denny!

The site and the group are such a joy already, I’m thrilled to have a chance to help out… (and gain new partners in crime, can you ever have too many?)

Lasse Vågsæther Karlsen May 19 2009

Congratulations to all!

And evil laughter is spelled muahaha, not mwhahaha! Just saying…


@Bill the Lizard: Congratulations!
As your first test, what will you do when a new user posts an off-topic question and points to Jon Skeet Facts as a precedent? I’m sure you have an answer ready, but I’m just curious what it will be.

Congrats, Bill, Marc!

Remember – sometimes, the hardest thing to do is nothing at all… so don’t work too hard!

@Lasse Vågsæther Karlsen – plenty of citations for either spelling; for sure, “mu” beats “mw” in a google-fight, but they both make it into the ring…

All I have to do now is figure out what all these shiny new buttons do… “Destroy” has a pleasant ring to it… reminds me of

Congrats guys!

@mmyers: Thanks!
You’re presupposing the Jon Skeet Facts is off-topic, which it isn’t. As I’m sure you can guess, I don’t vote to close peripherally-related “fun” questions (unless they’re also duplicates), since users can easily ignore tags they aren’t interested in (and since that would make me quite a large hypocrite). So, the answer to your question is, I would make sure it’s tagged appropriately and move on.

Congrats :)

So, we vote again in 4 years?

Captcha: counts passives

@Bill the Lizard: I guess that works well enough. I do think that JSF is funny, and I did post in it (several months later, which is how long it took me to think of something funny). And closing “fun” questions isn’t why we needed new moderators anyway, come to think of it.

Forgot to mention before that I’m glad one of the new moderators is British. Considering Jeff and Geoff are on the Pacific coast, there should be no gap in moderator coverage. If Jeff Atwood makes a final check at 11 PM and Marc Gravell checks in at 7 AM the next morning, they’re actually checking at the same time.

Sung Meister May 19 2009

Congratulations there, Marc and Bill.

Btw, are there going to be a “self-introduction” pages for mods? ;)

Congrats everyone!
if it’s like the UK, the premier will delay announcing a date as long as possible until he hopes everyone has forgotten….

best capcha ever: beefing agrentina

cletus May 19 2009

Gratz guys. To quote Homer “Don’t blame me, I voted for Kang.” And by “Kang” I mean “Bill the Lizard”. :)

To further Jon’s comments, if only I can somehow get Jon out the way then maybe there’ll be open C# questions to answer and thus maybe I’ll elarn something more about C#. :)

We will surely link the community mods from the /about page, to be sure (as well as our uservoice mods, thank you Sean and Joel).

Beyond that, your user profile should tell the story!

Many congrats to all!

nobody_ May 19 2009

Awesome, congrats to both of you! Can we get some screenshots of the moderator powers? :-)

Capcha: umpire brats

tomjedrz May 19 2009

If we are electing moderators, will we be able to un-elect Jeff and Joel? ;-)

What, you don’t like me?

Okay, was trying to be funny but it just didn’t work :(

Anyway: ‘grats to Bill & Marc!

David HAust May 19 2009

Nice one.

Is this the non-carbon based equivalent of your baby taking its first unassisted steps? Means you don’t have to carry them everywhere but also means they can get into LOTS more trouble all on their own. Should be fun either way!

And +1 for the periodic moderator elections/re-elections.

Steven A. Lowe May 22 2009


captcha: beckoned dominated

how appropo

Kashif Jul 7 2009

Congrats! I always admire big rep users. I wish I can be like you people.

Annonymous Oct 6 2010

What a feat! Moderator of StockOverflow! You must make your Mom proud!