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No, We Have Not Forgotten About the Hacker Badge

04-01-09 by . 16 comments

In case you were wondering, no, we haven’t forgotten about the Hacker Badge. Which is sort of like Eric Raymond’s universal hacker emblem.


It’s explained thusly by Mr. Raymond:

When you put the glider emblem on your web page, or wear it on clothing, or display it in some other way, you are visibly associating yourself with the hacker culture. This is not quite the same thing as claiming to be a hacker yourself — that is a title of honor that generally has to be conferred by others rather than self-assumed. But by using this emblem, you express sympathy with hackers’ goals, hackers’ values, and the hacker way of living.

Not everyone is a fan.

That’s just background. I’m specifically referring to the secret Stack Overflow hacker badge. It does exist, though it has yet to be awarded. (There might even be some other secret badges out there.. who knows?)

It’s just taking a while to get around to implementing it*, as it doesn’t behave like any other badge; it’s a manually maintained key-value pair of users who have “contributed to Stack Overflow in an unusual way.” Typically this means you’ve found a serious security exploit and sent it to us privately rather than making it public or exploiting it and harming the site. But that’s not the only way to earn it!

In other news, there will be no Stack Overflow podcast this week because Joel has the flu. There are lots of other great software podcasts out there to fill that gap, though!

* more than our usual 6-8 weeks.

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Paolo Bergantino Apr 1 2009

Oooh, a Hacker Badge!

Now I must go bug hunting!

Ryan Fox Apr 1 2009

Just curious, but has anyone earned one yet?

Also, I’d just like to say that if it weren’t for me, we’d all be looking at something like this:

deuseldorf Apr 1 2009

I would assume users would need to hack in and give themselves the badge in order to have that badge. Make it a rite of passage kind of thing.

whoah holy moses… the sparkly logo is an april fools prank yeh?

Can I nominate Andrew Rimmer for coming up with the simultaneously silly and useful


DrJokepu Apr 2 2009

I must say, I am deeply disappointed that there will be no podcast this week. What am I going to listen to during my next Thursday morning commute? I hope Joel will get better soon.

rism Apr 2 2009

Yeah boo about the podcast. I need my fix man. I tuned in late so for a while there I was doing 3 a day. Now I’m down to 1 a week and you wanna take that away from me too. That’s heavy.

Couldn’t you have just chopped up Joel in all the other ones and then stitched them back together in different ways just to make it seem like he was there???

And I gave up caffeine on Monday too. Sheeze, what a week.

TheTXI Apr 2 2009

I still humbly request a pink “OMG PONIES” badge.

I didn’t click that cornify button 1,000+ times just because it felt good.

Ok fine, I’m lying. It -did- feel good.

Spedge Apr 2 2009

Can I suggest – when attempting to fill the void left by J&J’s Podcast – you spend the time watching a lecture from

I’m working my way through the Computer Science ones from Harvard, and find although I know a great deal of what they are telling me – it’s nice to have a exciting, enthusiastic refresher.

Just a suggestion :)

vartec Apr 2 2009


theman_on_vista Apr 2 2009

omg joel .. no podcast .. wahhhhhhhhhhh

Maybe we should just have a giant Skype session for SO regulars, record it and call that the SO Podcast for the week ;)


@Jon or just maybe create our own.

Captcha: Lumber Gunning

I’ll second Jon’s nomination for Andrew Rimmer for his even more useful modifications to

CAPTCH: 10 unreadable images, followed by “in brownish”

Oscar Reyes Apr 3 2009

So, I should wait from 6 to 8 weeks.

In the mean time, I’ll drink!!!

Gamecat Apr 4 2009

@joel, get well soon. Flu is no fun at all.