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Joel Talks About Stack Overflow at Google

05-01-09 by . 16 comments

On April 24th, Joel Spolsky gave a talk at Google on Stack Overflow. The talk was recorded and is available for viewing on YouTube.

The talk highlights how, from the very beginning, we designed Stack Overflow to be a destination page for web search. We explicitly optimize for “drive-by” programmers who type a problem into a search engine; we’re not big on social features, and we don’t demand that users create an account and hang out on the site. Most of all, it’s about the information — solid answers to useful programming questions!

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nobody_ May 2 2009

Great presentation. The best part I think was the discussion of future plans for the site and the technology. In that regard, can you give us any more info on the recruiting feature? I’ve seen the checkbox in the SO preferences tab but it doesn’t seem to be connected to anything at present.

Also, what are the Stack Overflow dev days, as alluded to by Spolsky?

Paolo Bergantino May 2 2009

Wow I just actually sat through that.

Very nice presentation, though. It was nice to see some of the thought process behind features and such. Joel handled himself nicely. I do hope to see that recruiting part of it implemented sometime.

I think Joel is going to blog about that so I don’t want to steal his thunder.

(*THUNDER*.. *thunder*.. thunder..)

nobody_ May 2 2009

Tell him to hurry up – I need a job! ;-)

Excellent presso indeed

barman May 3 2009

You should really fix the code samples

I’m surprised how noisy the google room was, must have been annoying to present.

Outside the autofocus/autoswitch camera, this was a very nice presentation

Peter May 4 2009

That was nice, but after following SO so much I think I could’ve done this presentation myself :)

Oscar Reyes May 5 2009

Now, I’m really confused.

What’s exactly the role of Joel on StackOverflow?

When SO started it was clear to me, this was a dual effort from Jeff and Joel.

Later I realize all the work was being done by Jeff, and somehow Joel was kind of “strategic” partner only. But it was run only by Jeff.

Now, with this presentation I’m totally confused. I would expect to see Jeff rather than Joel ( at least on the Q&A part. It seems like a better knowledge of the day to day work on Stackoverflow was in order )

StackOverflow is being presented as a FogCreek product, coded and designed completely by them, and Jeff’s participation is like a “bonus”.

Perhaps is being written somewhere in this blog or in codinghorror, but I have just missed it?

What’s exactly each one role in this? ( beside traditional “we are partners” answer )


nobody_ May 5 2009

@Oscar Reyes:

The way I think about it is that Joel plays “Jobs” to Jeff’s “Woz”. Jeff builds the site, but Joel promotes it.

Oscar Reyes May 5 2009

@nobody__ I hope it doesn’t end the same way :-S

p.s. Hey! what’s with the re-CAPTCHA nowadaysP! most of the times I just “guess” the word!! :P

Is there somewhere I can download the video?

Philosophy of SO is real.

+1 Can we have a downloadable version of this?
Why is it that some Google talk videos are downloadable while the rest are wait-watch-repeat..

cletus May 10 2009

Ya know the one real downside about Joel’s talk at Google is that twice in the last week I’ve seen some idiot on SO who think he’s being funny put “How is babby formed?” questions and answers across the site.