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Logo Contest Winner for

04-14-09 by . 23 comments

The logo design contest for is now complete.

The winner was Joshua Cliff, with entry #184. What I liked about this logo is the thematic similarity to Stack Overflow, while invoking the idea of a server rack along with a graphic equalizer style health readout for the fault.


Congratulations to Joshua, who describes himself as “designer, developer, trainer, and pm.” I’ve already sent the 29 prize over.

Runner up #1 is from Umasankar Arumugam, who was also a runner-up in the original Stack Overflow logo design contest. He wins $50.


Runner up #2 is from Daniel L, another first timer. He also wins $50.


And a special honorable mention to Kamil Zadora who came quite close in both logo design contests.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit an entry!

The private beta should begin towards the end of the month, and any Stack Overflow user with reputation over 200 is invited.

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IainMH Apr 14 2009

If you squint, it looks like the winning logo is flipping the bird. Was that intentional? :-)

Cool, I look forward to closing question as “not IT related” =P

DrJokepu Apr 14 2009

So do you know how moving questions between sites will work? Is it going to work like community wiki questions (that is, a question is moved by the user who asked it because of peer pressure) or like the question closing system (so that people can actually vote to move a question) or like question locking (only can be done by appointed moderators)?

Aww, I thought the ones by xvostik ( were perfect.

Congrats to the winners though.

I love the entries. Kudos to the winning designers.

I personally like Daniel L’s entry best, but unfortunately I don’t run the show. Can’t wait for the beta invites!

Yes I do see the flipping bird :) Even tried to yell at jeff on twitter for that :)

Guess it’s just the message programmers want to send out to the IT guys :P

BTW i just thought of a great name (i know the contest is over but i don’t care)

Just take the first two letters of Stackoverflow away to use as a IT/Network based site :P

belgariontheking Apr 14 2009

@Olafur: Ack Overflow, I like it.

CAPTCHA: start hear … so reCAPTCHA is a LOLcat now

Schnapple Apr 14 2009

Logo #2 looks a bit like the Sixth Floor Museum logo (the place where Oswald shot JFK from)

Jeff, you could use the runners up for April 1st, Christmas and other occasions so their effort was not useless ;)

Peter Apr 14 2009

I keep reading ServerFault as ServerVault… Nice logo; still don’t like the name though. Good luck guys!

Peter Apr 14 2009

Too bad “” is taken… that would’ve been perfect.

cletus Apr 14 2009

I like all three of those logos and definitely think you picked the best of the three. If I had to nitpick I’d say #3 was better than #2 but hey. :)

Any ETA on the new site?

Lovely logo. Will closing a question ‘Belongs on’ automatically move it there?

Daniel L and Kamil Zodora had better options. And also Mike is right, this logos looks great! :P

Jeff, any particular reason you use 99Designs over Crowdspring?

We’ve posted at both and found both the quality and quantity on Crowdspring to be higher.

@Andrie, I actually thought this would make a pretty funny April Fools joke logo:

Chris Apr 15 2009

Nice one Evan!

Logo #2 is definitely better than #1 IMO. Logo #1 looks a bit like a middle finger raised.

Daniel L Apr 15 2009

@Shawn, cletus and Stankiewicz:

Agreed! ;]

I agree, logos 2 and 3 are much better. The winning choice has too many rows, it adds too many elements to the logo. It’s a pretty common type of mistake in logo design. Oh well, good enough for now I guess.

Congratulations to the winner!
Thank you Jeff for honourable mention. I am looking forward for the launch.

PS. I have not gave up yet! I’m waiting for next contest.

#2 of Daniel L. was so much better. These explanations of Jeff seem too forced…

Nah, the winning entry is the best. Well done to all