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Linking Duplicate Questions

05-20-09 by . 20 comments

Today’s update completes another top-rated UserVoice request — making it easier to explicitly link duplicate questions together.

There are lots of small improvements that go with this build. We now show the current close vote count in the close menu, so you have some idea why the other 3k+ rep users think this question should be closed:


Remember, it takes 5 close votes from 3,000+ reputation users to close a question, but they don’t all have to agree on the reason. (The reason with the most votes, however, will be shown when the question is finally closed. Yes yes, I know, you’re programmers so you are immediately wondering what happens if all five votes are for five different reasons. Stop that right now!)

If you select “exact duplicate” as a reason, you’ll get a dynamic as-you-type question duplicate lookup. You can match on any word in the title, or the actual question id number here.


If the question reaches the 5 vote close threshold, and has enough duplicate votes, it will be closed with the reason of “exact duplicate”, as before. But now a revision will be automatically edited into the post, summarizing the voted duplicate questions at the top:


We tried to look at the existing way the community was dealing with duplicate questions and streamline it into as few steps as possible.

Remember, in some cases we may want duplicate questions to stick around …

There’s often benefit to having multiple subtle variants of a question around, as people tend to ask and search using completely different words, and the better our coverage, the better odds our fellow programmers can find the answer they’re looking for.

… but if not, feel free to flag for moderator attention any closed duplicates you think should be merged. If the moderator agrees, he or she can merge the duplicates together without any loss of answers or comments.

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Assaf May 20 2009

Superbly implemented IMO. Thanks guys for taking the time to implement these important features right.

This is a really nice feature, I also agree that duplicate questions are not always a bad thing, people structure questions in different ways.

Being able to easily find and link duplicate questions is a excellent feature!

> Superbly implemented IMO

It’s all Geoff and Jarrod — they deserve the kudos, I’m only the messenger!

RobWells May 20 2009

G’day Jeff,

A big thanks to Geoff, Jarrod and yourself for implementing my suggestion!

What Geoff and Jarrod have come up with is so much better than what I was expecting. 8-D

I owe you guys a beer next time I’m over there.


I don’t know: it’s a big improvement certainly, but imo this still fails to address the worst problems associated with how duplicates are handled. Namely:

* It still discourages new users (the ones most likely to ask duplicate questions), because their question still ends up aggressively closed. Ultimately this will come back to bite you.

* It still doesn’t link forward from the original, and so the question with least information tends to become the canonical source for the topic.

* It still makes it difficult to update a topic. ‘Originals’ will become obsolete or dated over time, but if new ‘duplicate’ questions are always closed right away they don’t ever get the chance to have the same kind of community input for the current state of the art on that topic that the original did.

cletus May 20 2009

It is missing the ability to specify multiple duplicates, which is often the case as in (now deleted).

Two other comments:

1. Jeff I just discovered you deleted To quote Homer, I give that seven thumbs up!

2. I LOLed at the comment about us being programmers so we’re wondering what if there are 5 different close reasons cos I was wondering that before I finished reading that sentence. :)

Of course the “5 different reasons” scenario isn’t the only tie-break situation: “2 with 2 votes and 1 with 1″ probably comes up more often :)

I love the new feature, but I’d agree with the requests here to allow multiple references, and to create backlinks too. (Ideally the backlinks should be removed if the duplicate is then deleted, of course…)

I’d also ask for the “suggested duplicates” to be visible even before the question is closed, as per

But hey, it’s a *great* start :)

Daniel May 20 2009

@cletus – I would assume that you can chain all of the duplicates together, and thus linking to one of them links all of them together. (I haven’t tried marking anything as a duplicate yet though, so I don’t know.)

Is there a way to retroactively apply duplicates to already-closed dupes?

vote++ on close-as-duplicate inserting backlinks

@cletus: it kinda does support multiple duplicate links, although not from a single person (5 close voters can apparently submit 5 duplicate links).

Looks like there’s an issue with identifying duplicate duplicates though…

-randomly said

> It still discourages new users (the ones most likely
> to ask duplicate questions), because their question
> still ends up aggressively closed. Ultimately this
> will come back to bite you.

I don’t like the effect question closures have on new users either. But I don’t think this is a good reason to keep an exact duplicate open. The new user will see the link to the original question, and ultimately get there answer.

Its nothing like the spiked door to the face that a new user gets for being a little too vague, or asking a marginally forbidden topic.

Click Upvote May 20 2009

what happens if 5 people vote for 5 different reasons? Please, i’m dying to know ;)

If it still works as it did, the last person will be the decider of the close. (as in what message will be placed)

Yes it’s a strange way to do it, but that’s how it is.

Oorang May 20 2009

@Click Upvote

Me too:) I’d guess highest reputation but here are some others:
First vote, last vote, random selection, special category, position of the planets in relation to the stars:)

cletus May 21 2009

I don’t think closing questions *necessarily* has a bad effect on newbies. It depends on how it’s handled.

I’ve seen some people who will vote something down, plaster ‘DUPLICATE!!!!’ all over the question, vote to close and then leave a comment to the effect of ‘OMG U R SUCH A N00B USE THE SEARCH OR GOOGLE OMG OMG OMG’. Yeah, that’s a real turn off.

Generally speaking however I don’t vote down duplicates, particularly for new users, where it’s simply an honest mistake. This is especially the case since the search on SO is, well, not great. Using google is better but you can’t really expect a newbie to know that (yet).

Voting down seems punitive and pointless.

There’s no reason you can’t be positive and courteous while pointing someone to a duplicate and I’m honestly surprised and somewhat disheartened when they aren’t.

some tweaks went out tonight, as well as some bugfixes. No major changes yet, though.

REMINDER: it is very important that the tags strongly match on duplicate questions! The closer the questions are, thematically, the more tags they should have in common.

I’m wondering if the close as duplicate search logic is any different than the suggested answers logic when a question is asked, the search logic, or the logic that fills the related questions in the sidebar (I’ve no idea if those are all the same, either). I’ve voted to close as duplicate when the duplicate question didn’t appear in the sidebar and I knew the question was a duplicate because I’d already answered it. Unless someone else has already provided a duplicate I often have to resort to google with to find one.

I actually like the feature (and some of the suggested improvements, though I can see where they might be hard to do and break the existing schema), but I hope you’re also addressing what I consider to be one of the weakest features in SO: search. Unless this has improved as well I can see there being a lot of frustration with this improvement.

theman May 21 2009

i dont get what that char to int question is about? a char is just a small integer? of course printf(“%d”, ‘1’) will print 49, go to and look at ‘1’ and see what the decimal value is.

The duplicate question thing got me thinking… If somebody closes an older question as a duplicate of a newer question, will the newer question be closed and the older be retained?