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Comments: Now with Flags and Votes

04-16-09 by . 60 comments

In tonight’s code push, we added the ability to vote for comments, and flag comments if they are inappropriate.


Some ground rules:

  • There is no downvoting of comments, only upvotes.
  • Comment votes do not affect comment sort order.
  • No reputation of any kind is earned or lost from comment votes.
  • Each user gets 5 comment flag votes, and 30 comment upvotes, per day.
  • If a comment is flagged by enough users it will be auto-soft-deleted. There is no penalty for this.. yet. Flagged comments will be surfaced to moderators, so if you have a problem with a comment, flag it.
  • You can always delete your own comments. We are removing the ability for users with 5,000 rep to delete comments on their posts — flagging should now be sufficient for this purpose.

(your best comments will also show up in your user profile page, but this isn’t implemented yet.)

This is setting the stage for some of the comments to be visible on the page at all times, without having to click the comments button. Ideally, the upvoted comments (if any) will be viewed as ‘best of the thread’ and loaded first on the page.

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Hopefully, comments are now more legible – please give us feedback if there are any tweaks that can be made!

Can a comment be formatted as well? (can be a light version, for example, Bold, Italic, Underline and Code only)

That may not improve anything, but could you try putting the commenter name/date/icons box on a slightly darker background to differentiate it from comment text?

Other than that – great feature, thanks!

Looks good.

BTW you might want to tweak your Google Ads – I just got one under this post saying “How to Fix Stack Overflow: Fix Stack Overflow Under 2 Min Follow These 4 Steps Immediately!”


Is the last idea inspired by The Daily WTF? (They have certain comments sticked on the article Page)

In any case, good change!

I propose differentiating upvoted and downvoted comments by color.

too bad this takes so much space now. couldn’t you make the up-bote and flag icons in line with the text?

@Mehrdad You can’t downvote comments.

@Ólafur Waage Who knows what we’re gonna have in the future, and it doesn’t really matter. I just meant the color change. Think of it as highly voted and not much voted.

I just filed it on uservoice:

@Mehrdad check out Sam’s 1st comment on this question.

Its highligted since it’s 5 votes.

Wedge Apr 16 2009

Hell. Yes.

Tomalak Apr 16 2009

Since comments are usually only good in context, I don’t know it making “the best ones” visible out of context will work. But… Let’s see.

I agree with Shy on the screen real-estate.

How do I flag someone using “your” instead of “you’re”. :P

Tomalak Apr 16 2009

@macbirdie: Your not going to be able to. :-D

cletus Apr 16 2009

I must say I’m not a fan of this change. I preferred to view comments as “not content” but now they really are content.

It does raise some questions:

– Will flagged comments show up in the 10k rep tools for flagged content?

– How many flags does it take to delete a comment?

– Do comment flags expire in 2 days like question/answer flags?

I agree with cletus on this one.

Flagging comments: Good!

Voting on comments: Bad!

I’m not a fan either. I find the new buttons distracting.

If a comment is truly useful, it should lead to an edit that improves the post (at which point, the comment, now obsolete, is deleted).

Jason S Apr 16 2009

Any chance you could make the up-arrow icon more arrow-like and less house-like? (make the arrow shaft thinner?)

theman_on_vista Apr 16 2009

First of all, dont listen to anything Mark Biek says. Second of all, Why did you say “push” when you use subversion?
Third of all, I had about 5 or so “theman”s on SO because I never register and the cookie kept getting deleted. I go and check theman_on_vista today, and dude has like 500+ rep, and it looks like all “theman”s got combined into one account. I want to say thanks Jeff for doing that, thats fricking awesome. To bad that cookie is gone and I cant access the account …

> I preferred to view comments as “not content” but now they really are content.

There’s a lot of value trapped in the comments and the goal is to bring this to the surface. Voting on comments has no downside, no effect on reputation, and is completely optional.

> on SO because I never register and the cookie kept getting deleted

@theman_on_vista you need to email (it’s on the bottom of every page) to combine a registered account with your existing cookie-based account.

After a bit of staring at the new comments I concluded that the icons and vote number should go more in the background when it comes to colors. Icon colors should be less saturated, vote number only dark-gray, not black. Another option – move the name/date/icons back to inline after comment and make them smaller.

I’m approaching 5000 rep. My new skill has been taken away. Are they any plans for a level-up at 5000 rep?

Did we nerf your build?

Um, this is nice i guess… But can you please fix this:

It is… incredibly annoying. Not so much the count being off as the slow character input, auto-truncation, and bizarre scrolling during auto-truncation.

Heck, if you’re gonna allow voting on them now, why not just ditch the character limit entirely? Then we can maybe actually use these for discussion instead of trading terse barbs…

Brian Campbell Apr 16 2009

Yeah, the auto-truncating on comments is really frustrating me as well. If you’re planning on making high rated comments visible on the initial page load, that would be great; I sometimes feel guilty when I incorporate a suggestion from a comment that improves my answer considerably, and if the comment could show up instead of (or in addition to) my edit, I’d feel like the person who made the comment was getting more credit. At that point, though, making the comments full-fledged entities with markdown formatting would make sense; then a slight alternative variant could be presented in a comment rather than a completely separate answer.

Oh, yeah, I want another level-up too. Though really, deleting comments on my own posts is about the lamest of all of the level-ups, so it won’t be missed. The last one that I cared about was the ability to edit other people’s questions; I just cannot look at code that someone forgot to indent.

I find it hypocritical that SO both scolds other websites for lacking a downvote button (, but at the same time actively resists allowing downvotes for comments. Why the sudden change of heart?

More discussion, less wiki.



Brian Campbell Apr 16 2009

@Adam Davis: If you notice, even Wikipedia has discussion pages. And in fact, that’s one of the big things that distinguishes MediaWiki from other wikis, and I think it really improves it. Discussions can be used for a back-and-forth; wiki pages can be used for a more static, coherent article. I think that they both have their place, and can complement each other very well. I’ve found that wikis that don’t have discussion pages end up with fairly incoherent discussions mixed into the article in bad ways (and on SO, you sometimes see answers that aren’t really answers but are replies to other answers from someone who doesn’t know how to use comments or can’t fit what they want into a comment).

Peter Apr 16 2009

I like the new format!

Samuel Apr 16 2009

There was another change not announced: You may only fetch comments every 2 seconds.

I’m not a fan of the comment change only because it makes something that was previously lean into a fatter version of itself.

If people had the option for ‘new style’ and ‘old style’, that’d be nice.

Brian Campbell Apr 16 2009

You know, I think you might need to do something about the up arrows. I keep misinterpreting them as houses instead of up arrows, especially when they’re next to a flag. I keep on wondering why the options for a comment are to “house” it or to “flag” it.

Michael Haren Apr 16 2009

Voting on comments (up/flag)
Promoting the author/date to one side with flush alignment (easier to read)

Much more screen real estate required. It’d be cool if you did the facebook thing where the action buttons appear when you hover over a comment, thus wasting no space.

Finally, it’d be awesome for askers if the comments were always displayed and if new comments were highlighted somehow. I refresh-refresh-refresh, and need to expand many times each time I do to keep up with feedback.

Michael Haren Apr 16 2009

Nice to see continuous improvement–keep up the great work!

Oh, and… it sure would be nice to have threading. Once you top about 40 comments, reading them and following replies is… maddening to impossible. And now that comments can be vote-deleted, it’s even worse trying to figure out context for replies.

I know, i know… SO Team hates threads. But come on, think about it – even if you default to a flat display, maybe at least give some reply indicator…

coonj Apr 16 2009

Jeff – The old comment formatting (from yesterday) looks better…

Maybe align the username/vote/time to the right?

> Once you top about 40 comments, reading them and following replies is… maddening to impossible

this is intentional, see

> it’d be awesome for askers if the comments were always displayed

Did you read the last sentence of the post?

Jeff Atwood wrote:
> this is intentional

Fair enough. Lack of threading is my only real complaint with the display right now, so with that out of the way i’ll just add a quote i once (mis?)heard:

Those who do not understand Slashdot are doomed to re-implement it, badly.

We’ll see how this ends… ;-)

David HAust Apr 16 2009

First up, all of the features the team have implemented on SO are neat/nice/needed/etc, including the new comment voting/flagging. Nobody have a freak-out just yet, ok, but am I the only one who is getting worried about ‘feature bloat’? Here’s an idea – Freeze development for 3-6 months (Crazy! I know). Let the site stabilise and then it may become clearer which features people _really_ want/need, and clear out some of the ones that people just have hot-heads about or just got over excited about for a moment. See

David HAust Apr 16 2009

And on the ‘feature bloat’ subject, Jeff, you may want to re-visit
“Either the application eventually becomes so bloated and ineffective that smaller, nimbler competitors replace it, or the application slowly implodes under its own weight.” But don’t think for a moment that I’m not in total awe of the effort (and results) that you and the team have put into SO!

Eddie Apr 16 2009

So, when do we see badges based on comment flagging and based on comment upvotes?

Jeff, you said in your post:
> This is setting the stage for some of the comments to
> be visible on the page at all times, without having
> to click the comments button.

and Michael Haren said:
> it’d be awesome for askers if the comments were always
> displayed and if new comments were highlighted somehow.

and you responded, asking if he’d read the sentence quoted above. But the sentence quoted above does NOT address his wish! I agree with him — it’s irritating to have to refresh the page and then one by one refresh each comment tag where I was watching comments. Making *some* comments always visible won’t negate the need to do this.

comment layout was updated significantly based on feedback in this thread

>comment layout was updated significantly based on feedback in this thread

I think it could still use some tweaking. Now if there are short words in the comment, the “20 mins ago” appears in line with the first line of the comment and only just barely separated from it. Comment #1 on this answer shows what I mean (at least right now, on Firefox 3):

nobody_ Apr 16 2009

@Jeff Atwood

Looks much better now, thanks. I do have one additional suggestion – that the comments by the original poster be colored slightly differently, much like the answers by the OP are blue.

comment maxlength was just increased from 300 to 500.

We think the new improved voting and flagging can support slightly longer comment length now. That said we do not want War and Peace in there and the limit is what it is for a reason. Namely, if you have something big and meaty to say, more than a clarification or minor point .. SAY IT IN AN ANSWER!

Please AVOID doing (cont’d) comments. This is just like spamming twitter with 5 tweets to send a single message that “don’t fit!”; it’s not how the system is designed to work. If you keep doing that, it’s a sign that you are in the wrong place and should be somewhere else.

toast Apr 17 2009

Me and TXI are guilty of doing (cont’d)s. Sorry about that, I make no defense except exceptional circumstances.

Like the modified layout a lot more.

TheTXI Apr 17 2009

Yes, I was guilty of using Cont’d some in that one post with Pryor. I think the biggest culprit was Adam Davis, but he had a whole heck of a lot to say there (and I’m imagining this is geared towards).

All I can say is that often times meta discussion about the topic will come into the comments and the discussions in there can get long and detailed. I do not agree with your assertion that if it’s going to be big, make it an answer, because often times these discussions in the comments are not about an answer to the topic at hand, so going and making a new answer doesn’t make sense (even less if you know it will probably end up getting voted down for not being on the relevant topic).

That said, the 500 character limit now is a lot nicer and I feel like it’s going to eliminate many future continuations.

toast Apr 17 2009

@TheTXI: Agreed on the 500 character limit. Most of the continuations fell under 200 characters.

thenakedape Apr 17 2009

Huge space between comments when viewed in Opera.

Michael Haren Apr 17 2009

The updated look is much nicer, thanks.

Also: I concur with @thenakedape that comments are unusable in opera. 1 or 2 people will be disappointed by that.

Sorry if my cont’d comments annoy. I generally only use them when the question is closed, but I feel that a good response will be enough to keep the question closed when it really doesn’t belong on the site.

500 limit, however, would take care of 95% of my cont’d comments – few ever spanned more than two 300 char comments. The recent closing question being the exception.

Still… more like a discussion site, and less like a wiki…


dirkgently Apr 18 2009

I understand threading comments involve work. But will it be too difficult to have a button against each user in the comments’ list that I press when responding to a previous user? The user gets notified that a response has been posted and makes a discussion timely and interesting.

This isn’t a discussion site, though. You already get notifications for answers to your questions, and comments on either.

I think it’s a great idea and am happy to see it.

I think it would be improved by having the name, date and icons on the right instead of the left. Reasoning: the comment itself is the important part, the rest is, to the casual observer who comes in from Google) optional. It should still be easy to find, but is not central to the experience of reading the comments.

Whoa that was fast, I only suggested it minutes ago, and I see you’ve already moved the name/date to the right! Whether that was planned already or is due to my comment I’ll never know :)

erickson Apr 19 2009

Not a fan of the new comment policy. However, I probably wouldn’t mind it if there were some vote threshold that had to be met before a deadline, or the comment would be deleted.

nobody_ Apr 19 2009


Actually, the change was made a few days ago. The screenshot at the top of this blog post is old.