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Stack Overflow Developer Days Conference

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Joel mentioned this in passing on one of the podcasts, but I didn’t want to steal his thunder, so I’ll let him explain:

We decided to launch a series of Stack Overflow events: the first gathering of the tribe of great developers making Stack Overflow so successful that over 90% of questions get answered.

It’s going to be in October, in five separate cities.

  • October 19 San Francisco
  • October 21 Seattle
  • October 23 Toronto
  • October 26 Washington, DC
  • October 28 London

In each city, we’re planning a one-day event.

We decided to cram as many diverse topics as possible into a single day event. Like a tasting menu at a great restaurant, we’ll line up six great speakers in each city.

This is not going to be just a Java conference or a .NET conference or a Ruby conference. This will be completely ecumenical. We’ll have somebody to introduce Microsoft’s new web framework, ASP.NET MVC, but we’ll also get someone to talk about writing code for Google’s new mobile operating system, Android. And in each city, we’ll find one local computer science professor or graduate student to tell us about something new and interesting in academia.

For smart programmers who are interested in learning about something a little bit outside of their own immediate field, this is the conference for you. We’re doing it in the spirit of Byte Magazine. Remember Byte? Every issue covered a wide range of topics and technologies. Sadly, Byte disappeared, to be replaced by Mac-only magazines, IBM-PC only magazines, even Microsoft SQL Server-only magazines.

The conference is for programmers. The conversation is going to be hard core. Speakers are going to be writing code.

And it’s only $99! With a limited # of student tickets for $10!

Interested? Sign up for Stack Overflow DevDays.

Better yet … participate!

  • We need volunteers in each city. If you live in one of these five cities, and would be able to help check tickets and just generally be useful during the conference, please email
  • We need sponsors for the meals and breaks. If your company would like to be a sponsor, please email This is a great way to recruit superstar programmers: sponsors will have the opportunity to set up recruiting booths at the conference.
  • If you listen to the podcast at all, you have got to be sick of hearing myself and Joel ramble on by now. Save yourself, better yet, save everyone — help us pick interesting speakers! Who would you like to see speak in each city? Recommend someone! (and yes, we are trying to get Wil Shipley from this week’s podcast to participate at the San Francisco event.)

I’m not supposed to say this out loud, but if those cities sell out, a little bird told me that more cities might be added to the calendar.. so pretend I didn’t just say that. Because I didn’t. Nope. Not me.

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thank you for thinking of the UK. Me and a few from the team already booked =>

Am I reading it wrong or did 145 ppl already signed up in Seattle?

vartec May 13 2009

Do one in mainland Europe. In Amsterdam for example.

paulgreg May 13 2009

Or in Paris, France. It’s not so far from London and you may experience taking the eurostar (the train under the channel). :p

According to the statistics you once quoted on the podcast, Germany is among the most active countries on SO — so why not add an event in Germany?

1800 INFORMATION May 13 2009

Hey, how about one in New Zealand while you’re at it?

p.s. Your CAPTCHA is too hard. I think I’m a computer program

tharkun May 13 2009

I think this is a great idea! I support Germany (Berlin)!

Another vote for Europe.

Zürich would convenient, but I’ll settle for London, Amsterdam, Paris or where in Germany :)

Oops, my bad. London it is even though it means a flight. Somewhere on the continent really, really would be nice.

Booked my ticket. Looking forward to it.

gamecat May 13 2009

Nice idea. Not sure if I can make it there. But I try.

Although it would be fun if it was in Amsterdam or any other big city in the western part of the Netherlands, London is not entirely impossible, it just means more things to organize.

Nidonocu May 13 2009

Any likey-hood of any of the big events at these conferences being recorded and rebroadcast to the rest of StackOverflow and those that can’t make it? :)

happyappa May 13 2009


DrJokepu May 13 2009

Got mine ticket! Looking forward to see you guys in London!

I think you should come to Iceland…… no really :)

Btw those T-Shirts are a pretty neat idea, you should get a group photo after every event if a lot of people show up in one.

I’ll be there (London). Not sure on the T-shirt front though. I have a few other options I’m considering…

I was disappointed there wasn’t a NYC one, considering Joel; and I was also disappointed it’s not on a weekend. It’s doubtful work would give me free day to go learn about something not directly benefiting them (bettering me – yes; but we don’t develop android apps) and tickets would sell out by the time I could ask them.

So here’s hoping NYC on a Saturday/Sunday!

Aw, student tickets sold out. No trip for me then, unless I win the lottery. :p

If you add other cities, Dallas, TX will be on the list too, right? Please? :-(

I’d like to see you do one in the Kansas City area.

codeape May 13 2009

Second that on the Kansas City area.

Did anybody else notice that the site randomly under reports the number of spaces available? When I signed up (~330) it said 56 seats were free. As I as trying to skype a mate to see if he was interested, a page refresh showed it was down to 44. I, of course, whipped out the AmEx immediately regardless of my buddy’s scheduling and bought. When my buddy bought an hour later, it told him there were 80-something seats open.

That’s kinda evil in my book.

It also says 450 signed up, but Joel’s blog says it is capped at 300. And 180 seats are free. Hmmm….things just aren’t adding up.

What’s going on?

Please publish video of the presentations online.

I’ll see you in London!

Thanks for thinking of us Canadians up in Toronto. Got my ticket booked!

Cheers from the North!

I guess people in the US only program on the coasts. :-(

captcha: consideration donned

Brian May 13 2009

Cheers for considering Toronto!

This is great I will most likely be at the DC event. Any chance we can get locations and times for the events?

Brian May 13 2009

I recommend Bill Buxton from the Toronto area to present.

East coast, west coast, Canada, and across the pond.

Nothing in the middle. :( :(

I’ll be there in spirit, if not in the flesh. Unless you plan to add Chicago, Nashville, and Vegas to the list….

Thanks for including London!

Any chance of doing something in Phoenix? There’s a lot of tech places out there now (as I’m sure you know) and it would only be an hour and a half drive for me. I’d be happy to volunteer.

Any other So. Cal/Southwestern folks want to chime in?

gnovice May 13 2009

Nothing near Cincinnati, eh? Poor, under-represented midwest. =( Here’s hoping you guys post video online.

Paolo Bergantino May 13 2009

Darn! I’m going to be in Seattle until August, then I’m going back to Florida State in Tallahassee. Boo.

You still hate us Australians I see ;)

Let me know when you have on the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

Simucal May 13 2009

Kansas City +4

I always hated seeing conferences listed as > $1k since I just can’t afford that. Now that there’s one within my price range (I actually booked some vacation which will take me through Toronto the week the conference is held there), I can’t justify a newbie like me taking up one of these limited seats when I wouldn’t appreciate it like most of you would.


Oscar Reyes May 13 2009

Is Jon going to talk @ London

He should be, at least covering the “user” perspective.

I think Jon Skeet is very representative of what SO is.

Remember? :

Rodney May 13 2009

Gah! I’ll be in London for a holiday.. I don’t think my wife will be too happy if I ditched her for a day.. :(

Kansas City +5. Wow. Way to show up, KC!

Rahul May 14 2009

Everybody ignores Asia :-(

> Is Jon going to talk @ London

Jon Skeet does not give talks at conferences. Wherever he shows up, that area BECOMES a conference.

Jon B May 14 2009

No norhteast US? NYC or Boston?

@Jeff – nice Jon Skeet Fact.

coastal montgomery

Signed up for London! looking forward to it :)

Oscar Reyes May 14 2009

No Mexico city?!!! … what kind of conference is that?! I’m pretty sure there would be at least … hehem 3 people here!!.



It’s a shame that there are no more student tickets for London. I would’ve definitely come along if I could get a student ticket. Hell, I’d even pay $50 for a ticket, but nearly £40 is a bit much when I have to include travel expenses as well.

Hopefully you guys will add more student tickets, and I’ll be able to learn from some of the best.

gamecat May 18 2009

I’l be there at london.

Next challenge is to find a nice hotel.

Steven A. Lowe May 18 2009

How about hosting one in Atlanta, y’all? Y’know, so some southern programmers can git thar?

Stop off in Australia some day :)

Captcha: tidy as

nobody_ Jun 10 2009

I’m surprised there’s no mention of it on this blog, but there are now five additional cities added to the mix:

Oct 07 Boston
Oct 14 Austin
Oct 16 Los Angeles
Oct 30 Cambridge, UK
Nov 02 Amsterdam

(details here:

Personally, I’ll be going to the one in Boston. I hope to see some of you there.

Unfortunatly I cant come to Amsterdam on Monday.
So if anyone is interested in 2 Student Tickets, drop me a note: