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Stack Overflow Moderator Voting Now Open

05-05-09 by . 76 comments

As mentioned on March 20th, we are looking for a new Stack Overflow moderator to be chosen by the Stack Overflow community itself.

I walked through the first 30 comments to that post and gathered up the nominations (except the self-nominations and those who recused themselves), and voting is now open:

  • To be eligible to vote, you must be a Stack Overflow user with 200 reputation.
  • The list of candidates is shown in random order every time it is presented.
  • Only one vote can be cast per user. (no, it can’t be undone.)
  • After a week, the candidate with the most votes will be elected the new Stack Overflow moderator.

For those users who don’t follow the blog, we are planning to send out a user alert (similar to the badge award alerts) tomorrow to let them know the voting page is available.

Remember, we’re looking for a good moderator; someone who is above all

  • patient and fair
  • leads by example
  • shows respect for their fellow programmers in their actions and words

I suggest examining the candidates’ user pages to get a sense of what kind of moderator they might make.

I cast my vote; have you cast yours?

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DrJokepu May 6 2009

How long will be the elected moderator’s “mandate”? Is it for life, or are we going to have “moderator elections” regularly?

nobody_ May 6 2009

To make a more informed decision, can we examine the candidates’ voting records? Before selecting someone as a moderator, I’d like to know how many times they’ve voted to close, reopen, and mark a post as offensive, as well as how often they’ve had their edits rolled back by other users.

When will we see results? Will there be partial results? :P

John Skeet will win for sure, even without being on the list.

Click Upvote May 6 2009

+1 for Simucal

wcoenen May 6 2009

Moderators should be old wise men. After a quick look through the ages of the candidates, that means +1 for S.Lott :-)

chakrit May 6 2009

Simucal +1

But… why Jon Skeet’s not on the list?

Keeping diversity in mind, I first went through the list and disqualified anyone for whom C# was one of their top 5 tags (including myself). That left a much smaller field:

Greg Hewill
Bill the Lizard
Jonathan Leffler
Bill Karwin
Paul Dixon
Paul Tomblin

I’ll keep my choice from that group to myself, but really any of these should make a decent moderator.

Also: neat that each time you view the page it lists the candidates in random order.

Oh, and how bout adding some “voting closes on ….” text to the vote page?

@chakrit – I think he recused himself.

@DrJokepu 4 more years!!

@chakrit/Rob: Yup, I declined the nomination. As per one of the podcasts, Jeff would have been reluctant to accept me anyway, for similar reasons to the ones I gave for declining.

That being said, everyone go vote for Marc Gravell. The more time he spends moderating, the less time he’ll have for catching up with me ;)


I second the notion that I’d like to see more of their voting patterns to make this decision. Its hard to decide who is the best moderator (voter) based upon their questions and answers alone.

gulzar May 6 2009

Good Luck guys!! Tough to select just one.

TheTXI May 6 2009

“I walked through the first 30 comments to that post and gathered up the nominations (except the self-nominations and those who recused themselves), and voting is now open”

Conveniently left off one controversial nomination which was originally nominated at the 26th comment. *rubs chin*

You said “I cast my vote; have you cast yours?” to encourage everyone to vote. What you should have said is “Have you got your ‘Suffrage’ badge for voting?” – that would have been more of an enticement… :) (I have voted.)

@TheTXI: I was wondering about that too. Does banning count as an automatic un-nomination?

Simucal May 6 2009

@Guy, Suffrage badge! Great idea.

Everyone keeps coming up with clever badge ideas. I need to start trying to come up with some!

toast May 6 2009

@TheTXI: What do you think would’ve happened here had RichB been nominated? The point is to reduce the drama, not throw more fuel on the fire.

TheTXI May 6 2009

@Toast: If Rich B had been nominated he would have gotten a couple votes and probably would not have won (something he himself was quite realistic about).

The only drama that would have been caused over him getting the opportunity to be up for vote would be from people like you who attempt to make a huge deal over the slim tiny chance that he may possibly out of the blue low probability snowball’s chance in hell he might be voted an SO moderator.

If you intentionally disqualify someone from the running, at least be up front about it, or own up to not being able to accurately count to 30. I’m not going to make any sort of attempt to get him on the ballot (obviously too late about that), I just think it’s disingenuous to brush it under the rug and act like there isn’t a missing nominee.

TheTXI May 6 2009


That’s would I would guess, which I don’t have any sort of problem with (just be honest about it). Otherwise I am left assuming that Jeff & the team can’t count to 30 in terms of the comment posts, which although unrealistic would be much more humorous.

TheTXI May 6 2009


How about you get awarded a Clever Badge Idea badge everytime you come up with a new clever badge idea?

*waits for Simucal to facepalm himself for not having thought of -that- one as well*

Some interesting tidbits gleaned from the comments to the nomination post:

I wasn’t nominated until _far_ after the 30th comment (#66). I checked because I was surprised to see my name up there. Rather a large stretch of his “or so” remark :)

Steven Lowe recused himself.

RichB is not currently eligible, with only 11 rep. Must be in the penalty box.

@Joel: a quick check of the Users page shows 7,158 for Rich B… But another user named RichB (no space) has 11 rep.

TheTXI May 6 2009

Joel Coehoorn:

You’re looking at the wrong Rich. Rich B is not in the penalty box right now and is over 7,000 rep.

I was a bit confused you said that at first because I was wondering what the hell he could have possibly done to get “boxed” again seeing as how he hasn’t been terribly active on the site for a few days.

Code Slave May 6 2009

I think the Ground Rules in the Nomination thread lend some insight as to why, even is some of them are subjective. This has already been hashed out in previous threads, and I don’t see a need to stir the pot this time.

TheTXI May 6 2009

@Code Slave:

All that is probable, all I’m looking for is a little transparency seeing as how there are multiple holes in what Jeff said on this blog (as noted by Joel C’s post about not actually being nominated until well after the 30th comment).

In all honesty I would rather have total obfuscation (i.e. not telling us at all the “method to their madness” in compiling the list of nominees) because at least then it wouldn’t feel like they are saying one thing and doing something completely different.

toast May 6 2009

@TheTXI: You are the one courting drama, not me. I said that Rich would make a bad moderator, not that he should be disqualified. I had enough faith in Rich’s popularity to not care whether he was nominated or not.

And maybe Jeff should have just said that he accepted “all valid nominations from the first 30 or so comments”, that way it would’ve included Joel’s nomination since “30 or so” is a fuzzy number and would explain Rich B’s as not being a valid nomination due to being boxed and all the commotion on the site caused (either directly or indirectly) by his actions.

And it’s not me you have to worry about. It’s the people like Click Upvote and Kev who like to cause disturbances to prove a point. I just talk a lot.

jalf May 6 2009

How much transparency do you need?

Given the rules set up for nominations, it should be pretty clear that Rich B failed some of the requirements. Which means he was never “legally” nominated, and therefore, not included in the actual voting either. The rules for nomination were explicitly mentioned in the nomination blog post. Do you really need Jeff to add “oh by the way, anyone who does not fulfill the requirements I explicitly listed will not be considered nominees”? Shouldn’t that be obvious? Isn’t that why he listed the rules in the first place?

You forget that the list of nominees is not simply the list of names dropped into the comments on the nominations post. It is that list *except anyone who fail to live up to one or more of the ground rules explicitly listed”. As toast says, perhaps he should have been explicit and said that he accepted “all *valid* nominations”, but really, I’d have thought that was implicitly understood. Why would he accept invalid nominations?

But thanks for bringing it up. We really need some more drama here. Adding more fuel to the fire is such a constructive thing to do. We really need to ensure that *everyone* knows all that Rich B has done wrong, in the name of transparency.

Now can we please move on?

@toast: he did say “or so” at the end of the _other_ blog post. But 66 is not usually “or so” relative to 30.

(captcha: The predator)

toast May 6 2009

@Joel: I just counted non-comical nomination posts (i.e. where people weren’t just having a laugh nominating themselves on the basis of pony love) and there are only 43 nomination posts in the entire 250.

Meta indeed.

toast May 6 2009

And to be honest, I think Jeff just started reading through, stopped when it got all meta and called it 30 without actually bothering to count.

Jon Ericson May 6 2009

For whatever it’s worth, I think openness should be a criterion for becoming a moderator. People who reveal more about themselves seem less likely to make destructive moderator decisions. So my personal preference would be for those who:

1. Use their real names in their profiles.

2. Use their real pictures.

3. Include a link to a web presence outside of Stack Overflow.

When I look at the list of candidates, the people who don’t use their real names and pictures tend to stick in my mind since they are different. I think any of them would be good choices. But like hiring a programmer, it seems best to set a high standard and risk screening out great candidates in order to get the best moderator.

@Joel Coehoorn – considering diversity of technical background seems an excellent criterion as well.

CAPTCHA: jury’s sights

@Jon Ericson:

I agree that openness is a valuable trait for a moderator. Nothing worse than getting slapped down with no explanation given.

However, I must respectfully disagree with your implication that those who fail to reveal irrelevant personal details are therefore unsuitable. Two of the people I nominated – Simucal and Pax – fail on at least one of your three criteria (and possibly fail all three); yet they’ve both proven themselves valuable members of SO.

A real-looking name and a real-looking picture mean nothing; behavior means everything. Each user page provides a lengthy history of each user’s behavior on SO, a history that is somewhat more difficult to manipulate than a username, picture, and personal website.

Gamecat May 6 2009


May the best candidate win ;-).

BobbyShaftoe May 6 2009

+1 BillTheLizard :)

(CAPTCHA=”neighbor proud” … ::shrugs::)

Geez, only one vote? This isn’t going to be easy. (Unless I can vote for myself)

Jon Ericson May 6 2009


I myself fail one of my criteria. (I don’t link to my personal website.) I’m not saying that those who have online identities that are separated from their offline identities are unsuitable. Rather I’m suggesting a way to winnow down the list a bit.

All of the candidates seem to have a long history of good behavior on Stack Overflow. But the question isn’t what they’ve done in the past. Rather it’s how they will behave in the future if they become moderators. It’s my (possibly irrational) opinion that moderators who have links to the world outside of Stack Overflow will think twice before behaving poorly as moderators.

In any case, I’m more interested in getting the number candidates down to something reasonable than I am in eliminating someone unfairly. In fact, the two candidates you mentioned were among those I considered voting for myself. And there are several other good choices that got scratched out. Even so, I still have a handful of candidates that I have to chose from.

Simucal May 6 2009

@Jon Ericson,

I agree somewhat that it would probably make people feel better if the candidates had some personal info listed on the page.

I also agree with Shog9 that peoples history on the site is the biggest indicator above anything else.

In any case, I added my name to my profile. My profile could still use some love though.

@Jon Ericson:
Ok, fair enough then – whatever works for you. I used eeny-meeny-miny-moe… ;-)

Ahh… time for some
CAPTCHA: Wednesday Catnip

I just voted for the person with the most awesome avatar image, myself..

Jon Ericson,
Since you brought it up, I might as well come right out and say that that is my real name and picture. I thought you’d all like to know that for the past several months you’ve been taking the advice of a cartoon lizard. I hope that doesn’t change the way anyone votes.

Wow… Now i wish i’d voted for Bill…

Eddie May 6 2009

@Bill the Lizard: Does this mean you have a cousin in the insurance biz?

Simucal May 6 2009


Honestly, if so then he might be the best choice.

He could help people save money on their car insurance AND provide useful moderation to the community at the same time.

“Closing this post as argumentative. Also, if you haven’t already looked into it, Geico could save you a lot of money on your car insurance as well.”

> Rich B is [has] over 7,000 rep.

Yes, but at the time of nominations, he did not.

> I think Jeff just started reading through, stopped when it got all meta and called it 30 without actually bothering to count.

Pretty much. I should have closed comments on that earlier.

The pedant in me wonders why the voting page doesn’t grey-out, or otherwise de-emphasise, the voting buttons once your vote has been cast. Not that it matters in the slightest.

Captcha: Steffens Apple – I’ll add that to my list of potential band/book names.

Uh, I can’t decide … :-(

I don’t want to vote for Marc for pretty much the same reason that Jon declined his nomination. Otherwise, he’d be perfect.

What with recent discussions (on IRC, at least) about people who’ve been nominated who didn’t really want in, I’m wondering if the voting should have instead been done using STV ( or the like.

In my view, first past the post requires _way_ too much voting strategy, like deciding whether the person you’re voting on is likely to win, rather than whether you think they’re the best person. It leads to the silly two-party system like you see in the US. :-D

Oscar Reyes May 7 2009

>… is shown in random order every time …

Why is it, that we as programmers always include this kind of things while organizing something? :) :) :)

Once at work, we were organizing an internal soccer league. I took the email list, randomize it and create the teams ( it was a disaster btw, I didn’t include any condition to make sure our local Maradona and Pele were placed at different teams )

In other situation, I created using random the pairs for gifts interchange at holly days, that was a success!!.

A non-technical friend of mine ask me once? Why is it that you guys always come with the “random” thing.

Perhaps because we know it is available?

About the reputation needed. I think 1,000 would have been a better number. 1k rep shows that you have been involved for a while at SO and probably have had more opportunities to get to know the candidates.

Congratulations for SO 1st year!!! :)

@Oscar: Random order removes any perception of bias, like favouring the first person to get nominated (if sorting by ID), or the person with last names starting with A, etc.

cletus May 7 2009

I’m actually starting to have some concerns about this process.

Firstly, if you look at the top 25 users, 16 of them are there and 1 would be if he didn’t withdraw (Jon Skeet). For the same reasons that Jon withdrew, are these the best people to be spending time moderating instead of doing what they normally do, which imho adds the most value, and that is answering questions.

Secondly, what exactly is the job of the moderator going to be? My view is it should be a largely hands off force of last resort kind of thing to settle disputes and so on but that’s just my opinion. I’m not sure if it’s ever been stated what Jeff & co are expecting from a moderator and what stnadards they should be upholding. This is important information in voting.

Lastly, we have 25 or so names on the voting list but only a single vote. This is called a first past the post system that is used wideley in elections but is really not a good idea once you get a large number of parties involved. There are some names on that list that will never win, not because there is anything wrong with them but simply because they just aren’t that well known.

It’s somewhat unfortunate that how well you’re known is going to be a large deciding factor in all this and the way to get known is to answer the questions in tags that are most often used and viewed. And that basically means C# so chances are the “winner” will be one of the big C# contributors. That’s going to exclude–or at least disadvantage–some otherwise good candidates.

But back to the FPTP system: just like in presidential elections, a vote for a minor party is a wasted vote. This’ll change voting I think so that it will be *heavily* skewed towards 5 ppeople or less (imho). I’m certainly going to be interested to see the results.

It’s hard to say if this process will achieve the desired outcome though because we don’t really know what that outcome is, other than to have another moderator of unknown function.

litb May 7 2009

Hey all :) I’ve just seen myself on that mod-vote page. It’s so sweet but i’m afraid i wouldn’t make a good mod. I missed to state it on that other blog-thread.

Thanks to all who felt litb was a good mod. But i guess I’m too much of a nerd to be a good mod anyway. Can someone remove me from that vote-list please? Cheers :)

> I’m wondering if the voting should have instead been done using STV ( or the like

How does STV help if only one person is being chosen? I’m reading that article and it seems you have to have multiple winners for that strategy to make sense?

nobody_ May 7 2009

@Jeff Atwood:

At the top of the article it says that in an election with one winner that STV is the same as Instant-runoff voting:

I would actually greatly prefer this approach because it would enable me to select several candidates that I feel are best for the job and rank them. This way, if my first choice doesn’t have enough votes to be elected, my vote will go to my second choice, etc. In situations, like this, where there are a lot of candidates, it’s a much more fair process than whomever got the most votes.

cletus May 7 2009

In Australia we actually use a preferential voting system ( Basically it works like this:

For each seat there are a number of candidates. When you vote you put them in order from 1 to N. If someone gets more than 50% of the initial 1 (primary) votes they win. If not (this is often the case), the person with the LEAST primary votes gets eliminated. All those that voted for that person have their votes redistributed to their second choice.

This process continues until someone has more than 50% of the “primary” votes.

It’s so much fairer than a FPTP system that I really can’t believe how many countries continue to use FPTP and runoff elections.

I wish the SO blog has an upvote functionality, because I’d be upvoting both nobody_ and cletus’s answers. :-)

But yes, whether it’s called STV, IRV, or PV (a rose is a rose by any other name), I’m in support of any of those. :-D

@cletus: That’s a great system! With that in place in the U.S., I’d have voted for Ron Paul (and I know a number of others who would have also). I can definitely see how it would help third/fourth/fifth parties get a foothold — which is why it probably doesn’t have a chance.

Anyway, I still haven’t voted for a moderator because none of the candidates is perfect; I’ll probably just end up picking one at random right before the deadline.

toast May 7 2009

There’s always a runoff style system.

And you wouldn’t have to change any mechanisms behind scenes.

I agree that there are too few votes per user for so many candidates, but this isn’t a bad system. The echo chamber that is the blog and IRC people might be surprised at how the voting turns out when it’s controlled by the 10,266 200+ rep users.

I wonder if it will indeed be the most attractive or memorable avatar/name.

Fun stuff!


ReCaptcha: skyjack Hanoi

Paolo Bergantino May 7 2009

I got bored so I made a list of the top tag for each nominated user:

java 2
c++ 4
sql 1
php 1
python 1
subjective 3
c# 6
c 1
javascript 1
mysql 1

I am pretty sure whoever wins is going to end up being in the C# camp, and that only leaves the mysql/php/python/javascript questions (which I, admittedly, zealously monitor) without someone to settle conflicts. I know this was brought up in the original nomination post, but like it or not people are going to be more attentive to “their” tags than to others. Is anything going to be done to address this?

@Paolo Bergantino: “like it or not people are going to be more attentive to “their” tags than to others.”

I haven’t found that to be the case. The 10k+ moderator tools are tag agnostic, and usually the uber-moderator isn’t going to need to do anything, except to those posts that are out of the ordinary, and they will show up in the tools.

I don’t think the moderator should take action on an item unless the normal community process isn’t working. So their normal browsing/asking/answering habits shouldn’t actually make much difference.


Like litb, I seem to have missed the original announcement of moderator nominations. (I was on holiday, read my blog if you’re curious where I went!). Also like litb and Jon Skeet, I don’t have a lot of interest in actually being a moderator, and was sort of surprised not to have been given the opportunity to accept or decline the nomination.

I wonder how this voting process will work if the top voted user (whoever they are) declines the position.

cletus May 7 2009

@Greg: that’s an interesting point.

Just for the record: are you withdrawing or would you accept?

Anyway, that issue wouldn’t be a problem with a preferential system. You simply rerun the vote as if that person and any votes for them didn’t exist (so it would start with some people’s secodn choice being treated as their first).

I agree that people are more attentive to “their” tags, which is why I brought up the issue that the next moderator will most likely be another C# guy.

The other issue though is timezone. It’s not terribly useful if, say, all the mods are only active in the same 10-12 hour window. We should be striving for more coverage than that so should be looking at who is active when the other mods currently aren’t.

Sam Hasler May 7 2009

Please Mister Atwood, can I have my vote back?

Imran May 7 2009

Why can’t we change our vote once it’s cast? (not that I regret my choice)

@Sam, @Imran: Your vote is precious, and it is donated to charity immediately upon use, to feed internet orphans.

Do you really want to take your vote back from those bandwidth hungry orphans?

Please reconsider.


recaptcha: inanest
How does it _know!?!_

votes for moderator candidates who recused themselves were returned, and a message was inserted into these users’ stackoverflow notification queue to let them know they can vote again.

How long before people want the poll functionality for their own SO questions?

captcha: serges TorrobaSabicas

@Jason: That’s opening up a huge can of worms, in my humble opinion.

Should that be implemented, should a preferential voting system be in place, at least at the option of the poll maker? (See comments above.) What rep threshold is required to cast? (In the case of non-preferential voting:) Should poll results be viewable before the poll is closed? How long should the poll be? Should people be able to adjust their votes during the lifetime of the poll?

Should there be more than one question allowed in the poll? If so, how many?

In a way, I’m playing devil’s advocate; however, I feel that some features are much harder to make “publicly available” than it is to be usable for the site owners only.

Recommended reading, on the complexity of implementing seemingly-simple things:

@Chris: I was half joking. I think most of the SO users know that Jeff and Co. are making the site better and they’re fine with that. There’s a small percentage that see functionality and WANT NOW. Someone will demand that the poll functionality be added to the site for general use even though that’s not the intent of the site…

cletus May 11 2009

So when does the voting end? Must be within a day or two. Will we get to see the complete results or just who the winner is?

Captcha: Elly subjoin

My voting method:

1. Make a spreadsheet with as many relevant statistics as possible on all the candidates, plus myself and Jon Skeet as controls (yes, I know Jon Skeet is not a data point).
2. Ignore most of the statistics.
3. Filter out anyone who has c# or subjective in their top three tags (c# for reasons mentioned earlier, and subjective so people won’t have leverage on the new moderator. Can you imagine what would happen if Bill the Lizard closed a question for being subjective and off-topic, while leaving Jon Skeet Facts open?). That leaves only five candidates: Jonathan Leffler, Shog9, Bill Karwin, Paul Dixon, and Tomalak.
4. Filter out anyone from the US (that way, all the moderators won’t be asleep at the same time). That leaves Paul Dixon and Tomalak.
5. Randomly decide between the two.

I chose Paul Dixon; may the best person win!

cletus May 15 2009

Isn’t the week for voting up? Aren’t we overdue for an announcement/decision?

Who is the lucky winner?

Hey Jeff and Joel,

I’m listening to this episode right now and was wondering if you guys ever heard of .. i guess not. Could be helpfull in testing the UI part of the website.