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You’ll notice that the top 5 comments are now shown under each question or answer.


If you want to see all the comments, or add a comment of your own, clicking will load the rest and reveal the comment entry box. The flagging and voting tools are still there for each comment, but require a Twitter-style mouseover to reveal. We did this to reduce visual clutter.

We laid the groundwork for this change last week with voting, as I alluded to at the bottom of that post.

This is setting the stage for some of the comments to be visible on the page at all times, without having to click the comments button.

There was a grander plan with comment voting, and that plan was to promote some of the best voted comments to the question page. The default sort order is votes, descending, then date; we pick the top 5. Why did we do this?

  • There are often important clarifications and addendums left as comments that substantially improve the original post. It seemed a shame that these sort of comments were all locked behind the “expand comments” button, and every reader had to click on that link (or know they should click on it) to get the benefit of those comments. Information was being lost!
  • The comments were not being indexed for web search, as they were hidden behind JavaScript and loaded dynamically via AJAX. More relevant search terms on the page means more people can potentially find the answer to their programming questions.
  • While I don’t want the site to devolve into a one-liner contest, some of the comments are quite witty and still on-topic. Our fellow Stack Overflow users who manage to “edutain” us deserve to have those comments seen and appreciated by a wider audience.

We originally implemented comments as almost an afterthought, with virtually no emphasis placed on them in favor of our core Question and Answer mission. But I’ve been amazed how useful and relevant the comments have become over time. We don’t want to overwhelm the page with dozens of comments, necessarily, but my regular ritual of “open question, expand comments, expand comments, expand comments..” seemed wrong, too. If I cared enough about the question to read it, I always cared enough to see the comments, too.

So we’re now promoting the top 5 comments under each post to the question page itself.

It really is top (n), though. The “# of comments initially shown” will be available as a setting on your user page preferences tab soon. If you’d rather click to see comments, never fear. Just set the “# of comments initially shown” to zero, and it’ll be back to the old way.


Based on feedback in this thread, we made the following changes to comments:

  • More compact two-column rendering style
  • Mouseover now highlights the entire row, if actions are available
  • Small border between comments
  • Top 5 comments are shown in chronological order
  • Removed the arrow shown next to numbers, to reduce clutter
  • On questions with >30 answers, only comments of +1 or higher will be shown

We didn’t get to the user preference yet, but it’s coming.

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Will I get a notification if one of my comments has been deleted? I left a comment on “Why are all-caps constant considered bad coding style?” ( which had been voted up to 7 but is now gone. (The question was, “why do you think this is a bad coding style?” and my comment was, “I don’t”.)

EpochWolf Apr 23 2009

I’ve been waiting for this since I’ve signed up! Now it’s here and the implementation exceeded my expectations.

I love all the work you guys put into the site.

TheTXI Apr 23 2009

I can see how this will end up being incredibly confusing when pieces of a conversation start getting votes and they are promoted to the top but in an order that makes them incomprehensible.


Commenter X leaves a comment and gets 2 up votes.
Commenter Y replies to Commenter X and gets 5 up votes.
Commenter Z replies to Commenter Y and gets 4 up votes.

Suddenly the entire “conversation” that was taking place becomes really jumbled until you click load and figure out just WTF is going on.

If you are going to post top comments, I would like to believe that they should be in chronological order with at least some indication that there are hidden comments not being shown.

nobody_ Apr 23 2009

Looks good, but I have a few suggestions if you’re interested.

1. When expanding the comments, highlight or differentiate the top comments to make it easy to see their context in the comment thread. One way to do this is to make the text more black, as it’s currently a little difficult to read the new comment style.

2. Display the 5 highest-ranked, but display them in posting order. Again, this makes it easier to follow the discussion

3. Don’t display comments with score of 0. The majority of comments on any given post are score 0 and it makes no sense to pick the “top” comments out of this pool, especially if you’re not doing #2 either.

4. I posted this in an earlier topic, but I think that the poster’s comments should be highlighted in some way to make them easy to identify.

5. Provide a way to permalink to a comment

6. Using #5, provide permalinks to the replied-to comment when a commenter uses an @ reply (this feature appeared for answers, then disappeared, during the beta)

Just a few ideas. Let me know what you think.

TheTXI Apr 23 2009

I would also like to say that I believe there should be some sort of user preference for this…

A) Hide all comments by default (default preference)

B) Show all comments by default

C) Show X first comments by default (perhaps user defined)

I would also suggest that the top comments be a user toggle, but that’s stretching it a bit.

+1 on the “conversation disruption” problem thing.
+1 on the “top comment” thing too.

A little bit of Ajax creativity would probably give us the goodness of both, optionally.

I thought the whole point of comments was to have a chronologically stable area to discuss an Question/Answer?

TheTXI Apr 23 2009

@Chris Conway: That would be too simple.

TheTXI, did you read the last paragraph of the post? Just curious..

> Display the 5 highest-ranked, but display them in posting order.

Comments should be relatively standalone in that they relate to the post.

That said, if you want a full chrono view, just click the “3 more comments” and you have it. Done.

> Don’t display comments with score of 0.

I am thinking about having certain classes of questions use a different rule for comment display, but I haven’t reached a conclusion yet. I need to use the feature for a little while longer first.

(Aside: we are designed as a Q&A site, not a discussion site, and that’s why we sort by votes as a default. So when people say oh noes! You’ve destroyed our discussion! Uh.. yeah.. because we’re not phpBB, by design! This is why I am continually perplexed at people who want, nay, DEMAND, that we allow tons of meta-discussion… though it’s a terrible fit for the software we’ve written.)

I am quite curios how much will this move impact search traffic. I mean the site will have more keywords visible to the search engines this way.

I expect an increase but I’m curious if it will be a small, medium or large increase.

Lucas Apr 23 2009

Thanks! I never liked having to click the “show comments” link because it was so very slow for me. Many times I would have to re-click it close/open until they finally showed.

But, about up-voting/flagging the comment, I cringe everytime a feature is there “but requires a Twitter-style mouseover to reveal.” How will I reveal them when browsing on my iPhone? I can’t mouseover them!

Cagdas Apr 23 2009

@Jeff Atwood
If all the questions were perfect and clear, ie not-requiring someone else to ask via comments what exactly the questions asks, then I’d have agreed that there should not be any discussions in comments. But sometimes it’s inevitable.

I do hope you are right, though.

I completely agree with nobody_.

You should also make the comments available in a non-javascript way, for instance, for computers without javascript make a link with that shows the same page with all comments.

Paolo Bergantino Apr 23 2009

Although I like the new feature, the comment themselves are a little hard to read now. I can kind of see why you took away the gray box they used to live on as it may be distracting en masse but some sort of contrast or at least making the fonts a touch darker would make things much better.

Sung Meister Apr 23 2009

I agree with nobody_ on his 5th & 6th ideas.

Zifre Apr 23 2009

By the way, it seems like with this update the little “x”s on the ignored and interesting tags are gone, so I can’t delete them. Is anyone else having this problem?

zurvan2 Apr 23 2009

Couple “comments”
– YAY you fixed keyboard navigation with expanded comments!
– The way you hide the voting and flagging icons makes it look like all the text belongs to one item. You have to look far to the right to see the individual authors, etc. Harder with longer comments. Some visual break between comments would help this.
– I was going to say “5 isn’t enough” but then I couldn’t find a counter-example. ;)
– Comment order, whether you like it or not, adds context and makes comments more understandable. 5 comments is not so many that higher rated ones would get lost if they weren’t on top.

I think it was a poor choice to release the new comment system before you finished preferences to disable automatically expanded comments. :P

Also, it’s kind of disorienting to see the comments in one order, then clicking on it to have it suddenly display in another order. I feel like the top (n) should at least be in date order; getting to the top (n) alone is good enough for indexing, right?

Rich B Apr 23 2009

To my eyes the new change has resulted in a cluttered appearance and makes me think of ExpertsExchange. There is a reason why I never used ExpertsExchange, wish we were not moving in that direction.

This truly needs to be a user preference.

Chris Apr 23 2009

Did you read the last sentence of Jeff’s post?

Rich B Apr 23 2009

@Chris: I sure did, but reality is still reality right now.

Can you change the background back to gray and also separate the comments with a line. Its hard to tell where one comment starts and another begins.

I really dislike this change. To me it just makes the screen look very cluttered.

Is there a way to disable it and go back to the old behavior?

@Donny V: You might consider voting on which is close to what you want.

I would love to see “including comments with no votes in the initial display” as a separate option to the planned “n of comments initially shown” option. That way, if only two out of n+ comments have any votes, you only see two comments.

Would cut the clutter factor waaaay down while still showing salient comments by default – which is the stated intent.

(Would also prefer them shown in strictly chronological order, but suspect I’m pushing against the tide there.)

@JaradPar: Read the last paragraph of Jeff’s post. That will be a user option that should be available soon.

May I suggest that when the user option comes in, that it default to 0?

Default-visible comments on a quality, carefully worded answer are like “Intel Inside” on a Macbook.

> comments on a quality, carefully worded answer

are you sure you’re talking about Stack Overflow?

belgariontheking Apr 23 2009

Yeah, we all know that the only answers you’ll get on SO are “FIST!”

@Evan, Thanks. Read right past that sentence. I do wish the disable option though would be enabled at the same time as the feature.

“If you are not comfortable with the idea of your questions and answers having visible commentary immediately below them, this may not be the site for you. ”



Steve Apr 23 2009

>That said, if you want a full chrono view, just click the >“3 more comments” and you have it. Done.

But if there are less than 5 comments, there is no “X more comments”. How can I put the comments back in chronological order when there are less than 5 commments?

It makes the conversation thread confusing. And the comments are a conversation a large percentage of the time.

I’m with _nobody and others on hiding comments with no upvotes by default (and NOT as an optional user preference!).

Right now, it’s just clutter on a lot of posts. That said, I do like the appearance when there are just a couple of helpful comments.

> hiding comments with no upvotes by default

I am definitely considering this, but as you pointed out, on shorter questions it seems counterproductive.

Perhaps that rule should only be in effect on questions with more than 10 answers?

Sam Hasler Apr 23 2009

I’d like to be able to set a threshold for the number of votes a comment needs to appear automatically. Personally I’d set this to at least 2 votes so that no single user can force a comment to appear but I suspect that I’d set it higher over time so I only see very popular comments.

I also miss being able to reload the comments without having to reload the page.

Sam Hasler Apr 23 2009

> Perhaps that rule should only be in effect on questions with more than 10 answers?

is that 10 answers total, or 10 answers with comments?

It might be better to have it the top 3kB of comments or the top 15 lines of comments as that fixes it at an amount of screen space.

> are you sure you’re talking about Stack Overflow?

Oh, sorry. Actually, I was talking about a question and answer site.

Simucal Apr 23 2009

Now I’m unsure if I should roll the points/clarifications people make in the comments into my own answer or simply let the comments stand on their own.

What is the correct thing to do here?

How about this? Instead of having a “top n shown” user preference, make it “always show comments with at least n votes”?

You could have n default to 1 (which some of us think makes more sense) or 0 (which you seem to prefer).

Peter Apr 23 2009

I like that it shows some comments by default, not sure about the top “n” disregarding the chronological order.

I’m not liking the order of the comments. I like the idea of having voting on the comments, but maybe just a different css style based on up votes would be better suited. I would personally leave non-up-voted comments the current light text color, and darken the up-voted comments a bit to emphasize their value.

I know you don’t want the meta-discussion. But there are questions out there with meta-discussion in the comments already. The change makes them out of order and context in a lot of places.

Note, some of these are 5 comments or less. This means you can’t get the original order.

Is a part of the decision to go this way to reduce the queries that were done when people were opening and closing comments?

Eddie Apr 23 2009

I understand that you don’t want comments to be a discussion, but the reality is that they often are, and often productively so. Seeing comments out of order will be very confusing. (Especially when there are five or fewer, meaning there is no way to get the correct order.)

To the extent that a comment is in response to the question or answer, order matters little. But to the extent that a comment is in response to another comment, order really matters.

I’m not saying, “Let’s add this new meta-discussion feature,” but comments are very useful for discussion about a question or answer. Scrambling their order will be confusing.

I’ll add my +1 to the idea of showing the five highest-rated comments but in chronological order. Like it or not, most comments (apart from the first on each post) are in response to other comments.

I’d also suggest disabling the vote for the comments until after the user selects to see all of them – context, if we’re going for discussion, is important in deciding whether a comment is valuable or not.

Bremen Apr 23 2009

>Comments should be relatively standalone in that they relate to the post.

It’s too late for “shoulds”, this isn’t a small beta community anymore. Comments ARE used for chronological discussion (primarily clarifications and expansions of ideas/feedback) because they have no place in the standard Q/A sections.

In a perfect world, good comments would be edited into the answers themselves, maybe that would be a better approach — comments above a certain upvote threshold get “appended” to the answer text, while still remaining part of a hidden chronological discussion? I’d also argue that Most comments don’t deserve upvoting, so leaving chronological comment discussions “hidden” and simply “promoting” upvoted-past-a-threshold comments to answer-appended status would provide the best of both worlds.

Regardless, comments are necessarily chronological because nobody posts a perfect question or a perfect answer, and the appropriate method for improving writing is iteratively (which can only happen chronologically).

Oscar Reyes Apr 23 2009

This is great. I expand comments about 90% of the time.

Did you see statistics on how much SO users expand comments or something? If you did, this is a great example of “watch how your users use the system”, If you didn’t it was a great hunch!!! :) :)

I don’t think preference is needed. It won’t hurt either. After all as Joshua Bloch says: You can’t please everyone so aim to displease everyone equally.

BobbyShaftoe Apr 23 2009

I have to agree with an earlier user. I like the new features and the search engine stuff but it does make the comments blend in too much with the answer. I liked the old UI but if something could be done to contrast a little more it would be nice.

even more changes to comments tonight.

patrick Apr 25 2009


cletus Apr 25 2009

Once again I feel it necessary to say that I really don’t like these recent comment changes. I saw one recent question with 100 odd comments and the top 5 or so voted add nothing. In fact they’re actually confusing because they’re selected seemingly at random from the 100.

The point is you have to read all the comments together to get proper context. Selecting comments out of that context can lose, distort or otherwise change that meaning.

> I saw one recent question with 100 odd comments

flawed question, almost by definition

Jonik Apr 27 2009

I wasn’t a fan of the new comments functionality at first, but after the latest tweaks, I think it’s starting to shine! (Specifically, it is important to *always* show them in chronological order – automatic switching between orderings can be very confusing/annoying.)

For example in questions like I’m starting to appreciate the way comments with (the most) upvotes are visible by default, while others are not.

Michael Haren Apr 29 2009

Jeff– I’m liking the new comment changes, too.

Also, I’m not sure when this started–maybe it’s always been there–but shortening the display of URLs in comments with “…” is awesome polish. Nice work!

BradC Apr 29 2009

After I click “show 27 more comments”, I can’t hide them again! Where’s my “hide comments” button?

I realize this behavior isn’t well-specified (it could hide just the “extra” you showed, or it could hide all comments, even the original “top comments”)

Any idea if there are similar blogs like this related to read?