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Server Fault Private Beta begins

04-30-09 by . 58 comments

We’re launching the Server Fault private beta tonight. What is Server Fault?

Server Fault is for system administrators and IT professionals, people who manage or maintain computers in a professional capacity. If you are in charge of …

  • servers
  • networks
  • many desktop PCs (other than your own)

… then you’re in the right place to ask your question! Well, as long as the question is about your servers, your networks, or your desktops, anyway.

In other words, it is exactly like Stack Overflow, but instead of being a community for programmers, it’s a community for sysadmins and IT pros.

press any key to visit

We are seeding the beta with programmers who also happen to be sysadmins. The private beta is open to any interested Stack Overflow users with reputation scores of 100 or higher; to get started, simply go to and provide this password:


Yes, this is a reference to the alt.sysadmin.recovery FAQ, which is absolutely hilarious.

Once you’ve entered the password, log in normally using your existing OpenID. As a Stack Overflow user in good standing, you will get a few Server Fault new account perks: all your user information will be transferred over automatically, and an initial reputation bonus of 101 points added.

(note that if you use Google OpenID exclusively, there may be an issue with the OpenID string that is returned for a different domain, so please try our workaround.)

For feedback purposes, we have also set up a Server Fault uservoice site, and a Server Fault team email address. Just like on Stack Overflow, these are both linked from the bottom of every page on the site.

If you’d like to be a part of the Server Fault beta, but do not have a Stack Overflow account with 100 or more rep, then do this:

  1. Sign up for an OpenID if you do not have one already; we continue to recommend myopenid.
  2. Send a request to with your OpenID URL.

Once we have your OpenID we’ll add it to the beta list and you’ll be able to log in, but you will not get the reputation bonus that existing Stack Overflow users get. (Note that requests without an OpenID URL will not be honored, so please make sure you have an OpenID URL before requesting access!)

We don’t expect major problems since the site is based on the now-mature Stack Overflow codebase — but if you do encounter beta issues, please let us know via the Server Fault uservoice site linked on the bottom of every page!

The private beta should run for about 1 to 2 weeks. Have fun, and feel free to forward this private beta information to any sysadmins or IT pros you think might be interested; everyone is welcome!

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Great news! Joined ;-)

Waited long for this sister site. Hopping on right away…

SF’s design is much better the SO design. I liked the color combination.

No Beta badges? Will there be Beta badges?

Stevo300 Apr 30 2009

Have a SO profile with 570 rep, but can’t use my open id to log on to SF. Am I missing something?

Kristof Apr 30 2009

I am looking forward to use the new site, but unfortunately I am getting “sorry, https:// is not in the Server Fault beta list”, even though I have the required reputation.

Also the link did not work in Chrome,
To be redirected to I needed to use another browser. With Chrome it was landing on “Coming soon page”

Kristof Apr 30 2009

Just as I posted my comment I was able to login – great :)

Rob Y Apr 30 2009

I get the same error as Kristof did – any clues how you fixed it Kristof?

jjnguy Apr 30 2009

Not being to edit on the new site is driving me mad!
I feel helpless. Oh well, soon enough I guess.

I was wondering how closing is going to work for the first 3000 / 200 = 15 days?

Are questions just going to be dealt with by the mods?

Mike M Apr 30 2009

I’m also having trouble logging in.

Disregard my last comment; the beta badges are earned AFTER the beta period.

Heh… I sent my sysadmin an email with the URL to this post. I had to title it “server fault (a website, not a real server fault)”.

I try to avoid scaring him to death before noon.

Michael Haren Apr 30 2009

@Stevo300: If you have two openids associated with your account try the other one. That’s what did it for me (the secondary account didn’t work).

brann Apr 30 2009

I’ve got the following error message while trying to log in :

Unable to log in with your OpenID provider:

sorry,****************************** is not in the Server Fault beta list

I had the same problems logging in via Google OpenID. I have WordPress set up as an alternate OpenID on Stackoverflow, and I was able to log in via WordPress.

Raleigh Buckner Apr 30 2009

Had the same problem with Google OpenID. I was able to use my MyOpenID alternate to get in however. The side effect is that my primary and secondary OpenID logins are now set to MyOpenID.

The site looks nice. Somehow it looks “cleaner” than StackOverflow (and no, it;s not that there are less questions). Maybe it is just the newness…

Regardless, good job!

Neither OpenID on my account worked. Both Google and the other returned as “is not in the Server Fault beta list”.

Indeed, something about this approach of using the OpenID URL is borked badly. It doesn’t work for my account either.

I bet that gradient background is eating at Jeff.
I know how he likes to keep things simple. ;-)

EBGreen Apr 30 2009

I’m clearly missing something today, but the password is not working for me.


Works for me with

Bremen Apr 30 2009

Is there a reason not to share/keep rep between sites? Or at least migrate current rep? If SO can trust me, why can’t SF? Are they estranged brothers that don’t trust each other? :)

Count me among the tortured souls who can’t login with Google OpenID (sorry,^^^^^^^ is not in the Server Fault beta list). KHAAAAN!

It sure seems that something is broken with the Google OpenID login. Had to use my secondary (Verisign) one.

TheTXI Apr 30 2009

Bremen: Your rep on StackOverflow as a developer may not translate into your reputation as an IT Administrator (I know mine sure as hell doesn’t).

Owww man! Bang goes my Thursday afternoon!

At least I got onto the first page of “highest ranking” users, and for the first time hit the rep limit.


(back to reality and mundane work now…)

I agree about the closing issue… If you want us to self-moderate to keep out the “Building a new system – AMD or Intel” you’re really going to need to let us… It’s not realistic to expect the mods to be around all the time.

Having problems with your OpenID? I kept trying to login as https://dillie-o…. with the same permissions problems. I went back to my profile and discovered it was simply I added just that and I was in.

SF is looking good! Keep up the good work Jeff & Crew.

Any other such sites planned in the future? I would love to see a site that runs somewhere in between stackoverflow and serverfault – a site where one can ask very technical questions about how to do various things on computers, not programming related and not entirely IT related.

– How do I get this codec properly working when I am experiencing obscure issue ‘x’?
– How can I fix movie file aspect ratios that my digital camcorder isn’t properly setting?
– A dll won’t load from app ‘x’ with obscure error message ‘y’ – how can I figure out what’s really wrong?

These are the types of problems that, like programming problems, when searching online, it’s often very tough to find a good working actionable solution.

Eddie Apr 30 2009

Hurray! I’m on the first page of users! And I hit the rep cap before noon. Now I know what Jon Skeet feels like.

It’s odd to not be able to edit (to add links to the duplicates that are already appearing) and vote to close.

@Jim Buck: computingoverflow?

“The private beta should run for about 1 to 2 weeks.”

It’ll take 2 weeks for the diligent workers to get 3k editing privileges, and the Jon Skeets of serverfault will take just over one week.

Might want to hold off on opening it until after you’ve got a few dozen 2k+ editors at least, and a dozen or two 3k+ editors.

2-3 weeks might be better than 1-2.


Also, I’m curious to find out which of the inclusionists or exclusionists will make it to 3k in significant numbers first…

The race is on!


It’s funny looking at the questions on serverfault now – it very much follows the SO beta with all the semi-ontopic fluff questions (best… what do you use daily… how do you do [general idea]…).

Cover your eyes, children! It’s like Mardi Gras, but with Rep instead of hedonism!



ReCaptcha: kali Paul
Kali does not bode well…

Eddie Apr 30 2009

And watch the duplicates come rolling in….. I’ve already seen several.

@Eddie – yeah, I’ve been marking them as I find them in the comments, but since no one can close…

It’ll be 2-3 weeks of rather silly silliness, duplicates, and blatant rep-whoring before we get a good, stable group of editors… Well, as stable as editors get anyway.


ReCaptcha: Eastside pariahs
Indeed, recaptcha, indeed.

Just hit the 1k users mark in under 24 hours (close to 15 hours…).

My question: Will the Server Fault equivalent of the Stackoverflow Jon Skeet come from within the Stackoverflow community, or someone new that isn’t on SO (or participates very little).


Eddie Apr 30 2009

I continue to be surprised by the things people vote down.

How come poor Joel has only got a rep of 99? Didn’t he qualify for the reputation bonus? ;-)

Is there a way to move questions from SO to SF or the other way arrund?

cletus Apr 30 2009

Ok what am I missing here?

I go to (Firefox) and just get the “coming soon” page.

I try the link someone mentioned here of and put in “alt.sysadmin.recovery” (no quotes) into the password and click “grant access” and get redirected back to the “coming soon” page.

While on that page clicking “login” does nothing (just refreshes that password page).

After providing that password I can no longer get back to that beta-access page without deleting my cookies.

So how exactly do I get to the site?

Yeah, it’s fubar’d. They figure a sysadmin can work around it, so I guess it’s a test of sorts, though non intententional.

Here’s what I had to do in Firefox:

Go to and enter the password.

It’ll kick you back out to the front page.

Press F5 to force a cache refresh.

It’ll finally load the real serverfault.

Login using your stackoverflow openid (or alternate if you use google, or one of the other funky openids).

et viola!

The key is that the local cache seemed to be messed up, or perhaps it was the corporate proxy I was behind.


cletus Apr 30 2009

Actually I got back there by just guessing The page didn’t exist but that page had the correct link on it.

BobbyShaftoe Apr 30 2009

That was fast. :)

Argh! the colours! Serverfault’s colour scheme is painful, in my opinion. Stackoverflow looks much better.

+1 to Mr. Shiny & New. I keep thinking there’s something wrong with either my eyes or my monitor.

Weyland May 1 2009

Refresh the cache, sorted the front page out in Chrome (ctrl+normal refresh)

Jon Ericson May 1 2009

The color issue has a User Voice item already:

After spending yesterday afternoon with the new site and switching from one to the other this morning, I think it’s primarily going to be an issue for people who use both sites. But reducing the volume of red might be a relief for pure Server Fault users in any case.

Eddie May 1 2009

Darn it, I suppose due to beta protections, I can’t yet search via Google. :(

Eddie May 1 2009

Hmm, it seems that when I refresh the serverfault questions page, the XXX questions count appears to go up faster than the number of new questions I see appear. Has anyone else noticed this?

Wonder when the first boat-server question will pop up :).

William Brendel May 2 2009

I agree with “Mr. Shiny & New” and “mmyers” about the color scheme. Is the color scheme just temporary, or is this the final palette?

The colors are really too harsh. Red, white, grayish-blue, and burgundy (and more)? The red and burgundy are what really kill it. The dotted lines around the answer count look out of place as well.

Glad to see SF get off the ground though. Congrats to the team!

How does one get on the private beta list? None of my OpenID’s work, I’d really like to participate.

Will question migration be supported? There are _LOTS_ of open and active questions in the vmware/virtualpc/esxi/virtualization tags that should be moved from SO to SF, they’re borderline SO questions that were acceptable since they’re asked by programmers setting up test environments but are more appropriate for SF.

Password didn’t work.

Mikael Nordin May 7 2009

@Java developer
If you just copy the password from the site it will add an additional space at the end and it wont work. Try typing it or remove the last character

How can I invite a friend?

Peter May 8 2009

We should be able to invite friends who don’t have an SO account (much less 100 points). Most sys admins probably don’t hang around SO all that much.