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Logo Design Contest for

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Since we had such good results from our previous community logo contest, we’re doing the same thing for

We have a logo design contest at 99 designs, with a prize of $29 at stake.

99 designs logo

This time I’ve also added $50 prizes for second and third place. I always felt bad that the logos we didn’t pick for Stack Overflow were so good, and I had nothing to give the designers for their effort. Luckily, our good friend Leon Bambrick stepped in at the last minute with free licenses for TimeSnapper, which was a very nice gesture. No disrespect meant to Mr. Bambrick, but I think they’ll like the 50 bucks even better. :)

I’ve noticed that a few of the logo designs that initially appeal to me are thematically matching to Stack Overflow. I like this trend!

To be clear, we plan for and to be “sister sites”, meaning:

  • they run the same underlying software
  • they support shipping questions back and forth to each other

But each one will have

  • its own community
  • its own domain name
  • its own set of moderators
  • its own logo
  • its own set of colors and visual style

We will also have a brief (1 week?) beta period, as mentioned before, and all Stack Overflow users with > 200 rep will be invited to participate.

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Nice some of the logos there.

I also think your last point is very important.

“its own set of colors and visual style” So people don’t confuse what site is what.

Captcha: missed approach

Hi Jeff,

Could you please advise the name of the logo font?


You can use a font identification service like “WhatTheFont”

Sam Hasler Apr 4 2009

Is it me or is the site really slow? I’m getting timeouts or the CSS is failing to load.

$50? No love for 2^6? :-P

Hurrah for serverfault!

I must disagree about the stackoverflow logo being a good result. The grey-into-orange gradient has some nasty vomit colors in the middle. Does that bug anyone else?

@Aiden Ryan, I think it’s very nice.

TaRDy Apr 4 2009

I’m liking #28 but 18 is a pretty good one too.

I like 28 because it makes me think there is a server rack and the red one is an error-ed one…

kernel-panic ahhhhh


> For future reference the font is called ‘DIN’

This one??

BrianW Apr 4 2009

I have a concept entrants might wish to try:

A server with cracked ground (like a fault) running from it.

Or a server with a crack in it (looks like #21 already has already done that one).

I also like the server on fire idea (#27).

I think anything that takes the stacked lines motif from SO and imitates the stackoverflow typography is going in the right direction.

BrianW Apr 4 2009

Looking at the second page, now I think #9 is the best. It’s like 3 servers, one of which is redlining and falling apart. Just get rid of the reflection, match the typography to stackoverflow, and reduce the number of dots; right now the dots look too regular, like checkerboard, especially when the logo is small.

I think #101 is pretty clever.

Martin Apr 6 2009

No 123 is inspired and by far the best logo.

The problem I have with this way of getting a brand is that you tend to get most people just submitting lots of ‘cool’ ideas they have that aren’t really at all related.. I looked over the logos but non of them really said ‘server fault’ to me.

I’m missing an entry referring to “500 Server Error”.

67 – the others are just ‘name + 3 color swatches’ standard corporate logos.

Many seem to have an (I assume) earthquake fault line or seismograph elements. (They look more like lightning bolts and electrocardiographs to me) I don’t like that direction, it’s literal–but to the geologic meaning, not to the error/defect meaning.

My favorites…

I really like cedrain’s flame. It really touches on disaster recovery… an important part of IT. Id’d like to see it combined with a xvostik’s #28 in the Stack Overflow typeface and orange/gray/black colors. Or, if Server Fault is to have its own colors, then red/gray/black.

I agree with Aidan Ryan. Orange/gray is a little bleh.

Here. I’ve mocked up what I’m thinking:

This uses…

flame from cedrain’s #27
rack from xvostik’s #28
text from urlingo’s #137

The SoF logo typeface is the hugely popular FF DIN, not DIN 1451:

If there is to be some brand cohesion between SoF and SeF, then using the same font would be highly recommended.

Charles, thanks for the clarification — very helpful!

Just wondering, when you say that and will be sister sites and that they support shipping questions back and forth to each other, but each one will have its own community, does this mean that the user accounts are separated? I think that separated badges and reputation would be good, because a good coder does not have to be good at server related stuff (never mind the public opinion :)), but a shared user account base would be good, so that questions moved from one site to the other can be attributed to the correct user.

> does this mean that the user accounts are separated?

Yes, definitely!

BradC Apr 9 2009

Looks like we have a winner!!

Looks pretty nice. So when is the new site opening?? :)